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WWE Raw live results: Fallout from Extreme Rules

The Big Takeaway: Show was built around getting Samoa Joe built up for his match against Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. In an angle, Joe patiently listened to an interview from Paul Heyman, then calmly told Heyman he was going to choke him out to send a message to Lesnar, all of which he did. Then Joe defeated Rollins in the main event by submission. They teased a Rollins-Wyatt program. The Enzo Amore-Big Cass breakup tease continued. This time, Cass was the one who was laid out by a mystery assailant. It led to Amore tagging with the Big Show to defeat Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. The Kurt Angle/Corey Graves mystery text message angle continued with Angle receiving another message, requiring him to leave the show early. Alexa Bliss found another clever way to retain her Raw Women's Championship against Nia Jax. Bayley didn't appear on the program, selling injuries from her loss to Bliss. TJP will finally get his Cruiserweight Championship match tomorrow on 205 Live against Neville. 

Show Recap: 

Bray Wyatt came out and said last night was the beginning of the end. He had a chance to slay the beast and to save everyone from damnation, but instead of arming him with his sword, they took it from him and sank it right in his heart. But he is still here and alive and still every bit of the God he's always been. That is why he's here to cast judgement on all of those who are guilty: Finn Balor was guilty, Joe was guilty, Seth Rollins was guilty, and Roman Reigns was guilty. He has made a vow, one-by-one, they must all be punished, starting tonight with Reigns.

Reigns walked out to face Wyatt, who laughed and told Reigns he was right on cue. Loud dualing chants of "Roman sucks" and "Let's go Roman" as Reigns grabbed the microphone from Wyatt and told him the chants were the reason why he was the guy. He asked if Wyatt knew what happens when Wyatt runs his mouth in his yard, then punched Wyatt in the mouth. That led to a match. 

Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt (19:29) 

After Reigns hit a series of clotheslines, Wyatt got a boot up in the corner and threw Reigns' shoulder into the post. Reigns rolled out of the ring, where Wyatt delivered a senton. Reigns' first Superman punch attempt was thwarted when Wyatt ducked and delivered an uranage for a two count. Wyatt placed Reigns on the second rope, but Reigns hoisted Wyatt into a Liger Bomb. Wyatt moved out of the way of one Superman punch, but Reigns nailed Wyatt on the rebound, but Wyatt kicked out. Reigns called for the spear, but Wyatt went to the floor. Reigns ran around for the drive-by, only to have Wyatt recover quickly and deck Reigns with a clothesline. Reigns barely beat the ten count back in the ring and got booed for doing so. Wyatt tried Sister Abigail, but Reigns reversed it into a schoolboy cradle. Wyatt kicked out, but Reigns hit the Superman punch, and finished off Wyatt with the spear. Crowd was lively the whole way and it was a good match. 

One note of interest was Michael Cole said that Reigns beat Undertaker at WrestleMania and sent him "into possible retirement." 

Charly Caruso talked with Enzo Amore and Big Cass. She asked Enzo about being victimized by multiple attackers. Enzo said he didn't know who it was that jumped him. Cass said it was insulting that anyone would think that he would attack Enzo and he would be watching Enzo's back at all times from now on. Enzo turned his attention to Caruso, but noticed that when he turned his back, Cass walked off and he wasn't watching it. 

They showed Bayley suffering more welts across her back after last night's Kendo stick on a pole match with Alexa Bliss. Cole said that Bayley was home tonight recovering from her injuries. Bliss walked up to Angle, who was still looking at his cell phone wondering about last week's mysterious text message. Bliss wondered if he was going to congratulate her. She said she was done with Bayley and she wanted to celebrate her life tonight. She proposed: Alexa Bliss, This is My Life. Angle said that was a terrible idea because last week's This is Your Life segment was one of the worst segments in the history of Raw. Crowd went wild over that line. Angle reminded Bliss that she said she would defend the Raw Women's Championship against Nia Jax if she defeated Bayley, and he ordered her to face Jax tonight for the championship. Bliss said "Seriously?" again and again. 

