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WWE Raw live results: Final build to Super ShowDown

Date: February 24, 2020
Location: Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg, Manitoba 

The Big Takeaway -- 

A crooked referee assisted Randy Orton in defeating Kevin Owens. Turns out, the ref is a Seth Rollins fan. Owens gave him a stunner and powerbombed him through a table as the show ended. 

Next week, AJ Styles faces Aleister Black.

Show Recap -- 

Raw takes place in Winnipeg for the first time in more than 15 years. I mentioned this last week, but the last time they were in Winnipeg, they did musical chairs. 

Randy Orton came out as the announcers ran down tonight’s card which includes a contract signing between the six women in Elimination Chamber, as well as Seth Rollins vs. Montez Ford and Murphy vs. Angelo Dawkins. 

The crowd booed as Orton began speaking. Orton said he should apologize because, lately, his emotions have become unbalanced. Orton was told this morning that it had been 15 years since Raw was in Winnipeg (the crowd cheered). Orton was 24 years old at the time and he did a little research to discover that he was Intercontinental Champion that day. 

Orton also learned that he was punched in the face on that show by a certain guy who he eventually came to think of as a brother — Adam, or as the fans call him, Edge. The crowd chanted “we want Edge.” (There were brief “Y2J” chants before this.) Orton said Edge couldn’t be here tonight. The crowd booed. 

Orton said the crowd could never understand why he did what he did. He said he was truly sorry, from the bottom of his heart. 

Kevin Owens interrupted. The crowd chanted for Owens. He said he’s been dealing with a lot of delusional people lately, including the Monday Night Moron Seth Rollins. He wanted to put that aside tonight because he had an issue with Orton. Owens just heard Orton apologize but didn’t think he meant it. Owens wanted him to drop the act and tell us why he did it. 

Owens said he was a lifelong WWE fan and remembered watching at home when Edge retired. Owens was already in the business at the time but remembered thinking how bad it sucked when Edge retired. It sucked for Edge and sucked for guys like him who wanted to wrestle him. 

Owens was waiting in the back the night of the Royal Rumble, waiting to get in the ring with Edge, but felt like a fan again when he saw Edge return. Then Orton took it all away. Orton responded, “you think you know me?” 

Owens responded, “that’s very clever,” and said the fans were probably sick of them talking and would rather they fight. They cheered. Orton accepted — but for later tonight. 

Charly Caruso interviewed Zelina Vega and Angel Garza. Vega said their only interest in Humberto Carrillo was an obligation to take out the trash. There was some family you were proud of and others you’d rather deny. Vega said Garza wanted to put Dimples Carrillo in his place and take the top spot on Raw. Caruso thanked them for the interview. Garza told her it was a pleasure and kissed her hand. Caruso appeared flattered. 

Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) defeated Humberto Carrillo (14:43) 

There was an amusing spot early on where they got leg-locked upside down and slapped each other in the face. Carrillo used some cool counters, then hit a dropkick and suicide dive before a commercial break. (The match started after the previous break and it was only about two and a half minutes old at this break.) 

Garza knocked Carrillo from the top rope, tore off his pants and chucked them at Carrillo before hitting a slingshot reverse suplex and low superkick for two. They traded kicks on the apron before knocking each other down and the crowd cheered in appreciation. They continued to battle on the apron until Garza managed to hit a moonsault to the outside, leading to a break. 

Back from break, Carrillo used a Spanish Fly for two. Garza followed soon after with a Spanish Fly off the top for a nearfall. Carrillo hit a kick to the face for two, then they traded cradles for a series of two counts. Garza then applied a rollup while holding the tights to pick up the pinfall win. This was fun and they left enough for a rematch down the line. 

Ricochet defeated Luke Gallows (4:38) 

AJ Styles and Karl Anderson came out with Gallows but advised them to head to the back. Ricochet hit a flip dive almost right away but then ate a big boot upon trying to hit a springboard move back in the ring. Ricochet fought out of a chinlock and hit an enziguri. 

