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WWE Raw live results: Double contract signing

Date: June 29, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Sasha Banks pinned Asuka in the mixed tag main event. 

Andrade and Angel Garza aren’t getting along but still managed to beat the Viking Raiders. Then they lost to the Big Show. 

Ric Flair appeared live and interacted in close proximity to others on the show. Most people in the audience wore masks but not everyone did.

Show Recap -- 

Raw started with a chaotic scene. Sasha Banks and Bayley brawled with Asuka in the ring until they were separated by officials. Samoa Joe comically tried to move on quickly and start the contract signing but the wrestlers brawled again and were broken up again. 

(Most people in the audience appear to be wearing masks, but some aren’t. Kona Reeves is among those not wearing one.) 

Dolph Ziggler interrupted. Joe sarcastically thanked him for waiting for his introduction. Ziggler introduced Drew McIntyre, who he said would only be the WWE Champion for another three weeks.

McIntyre came out and everyone sat down, including Asuka and Banks. Bayley remained standing behind Banks. 

Ziggler said McIntyre left for years while he remained in WWE carrying monsters like him. Ziggler knew McIntyre would do it took to defend his title but Ziggler would keep getting up no matter how many times he got hit. Ziggler said McIntyre’s redemption story would be over. Ziggler said he created McIntyre and he would destroy him at “Extreme Rules Horror Show.” 

Ziggler and McIntyre each signed the contract. McIntyre said he went through hell after he got fired. McIntyre said they used to be like family. McIntyre knew why Ziggler wanted the title — every time he got close to the top he dropped the ball. McIntyre said he would slaughter him at “Extreme Rules Horror Show.” 

McIntyre said Ziggler was the only one who believed he had a chance so he was allowing Ziggler to pick the stipulation. 

Ziggler began talking but Asuka got impatient and yelled in Japanese. She signed the contract. Banks said she wasn’t the same person that Asuka faced before. Banks said she would be “two-belts Banks,” and would take over the company with Bayley. She signed. 

Bayley said it would be a horror show for Asuka and laughed at her own joke. Asuka attacked them. Ziggler tried to superkick McIntyre but he blocked it. He went for a Claymore but Ziggler bailed. 

Angel Garza spoke to referee Jessika Carr (who is officiating his match later) and offered her a rose but she declined. Charly Caruso appeared and asked him what that was about. Zelina Vega wanted her to ask a different question. Caruso asked if they thought they would be next in line for a tag title shot if they beat the Viking Raiders. Andrade said yes. 

Big Show interrupted them. Show referred to Vega as “Smurfette” and referred to Andrade and Garza as “Ferrari” and “Maserati.” He said he was pulling rank and his segment would be next instead of their match. Vega wanted to punch him. 

McIntyre & Asuka will face Ziggler & Banks later tonight. 

Big Show / Ric Flair segment 

Big Show called out Randy Orton but got Andrade and Garza instead. Show apologized to Vega but warned them not to try him. Andrade laughed at the idea of Show being a legend. They bickered for a bit until Show challenged them to a fight. Vega said Show could say hi to Edge and Christian at the retirement home when they’re done with him. 

Ric Flair interrupted before they could fight. Flair said he respected Vega and her crew. (Flair remained on the stage instead of getting in the ring near the others.) 

Flair basically said Orton would take out Show whenever he felt like it. Flair thought it was nice that Show was getting his time in Hollywood and said Show would to the Hall of Fame one day. Flair said if Show wasn’t careful, Orton would become an even bigger legend killer at his expense. 

Flair told Andrade and Garza to go ahead and have their fun with Show. Before they could attack, the Viking Raiders ran out and brawled with them which led to a break. 

This wasn’t much of a promo from Flair and felt like a waste even ignoring the circumstances. 

Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) defeated The Viking Raiders 

There was a moment early in the match where Andrade wanted a tag but Garza didn’t tag him. Andrade tagged himself in and knocked down Erik with a kick. He yelled at Garza and shoved him for not tagging him. He complained to Vega and threatened to leave. Vega left the commentary table to try reasoning with him. 

After a break, Andrade was back and Vega explained to the announcers that she was the best manager in the business and said she was what MVP hoped to be. Vega also claimed there were no issues between the two men. 

Everyone traded moves near the finish. Andrade distracted Jessika Carr long enough for Garza to shove Erik into the ring post. In the ring, Andrade gave Erik a back elbow and Garza finished him off with a Wing Clipper for the pinfall win. 

Vega bragged to the announcers as Andrade left on his own. Garza celebrated with Vega. 

The IIconics approached Ruby Riott and called her a freak and weirdo. They noticed she tried calling someone on the phone and figured it was Liv Morgan who was a loser just like her. Riott reminded them that they both lost their tag title shot. The IIconics said they at least have each other. Riott challenged one of them to a match and they would need to be carried out of the ring when she’s done with them. She mocked their “iconic” pose before leaving. 

