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WWE Raw live results: Fallout from Fastlane

The Big Takeaway: The Undertaker returned in the main event segment for a staredown with Braun Strowman, who walked off. Reigns came out and said the ring was his yard now. Undertaker responded by giving him a chokeslam. Brock Lesnar also appeared, giving Goldberg an F-5. Goldberg got easily his most negative reception since returning in October.There were several matches made for WrestleMania. Chris Jericho returned, and will face Kevin Owens for the U.S. Championship. Sasha Banks defeated Bayley to make the Raw Women's Championship match a three-way between Banks, Bayley and Charlotte. 

Show Recap: 

Jericho started the show to a good reaction from the Chicago crowd, which Jericho called the "birthplace of Y2J." Jericho said he screwed Owens out of the Universal Championship because Owens betrayed him at the Festival of Friendship, he took his knife and he stabbed it into the Heart of Jericho, and he "twist it in, man." He wanted to know why Owens betrayed him so he called Owens out. 

Owens came out and said he wasn't going to give Jericho the answer after what Jericho did last night. Jericho told him to be quiet and told him to answer the question. Owens said he didn't stab his best friend in the back because Jericho was never his best friend. Owens said Sami Zayn was once his best friend and he stabbed Zayn in the back and he would do it again and again. But he said Jericho was just a tool. The night Owens won the Universal Championship, HHH told him he needed to do whatever he needed to do to keep it. So he needed someone to watch his back, someone that was gullible, and Jericho was a perfect tool until he outlived his usefullness. The second Jericho accepted the match with Goldberg on Owens' behalf, that was the moment he outlived his usefullness. Crowd started chanting "Goldberg," and Owens said he would have outsmarted Goldberg had Jericho not gotten involved. Owens admitted Jericho outsmarted him last night, but Owens said he spared Jericho at the Festival of Friendship because he could have crippled Jericho. But he let Jericho walk away back to his family, a mistake he won't make again. Owens said the biggest mistake Jericho ever made was when he cost Owens the Universal Championship last night. 

Jericho said he didn't want Owens to be his best friend because he has thousands of friends in Chicago tonight, they were the "Friends of Jericho, Cheer me on, man." Place erupted. Jericho said costing Owens the championship last night wasn't the end, it's the beginning of a long and winding road that leads to Owens vs. Jericho at WrestleMania. Crowd chanted "Yes." Owens said he didn't care what they wanted, but Owens said he was promised a rematch for the Universal championship rematch whenever he wanted. But since last night, all he could think about was taking Jericho's championship. He asked Jericho to put the title on the line. Jericho agreed  for a title match at WrestleMania, but he challenged Owens to a match tonight. He asked Owens what was stopping him?

Owens said nothing and he ran to the ring and they started a hockey fight. Then Samoa Joe ran in from the crowd and ambushed Jericho from behind. Zayn ran out with a chair for the save. Zayn jabbed the chair into Joe's midsection and slammed it across his back, but Owens caught Zayn from behind. Jericho came back with the chair and appeared to catch Owens in the back of the head during the comeback. Joe and Owens got out of there. 

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn (4:47) 

Zayn did a somersaul tope over the referee and onto Owens. Within seconds, Owens hit the pop-up power bomb, then followed with punches from the mount. He pinned Zayn after another pop-up power bomb. 

Jericho faces Joe later tonight.

Austin Aries was on commentary for the Neville-Swann match, but first he introdcued a package of highlights featuring himself. 

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville defeated Rich Swann by submission to retain the championship (13:33)

After Swann blocked a springboard move by Neville with a kick, he hit a somersault plancha, which Aries called the Swann Dive. Swann hit the Chicken Fried Driver (which Michael Cole called a Michinoku Driver) for a two count. Neville came back with a superplex, but Swann rolled out of the ring. After a commercial, Swann landed on his feet as Neville attempted a German Suplex, then followed with his own German Suplex and used a superkick for a near fall. Swann kicked Neville in the temple, but missed the Phoenix Splash. Neville got a near fall, then immediately applied the Rings of Saturn for the verbal submission. Match, which had consistent heat throughout, included our first "C.M. Punk" chants of the night, along with chants for Aries. 

Aries did an interview with Neville afterwards. Crowd chanted for Aries some more, but Aries was more focused on his interviewer responsibilities. Neville said he's done exactly what he said he's going to do, so for anyone who doubted him, look at him now. He has laid waste to pretender after pretender, and there is no one on 205 Live who can hold a candle to the King of the Cruiserweights. Aries asked if Neville was sure there was no one at his level. Crowd again chanted for Aries, who said the WWE Universe might disagree with Neville, who couldn't believe that Aries was suggesting himself. Neville said he was running out of patience with Aries, and he told Aries him to go back to the commentator's table and make cheap jokes. He told Aries to get out of the ring before he re-breaks his orbital socket. Aries tried to take the high road, but Neville kept goading him. 

Aries said he was going to ask Neville one more question, actually it was more of a statement. Aries decked Neville with a right hand, then hit a roaring elbow to knock Neville out of the ring. Huge ovation for Aries. 