Elias Samson was in the ring with his guitar and asked the crowd "Who wants to walk with Elias?" He saw a leaf fall down beside the highway and it inspired him to write this song. He started singing a song that ran down Ambrose, who interrupted him. Ambrose punched Samson with a microphone and went crazy, throwing Samson around ringside. Ambrose grabbed the microphone and said he was only here to fight the Miz for an Intercontinental Championship rematch. Miz appeared on the big screen with Maryse. Miz said there wasn't going to be a rematch tonight. Instead, there would be a kickoff celebration of the Miz's comeback tour. Samson hit Ambrose from behind and gave him the swinging neckbreaker.  

After a commercial, Ambrose barely sold taking Samon's finisher while he stalked Miz backstage. Ambrose found Angle and told him he wanted to fight the Miz. Angle told Ambrose to calm down because he wouldn't have his rematch tonight. Angle said Miz has already planned his championship celebration and Angle said he wanted Ambrose to take the night off. Ambrose wanted to wait in Miz's dressing room, but Angle ordered Ambrose to leave the building. 

Joe came out. He will officially face Lesnar at the Great Balls of Fire PPV. Crowd chanted "Joe." He said what stands before the fans is someone who doesn't fear Lesnar. He said Lesnar has everything he wants. Joe wants Lesnar's ability to come and go from Raw as he pleases and to show up when he wants. Joe wants Lesnar's ability to invoke fear in other men at his behest. Joe wanted Paul Heyman to be his advocate and to negotiate his contracts and run his errands. Most importantly, Joe wants Lesnar's Universal Championship. Joe said at Great Balls of Fire, he will be staring Lesnar in the eye and he will take the championship from Lesnar.

Heyman showed up to a big pop. Heyman said "There he is. The #1 contender for the Universal title, and rightfully so." He called Joe a bad ass who ate through four other contenders to become the top contender. He said Joe has left wreckage every place he's ever been his entire career. Heyman asked for permission to enter the ring and said he understands Joe doesn't fear Lesnar, and Lesnar doesn't fear Joe, either. What bothers Heyman about Joe is that Joe likes the fact that Lesnar doesn't fear Joe. Heyman said he worries for a living, he worries about the opponents that Lesnar faces. But Lesnar constantly assauges his fears, whether it was the Rock, John Cena, Goldberg, etc. 

Heyman said two weeks ago, he wanted to see Lesnar vs. Balor because it would be a Rocky story, a license to print money. Heyman said Joe was the worst case scenario because Joe doesn't fear Lesnar. He said Joe wants to go to war with Lesnar. Heyman said it was his job in life to make sure that Lesnar is Joe's worst-case scenario at Great Balls of Fire. He said if Joe wanted Brock Lesnar, he's got Brock Lesnar. They shook hands. Heyman started to leave, but Joe grabbed Heyman and took him to a corner gently. Joe had a conversation with Heyman off mic, but it was picked up by a camerman. Joe calmly told Heyman that he was going to place his hands around Heyman's neck, Heyman's vision was going to get hazy and he was going to pass out. He wanted Heyman to carry this as a message back to Lesnar. And he wanted Heyman to describe to Lesnar, in excrucating detail, that this was all because of him. Just as he vowed, Joe put Heyman in the Coquina Clutch. Heyman tapped like crazy and passed out. Crowd chanted "We want Brock." Joe grabbed a microphone and said "And so do I." Referees ran out to check on Heyman. 

Backstage, Angle got in Joe's face and asked what was wrong with him. Joe said he was going to take out whoever was in his way of Lesnar and he asked Angle if he was in his way. Angle and Joe had a brief staredown that had a palpable buzz from the crowd. Rollins walked in and said he hadn't forgotten about Joe nearly ending his career in March. He challenged Joe for a match tonight and Angle made it official. Joe told Rollins "The mistakes me make, Seth, the mistakes we make."

Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus defeated Heath Slater and Rhyno in a nontitle match (1:41)  

No ring entrance for Heath Slater and Rhyno. Slater tried to make a hot tag, but Cesaro pulled Rhyno off the apron. Sheamus pinned Slater after the Brogue kick. 