Garza and Andrade argued backstage. Flair approached them and congratulated them on their win. They were happy about that. Flair had a proposition for Vega. They all left together. (Flair was in close proximity with all three of them here.) 

R-Truth defeated Akira Tozawa to win the 24/7 Championship (1:06) 

Truth feigned an injury to trick Tozawa and rolled him up to win the match. They said Truth was now a 37-time champion. One of the ninjas tried pinning Truth but he kicked out and ran away before the rest of them could attack. 

In the back, Bobby Lashley told MVP that Apollo Crews disrespected him both. MVP assured him that the offer to Crews was officially dead. MVP said he would drop a few gems on Crews tonight. 

As they walked away, they crossed paths with Seth Rollins and Murphy. Rollins had his most important message to date and he had to deliver it right now. Austin Theory was not there. 

[Second hour] 

Big Show faces Andrade and Garza in a handicap match later tonight. Flair was included in the graphic with Vega as a manager. 

Seth Rollins promo 

Rollins and Murphy came to the ring and then a long video package was played. 

Rollins spoke about Mysterio and made a joke about him not being able to see clearly (because of his eye injury). This was notable because of the loud fake booing that followed. 

Rollins asked for Mysterio’s forgiveness. Not because of what he’s done in the past but because of what he will do in the future. Rollins said they were bounded by fate and Mysterio was meant to be a sacrifice for the greater good. Rollins said Mysterio would return to the ring and every time he did, Rollins would tear him down piece by piece. 

Rey and Dominick appeared on the screen. Rey asked Dominick to forgive him for what he’s going to do to Rollins. He understood why Dominick tried to fight his battles but now it was his time to go after Rollins. Mysterio warned Rollins: “eye for an eye.” Dominick forgave Rey but would never forgive Rollins. Dominick said Rollins will never forget what Rey does to him. 

Rollins warned them to be careful what you wish for and threatened to end Dominick’s career before it began. Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo came out as Rollins and Murphy left the ring. 

After a break, Rollins asked Black and Carrillo why they kept fighting Mysterio’s battles for him. Carrillo called Rollins a coward. Black said he recognized evil when he saw it and said Rollins would atone for what he’s done. Rollins said this would end now. 

Seth Rollins & Murphy defeated Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo (10:28) 

Black was all over both guys until Murphy distracted the referee long enough for Rollins to attack from behind. Black used a back elbow and tagged in Carrillo who stomped away on Murphy and hit an enziguri. 

Carrillo followed with a springboard crossbody and missile dropkick. He appeared to be going for a 619 but Rollins pulled Murphy away. Carrillo kicked Rollins off the apron and took out both guys with a dive. Despite all that, Murphy and Rollins were in control after a break. 

Black made a hot tag and hit Murphy with a series of strikes and took down both men with a springboard moonsault. Black hit a Murphy with a knee and Carrillo hit a 619 but Rollins broke up the cover. Rollins gave Black a suicide dive. Murphy then gave Carrillo a lifting knee strike for a nearfall (Black was late breaking up the cover so Carrillo just kicked out). 

Murphy and Rollins used a combo powerbomb/flying knee strike, which would be a cool finisher, but Carrillo kicked out again. Black yanked Murphy from the ring and Carrillo rolled up Rollins, but Rollins kicked out and hit a curb stomp for the pinfall win. Good match. 

Rollins and Murphy attacked them after the match. Carrillo tried fighting back but Murphy knocked him down with the steel steps. 

Rollins put Mysterio’s mask on Carrillo’s head and tried taking out his eye but Black made the save. As Murphy and Black brawled, Rollins gave Carrillo a curb stomp on top of the steel step. 

Sarah Schrieber interviewed Asuka and McIntyre. She asked what they hoped to gain in tonight’s match. Asuka responded in Japanese. McIntyre said they wanted to have some fun tonight. He wanted Ziggler to pick the stip for their title match so he would have no excuse. McIntyre said Sasha wasn’t ready for Asuka, and Asuka said Dolph wasn’t ready for Drew. 

They aired an Undertaker tribute video. 

Riott was warming up backstage when she was approached by Lana. Riott was annoyed to see her. Lana began speaking but Riott interrupted because she wasn’t interested in what she was selling. Riott suggested she go ruin someone else’s career. 

Lana said she just wanted to help. Lana was upset last week but there was a woman who reminded her of how good she was. This woman had more wins than Trish Stratus, Lita, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Asuka. She was a woman we could believe in: Natalya. Lana smiled and left. 

There was a recap of Asuka’s win over Charlotte last week and Nia Jax attacking Charlotte afterwards. Tom Phillips said Charlotte has a fractured collarbone. 

Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay) defeated Ruby Riott (3:15) 

As soon as the match started, Riott was distracted by Kay on the outside for no reason so Royce kicked her and took control. Riott came back with strikes and an STO for two. Riott was distracted again by Kay on the outside, so Royce used a rollup for two. Riott tried a schoolgirl for two. Royce then hit an enziguri and spinning brainbuster for the pinfall win. 