Enzo Amore and Big Cass were backstage where they stumbled on Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus said Enzo and Cass choked in their attempt to win the Raw Tag Team Championship last night. Enzo & Cass are facing Karl Andersona and Luke Gallows tonight for the belts again. Enzo reminded Cesaro of his loss to Joe last week. 

Goldberg came out as the new Universal Champion. Goldberg said the championship belonged to the fans just as much as it belonged to him because he couldn't have done it without them. He stood before the fans a humbled man. There were some boos for him. Goldberg said he was going to unveil information he's never made public before. Crowd chanted for Punk.

Paul Heyman walked out. He said he wouldn't even think about going to the ring and offer a handshake to the new Universal Champion. Because his hand isn't the hand that should be shaking Goldberg's hand. He didn't show up alone tonight. He said he appeared before the fans to introduce Brock Lesnar, who circled the ring and got into a staredown with Goldberg to a heavy amount of buzz. 

Heyman said Lesnar came here to shake Goldberg's hand. Heyman said Lesnar understood how happy Goldberg must be to have devastated Owens to win the championship. The only person who could be happier is Lesnar. He said Goldberg has proved to be every bit the conquerer that Lesnar has proven to be. At WrestleMania, only one man will man out of the ring as the winner. And the other will walk out the loser. Heyman said he isn't a man who makes predictions, he makes spoilers. At WrestleMania, he said there will be a new, reigning, undisputed Universal Champion, and his name is Brock Lesnar. That means when the match is over, everyone can look at Goldberg and say "There he is. Brock's bitch."

Goldberg took his eye off Lesnar and started to glare at Heyman. That allowed Lesnar to put up Goldberg and give him an F-5 to mainly cheers. Goldberg got up before the segment ended and screamed in frustration.  

John Cena was named host of the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards this Saturday. His appearance merely on the TitonTron got boos. 

Enzo and Cass were out. Enzo said they weren't looking for pity in the Windy City. Cass said they were walking out of Chicago with championship gold, just like Michael Jordan in '91, Jordan in '92, Jordan in '93, etc. 

Raw Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeated Enzo Amore and Big Cass by DQ to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships (6:57) 

Gallows had to sell an Enzo dropkick that missed by 18 inches in the very first spot of the match. Cesaro and Sheamus walked down to ringside. Cass hit the Empire Elbow on Anderson. Enzo hit a tope on Gallows, but ran into Cesaro, spilling his coffee in the process. Cesaro and Sheamus ran in, with Cesaro clotheslining Anderson. That started a melee. Cass gave Anderson a big boot, but Sheamus knocked Cass out of the ring. Enzo jumped on Cesaro's back, but Sheamus gave Enzo the Brogue Kick.

Rick Rude was formally announced as the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. Interestingly, they showed Rude's victory over Ric Flair to win the WCW International Championship at Fall Brawl 1993. They also highlighted his derogatory nickname for fans, including "Atlantic City Sweathogs," "New York Nitwits," etc. 

Enzo and Cass were screaming at Cesaro and Sheamus backstage when Mick Foley showed up. He ordered the two teams to face each other next week with the winners getting Anderson and Gallows. Foley said, in the meantime, he was going to try and have a nice day. Stephanie McMahon told Mick to meet her in her office pronto. They never followed up on this. 

Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari (2:14)

 Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari with a Snap German Suplex. Postmatch, Tozawa called out Brian Kendrick to fight him now. Kendrick said he would have an answer for him tomorrow night on 205 Live, but until then he should watch out what he wishes for. 

The New Day came out with their new ice cream cart stationed on a bicycle that Kofi Kingston was riding. Xavier Woods called it the New Day Pop Cycle. New Day Pops: A Mouthful of Magic, I Gotta Have it. Kingston said the Pop Cycle represented the WWE Universe and their ice cream dreams. 

The New Day defeated The Shining Stars (1:18)

Big E pinned Primo after the Midnight Hour. 

For National Women's Month, they honored Trish Status and Lita. 

Foley, who apparently hadn't met with Stephanie yet, was in the ring to introduce Bayley. The announcers emphasized that there was controversy over Bayley's win over Charlotte last night when Sasha Banks helped Bayley win. Foley congratulated Bayley, who said she didn't feel like she could call herself a champion. She admitted to asking Charlotte to leave Dana Brooke in the locker room to determine who the better woman was, but everyone saw what Sasha did. Bayley said she wants to look forward to WrestleMania. Growing up, her calendar year didn't start with January. It started with WrestleMania. She watched last year when Lita introduced the Raw Women's Championship and she watched three women that she grew up with in the Performance Center give it their all for that championship. She promised herself then that she would be a WrestleMania, but this doesn't feel right. 