Sheamus and Cesaro did a postmatch interview saying that was how an intelligent team wins. They asked the crowd who was happy that Jeff and Matt Hardy came back. Cesaro said the Hardys picked the match that they couldn't win. Cesaro said they don't just set the bar, they are the bar. 

TJP found Neville backstage. TJP asked about their deal regarding the cruiserweight championship match he wants. TJP said he's solved the Austin Aries problem, now it's time for Neville to hold up his end. Neville said TJP was right and if TJP handles his business, Neville will talk to Angle. 

TJP defeated Mustafa Ali (2:43)

Mustafa Ali teased the inverted 450, but TJP kicked him off the ropes and hit the Detonation Kick for the pin. 

Neville came out and told TJP he spoke to Angle about his championship opportunity. Neville said that he was afraid he had some unfortunate news. TJP thought that meant he wasn't getting his championship match and started to walk to the back so he could meet with Angle. Neville nailed TJP from behind, rammed his head onto the ramp and screamed that TJP wasn't on his level. Then he told TJP that he would get his championship match on 205 Live tomorrow night. 

Goldust did a promo saying R-Truth thinks he can sit in his director's chair. He said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and consider him smitten. Goldust has seen the truth and has seen the bigger motion picture here. Soon, the brightest stars in the sky will be glittered in gold. He said the Golden Age is back. 

Dana Brooke and Mickie James talked to Sasha Banks backstage. Bliss walked in and said "Hey, guys." Banks looked at her and said "no." She left. Bliss kissed up to James and Brooke saying that Jax didn't deserve a championship match ahead of them. Bliss said they had a Nia Jax problem and their sisterhood shouldn't stand for it. Brooke told Bliss that "they" didn't have a Jax problem, Bliss did. James said she and Bliss would be at ringside to watch their championship match tonight.

As Cole, Booker T and Corey Graves were in the middle of a segue, Angle walked out and pulled Graves aside. They discussed another text message that Graves received. When Graves got back on the mic, Cole wanted to talk about what was going on with Angle. Graves did not and quickly shifted attention to Kalisto's ring entrance. 

Angle again was looking at his phone backstage. Mike Rome asked what was going on with Angle, who said it was a private matter. Angle left the building. Ambrose, who had been outside, held the door open and snuck back in, defying Angle's orders.

Kalisto pinned Titus O'Neil (1:22)  

Akira Tozawa watched the match backstage. Michael Cole explained there was a Facebook angle earlier in the day (which was never shown) where Titus O'Neil told Tozawa that after he pinned Kalisto, he wanted Tozawa waiting for him at the curtain so Tozawa could learn more about the Titus brand. Kalisto reversed a lateral press and pinned O'Neil by holding his trunks, just like O'Neil pinned Kalisto last week. Apollo Crews laughed about O'Neil losing. 

Miz was backstage with Maryse. He looked across the way and found Cass laid out. A referee and Amore rushed over to check on him. Cass awoke and handed Amore a chain that looked like something Amore would wear. Amore said the chain was stolen by someone who attacked him last week. Cass looked suspicious of that claim. Enzo said they had a match coming up. The referee told Enzo he was going to find a new partner. Enzo said he couldn't wrestle without Cass, who was carrying away by the referees. 

Marsye was in the ring for Miz's celerbation. There was a bear mascot in the ring holding up a "Congratulations" sign. The ring was adorned with gold balloons in each corner and some more spelling out "MIZ." After Maryse introduced Miz, fans chanted "You deserve it." Miz said that chant would mean more if the fans didn't do it every time someone won a championship. Miz said this was the start of his comeback tour and continue his destiny to restore the Intercontinental Championship to the heights it once knew. He poured champagne and proposed a toast to him, "to a world where I will always be the Intercontinental Champion." Miz said he was delighted that Maryse got the bear. Maryse said she didn't get the bear. Miz said he didn't get the bear. They froze and Miz jumped the bear, thinking it was Ambrose. Miz gave the bear the Skull Crushing Finale and said "I know present to you your former Intercontinental Champion, Dean Ambrose." Miz pulled off the bear mask to reveal...some guy. Miz told the guy that at least he could brag he got beat up by the Intercontinental Champion. 