This was a dumb match. It’s obviously a set up for Morgan to save Riott on a future show, but this was a very lazy angle. 

Big Show told Caruso that he knew the match tonight could be a trap. Flair was a hero to him as a kid but he also knew he was the dirtiest player in the game. Now, Flair was managing Orton which made him the “most dangerous apex predator the WWE has ever seen.” Show welcomed the challenge and told Orton to try him. Show also issued a warning to Andrade and Garza who weren’t getting the friendly giant tonight. 

[Third hour] 

1-on-2 handicap match: Big Show defeated Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) (5:31) 

Andrade and Garza couldn’t agree on who should start the match. They agreed to enter at the same time, but Andrade tricked Garza who had to enter alone. Show chopped away at Garza who eventually managed to tag out. Show beat up Andrade until he tagged Garza back in. 

Garza dropkicked Show’s leg and he fell face-first into the buckle, then Garza stomped away at him. Andrade tagged himself in which led to an argument. Garza left. Vega tried pleading with Garza and left with him. 

Andrade turned around and Show gave him a chokeslam for the pinfall win. Show knocked him out with a punch after the match. 

Ricochet, Cedric Alexander and Apollo Crews spoke backstage. Truth bumped into them and they told him that he looked shook. Truth referred to Alexander and Ricochet as “Cedric the Entertainer” and “Richard O’Shea.” Crews and Alexander were very amused by Ricochet’s new name and Crews suggested he go with it. Crews told Truth that they didn’t know what it was like being a fighting champion. Truth said they had no idea. 

MVP (w/Bobby Lashley) defeated US Champion Apollo Crews in a non-title match (6:42) 

MVP cut a promo on Crews before the match until he interrupted. Crews said MVP should have listened to him the first time and said MVP was only trying to help himself. MVP said he’d wish he had him as a manager instead of an enemy. 

Crews used a flip dive early but he only hit Lashley, so MVP launched him into the steel steps which led to a break. Crews came back later with a Stinger splash and spinebuster for two. A Lashley distraction allowed MVP to hit a boot and fisherman’s suplex for the pinfall win. Yikes. 

Crews attacked MVP after the match but Lashley put him in the full nelson. Referees couldn’t stop him so Ricochet and Alexander ran down. They weren’t strong enough to pull Lashley off, and Ricochet somehow fell down in his attempt. Alexander gave Lashley an enziguri and Ricochet followed with a springboard dropkick to knock him down. 

Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated Ricochet (w/Cedric Alexander) 

Lashley was in full control and got some help from MVP while the referee was distracted. Lashley used a modified Dominator for a nearfall. Throughout the match, Lashley just tossed Ricochet around. Lashley also drove Ricochet into the ring post and Joe was amused at how easily Lashley was throwing him around. 

Lashley went for a spear but Ricochet collapsed before he could do it. Lashley went for the full nelson but Ricochet slipped out. Lashley tried driving him into the post again but Ricochet slipped out again and pushed him into it instead. Ricochet followed with a Lionsault for two. 

Ricochet was distracted by MVP so Alexander took him down. Ricochet avoided an attack by Lashley but Lashley caught a kick attempt and gave him a big spinebuster. 

Lashley followed with a full nelson for the submission win. Lashley also put Alexander in the full nelson after the match. (Lashley was busted open from his ear, I think from getting posted.) 

Ziggler spoke to Banks and Bayley. He offered to be the player/coach in the tag match tonight. Banks laughed at this idea and at him losing Mandy Rose to Otis. Bayley told him not to screw this up for Banks. 

Mixed tag match: Sasha Banks (w/Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley) & Dolph Ziggler defeated Raw Women’s Champion Asuka & WWE Champion Drew McIntyre (14:04) 

Bayley joined commentary. 

Ziggler used a Fameasser (sort of) early in the match but McIntyre kicked out before even a one count. Banks tagged herself in, which brought Asuka into the match. After a brief exchange, Ziggler tried to interfere but McIntyre chopped him, then Asuka took down Banks with a back elbow. 

After a break, Ziggler had McIntyre in a headlock. McIntyre tried a reverse Alabama Slam but Ziggler countered into a rollup for two and followed with a DDT. 

Banks tagged in but Asuka caught her with strikes, a German suplex and shining wizard for two. Asuka knocked Banks out of the ring but Bayley distracted her (and Bayley even noted how stupid she was to fall for it) and Banks followed with a double knee strike to take over. 

Asuka used a Codebreaker and tagged in McIntyre who hit Ziggler with a clothesline, overhead suplexes and a flying clothesline. Banks tagged herself in and yelled at McIntyre, who elbowed Ziggler out of the ring. Banks wasn’t paying attention so Asuka used a roundhouse kick for a nearfall. Ziggler pushed McIntyre into the ring post. 

Banks and Asuka traded moves until Banks rolled through an Asuka Lock into a pinfall for the win. 

The three heels celebrated and they quickly went off the air. 

Final Thoughts -- 

This wasn’t much of a show unless you’re a big fan of babyfaces being easily distracted.