Foley said the main thing was she was going to WrestleMania, and the question now is who will be her opponent? Banks came out and tried to take Bayley's mind off of Charlotte. She said she and Bayley had always dreamed about tearing the house down at WrestleMania, so let's stop talking about it and do it. Foley asked the fans if that's what they wanted to see. Charlotte and Brooke walked down. Charlotte accused Banks didn't think Bayley was good enough to beat her and accused Banks of faking being Bayley's friend. Charlotte said it was a conspiracy and she was the victim of it. She was robbed of her title and her PPV streak. She accused Foley of not caring just as long as his two favorites wrestled at WrestleMania. 

Stephanie came out. Place showered her with Punk chants. She called the fans predictable. She mentioned Punk by name and said he was like all of them, losers. That only made things worse and the chants nearly drowned out her promo. She claimed Banks was being a phony and said Charlotte deserved the title shot and said it would be Bayley vs. Charlotte at WrestleMania. Foley said you can't leave "The Boss" out in the cold. Stephanie asked Foley "Who was the boss?" Foley said Stephanie was his boss, but suggested Banks vs. Charlotte next week with the winner getting the title shot at WrestleMania. Stephanie overrruled him saying Bayley would face Banks immediately, and if Banks won, that means the Raw Women's Championship match at WrestleMania would be a three-way, meaning Bayley could lose the championship without getting pinned. 

Sasha Banks defeated Raw Women's Champion Bayley by submission in a nontitle match, forcing a three-way match at WrestleMania for the Raw Women's Championship (12:59) 

Crowd popped for Stephanie's announcement that Banks and Bayley would wrestle tonight, but they were surprisingly dead for the match itself. Charlotte was on commentary with Brooke by her side. They had a scientific match with Oklahoma Rolls and La Magistral cradles for near falls. Bayley escaped a backslide and tried the Bayley to Belly, but Sasha hit a series of forearms, which garnered a look of surprise from Bayley. After Bayley hit a back suplex, Charlotte and Banks went to ringside. Banks missed a double kneedrop, but Bayley missed a crossbody. Banks went for the Bank Statement, but Bayley got to the ropes. Banks got the Bank Statement. Brooke distracted the referee, and Charlotte tried to interfere and break up the hold. But Banks kicked Charlotte to the floor, then rolled over to put Bayley in the middle of the ring for the tapout. 

Postmatch, Charlotte gave Banks a big boot to the face and posed with the championship. 

Reigns did a brief interview with Charly Caruso. He said if Braun Strowman wanted to see him, Strowman could find him in the middle of the ring tonight. I'll bet you can guess the crowd's reaction to Reigns. 

The video package with Rollins showed him pulling up to a rehab facility. They did an interview with a doctor saying Rollins was doing seven hours of rehab a day. He was shown doing one-legged squats, leg presses. Rollins said he can't miss WrestleMania this year because he wants it more than anything else. 

HHH was then interviewed by Cole via satellite. HHH said you have to take your hat off to the WWE for the treatment they give their talent. They have to hope that Rollins listens to the experts and utilizes their advice. Last week when Rollins said he was going to be at WrestleMania, he thought it was foolish. But when doctors tell Rollins not to be at WrestleMania and he ignores it, it's stupidity. HHH said Rollins was lying to himself when he called himself the man. HHH said he's been called many things in his career, but he never had to call himself "the man" because everyone else did that. Rollins has to call himself the man because he lies to himself. Rollins' dream has always been trying to be the man, but if Rollins calls him out at HHH it will be a nightmare. He said Rollins shows up at WrestleMania, it will be the last thing Rollins will ever do in a WWE ring. 

After months of the makeover of Emma to Emmalina, we now have a vignette promoting the makeover of Emmalina to Emma. Corey Graves said "Not this again." 

Samoa Joe defeated Chris Jericho by countout (3:57) 

Jericho hit a running springboard dropkick on Joe, then tried a baseball slide. But Joe pulled him out of the ring and put him in the Kokina Clutch. Joe held him out of the ring until an eight count, then got in the ring for Jericho to get counted out. Crowd chanted "Ten" for every time the referee counted in a nod to Tye Dillinger and booed the finish. Jericho gave Joe a Code Breaker afterwards. 

Aries will have a message for Neville on tomorrow's 205 Live. 

In the main event segment, Strowman came out and said Reigns got lucky last night. He challenged Reigns to come out like a man so he could rip him limb from limb. He said Chicago doesn't like Reigns. Fans chanted "Yes." 

At first, Reigns' music started, but then the Undertaker's music hit. The Undertaker walked out to a monster reception. Undertaker got in the ring for a staredown with Strowman as the crowd chanted "Holy s***" Strowman stepped back, nodded at the Undertaker and left the ring. Undertaker stared a hole through Strowman as he walked off through the crowd. Undertaker's music started like the segment was going to end, but then Reigns walked out to a chorus of boos. Reigns got in the ring and had his own staredown with Undertaker to some "Roman sucks" chants. Reigns said Strowman didn't call Undertaker out here, he called him. So with all due respect, Reigns said it was his yard now. Taker stared at him, then looked at the WrestleMania sign. There was a loud "Roman sucks" chant as Undertaker grabbed Reigns by the throat and gave him a chokeslam. That made Undertaker the biggest babyface on the show as he walked off.