Then a stagehand wheeled out a large box. Miz again sensed Ambrose, picked up a chair and bashed the box. Miz went wild despite Maryse pleading with him to stop. Miz dropped several elbows on the box until Maryse said it was a present from her. It was a grandfather clock because it was timeless, like him. She walked away in tears and threw the microphone away in disgust. Miz was furious and blamed Ambrose for all of this. He dared Ambrose to come in the ring. At that point, a cameraman walked in the ring and it was Ambrose. Miz didn't realize it until he saw the big screen, and Ambrose gave Miz Dirty Deeds, then took a sip from Miz's champagne. 

Amore came out and said he called out for a favor, a favor that was 7-foot tall and you can't teach that. The Big Show came out as his mystery partner. Amore introduced him as the "Biggest Show in the Room, how you doin?" Amore said Show was looking a little thin and asked if he was joining the cruiserweight division. Amore said he weighed 206 so Show was in the ring with a heavyweight. Show looked stoic throughout Enzo's spiel. Amore kept making jokes to loosen Show up, then Show started talking in an Italian accent. Show said he was like that character Big Wooly Mammoth and did Cass' catch phrase. 

Enzo Amore and the Big Show defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (1:39) 

Show got a hot tag, threw Luke Gallows into Karl Anderson, gave Anderson a shoulder block and a choke slam. Show tagged Amore for Bada Boom Shakalaka, but Show pressed Amore in the air. Amore was telling Show "This isn't how we do it," but Show threw Amore onto Anderson for the pin. Show held him up for so long, it was almost like he was teasing a heel turn on Amore before finally slamming him onto Anderson. 

Show and Amore celebrating. Cass wondered if Show was the one jumping them from behind. Amore tried to talk Show into celebrating with them. Show told them to celebrate without him, and watched as Enzo and Cass left together. 

There was another Truth vignette directed towards Goldust. He had his own movie quotes, starting with Jack Nicholson from "A Few Good Men" and his "you can't handle the truth" monologue. He said he and Goldust were friends. "Now, I'm nothing more to you than a mean, mad bad mother...shut your mouth!" He quoted Jules from Pulp Fiction some more and said Goldust was going to get got. 

Bliss, looking stressed, did an interview with Rome, who asked if she regretted giving Jax a championship match. Bliss said that the rest of the WWE women's division were jealous of her and she was a goddess who deserved better than how she is treated.

Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss defeated Nia Jax by DQ  to retain the Raw Women's Championship (2:20) 

James and Brooke walked to ringside in the opening seconds. Jax rag dolled Bliss into the corner and dropped several elbows on her. Jax delivered a running bodyblock and Bliss rolled to the floor. Bliss crawled to the corner, where James and Brooke walked up to her. Bliss pushed Brooke and James. Brooke and James punched her, which led to Jax getting disqualified. 

Jax was furious and gave Brooke a Samoan Drop and James a splash into the corner. 

Heyman was being worked on in the trainer's room where Lesnar called him. Heyman told Lesnar it was time to Lesnar to instill the fear that Joe doesn't have towards Brock Lesnar. He recommended that Lesnar show up to Raw next week and unleash the Beast on Joe. 

Samoa Joe defeated Seth Rollins via submission (15:39) 

Joe's offense was stiffer than usual, clearly designed to get over that he's fighting a former UFC world champion next month. Rollins made a comeback with a tope, a sling blade, another tope, a blockbuster and a third tope in rapid succession. Rollins scored a clothesline off the top rope, and hit a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Rollins hit a superkick, then went to the top rope when Wyatt's video wipe popped up. Rollins looked around, but there was no Wyatt. Basically, Rollins was distracted by a video wipe and two seconds of scary music over the speakers, which was all Joe needed to clamp on the Coquina clutch. Referee stopped the match. Not as good as the opener with Wyatt and Reigns, but a solid match.