The crowd lightly chanted for Ricochet who followed with a springboard crossbody and standing shooting star press for two. Gallows hit a big boot but Ricochet came back with a superkick, Recoil and shooting star press for the pinfall win. Paul Heyman was shown watching in the back. 

NXT commercial plugged Tommaso Ciampa vs. Austin Theory and an appearance by Finn Bálor. 

[Second hour] 

Gallows and Anderson argued before Styles told them to shut up and reminded them they were the best tag team in the world. Styles was annoyed at the thought that a miracle could happen and Ricochet could become champion. Styles assured them that if that did happen, he’d be ready to take the title from him after he wins his gauntlet match trophy. 

Aleister Black walked by them and Styles called him out. Styles mocked him for thinking he was special after winning a few matches. Gallows and Anderson attacked him and left him laying. The OC left, then Black struggled back to his feet. 

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman segment 

Lesnar received a big ovation from the Canadian crowd and they loudly sang along with Heyman’s introduction. Heyman said Lesnar didn’t need a catchphrase because his catchphrase was the fact that since 2002, he reigns as the champion whenever he wants to. Heyman said Lesnar doesn’t lace up his boots every night, so when he does, it’s special. 

Heyman let Ricochet know that Lesnar owed him one for that low-blow at the Rumble. He called Thursday’s show special just by virtue of Lesnar’s match. Heyman said Thursday was particularly special, then mocked the Canadian crowd for not understanding. 

Heyman said that if Ricochet became WWE Champion it would change everything about WrestleMania. Heyman added that if his aunt had balls, she’d be his uncle. He said “if” was irrelevant because Lesnar would beat Ricochet and go on to defend at Mania. 

He said he’s only been wrong on one spoiler in seven or eight years and let us know that Lesnar would go on to Mania and make minced meat of Drew McIntyre. Before they left, Lesnar posed with his belt on the announce table. 

Black was shown limping through the back. 

They aired a Becky Lynch/Shayna Baszler recap earlier and aired another one here. 

Aleister Black defeated Erick Rowan (10:43) 

Black was selling the earlier beating a lot, probably too much, during his entrance. They fought on the outside and Rowan tossed him into a soft leather chair. The referee asked Black if he wanted to continue and he said yes, leading to a break. Black came back with a series of big boots but Rowan cut him off and hit a Uranage for two. 

Black came back with strikes, a springboard moonsault and knee strike for two. Black set up for the Black Mass but Rowan blocked it and hit a jackhammer for a nearfall. Rowan followed with a clothesline for two. 

Rowan charged after Black on the outside but he moved and Rowan collided with the steel steps which knocked the cage over. The front row crowd chanted, “what’s in the cage,” which was still covered up. Rowan then powerbombed Black into the ring post video board. 

Rowan picked up the cage and apologized to it before scrambling back in the ring to beat the ten count. Black greeted him with consecutive Black Mass kicks for the pinfall win. 

Sarah Schrieber approached Black on the stage and asked how he overcame the odds. Black said, “Rage, Sarah. Unbridled rage! And next week, my rage will be AJ Styles’ burden.” Black ended with, “Next week. Monday Night Raw. AJ Styles — we fight!” 

Drew McIntyre sit-down interview with Charly Caruso 

Caruso interviewed McIntyre backstage. McIntyre didn’t care who his opponent was at Mania. He said this was 19 years in the making after he was promised things that never materialized. Caruso asked him to expand on that. McIntyre spoke about his WWE debut many years ago and Vince McMahon declaring him the chosen one. 

McIntyre said he hasn’t won any world titles since then and it was his own fault. He was fired by WWE and he deserved it. (They showed clips of him with 3MB.) But he was angry and fueled by the anger. He realized he had to get back to WWE because he’d be damned if people remembered him as the idiot playing air guitar. 

Caruso asked about returning to NXT instead of Raw or Smackdown. McIntyre said that’s exactly where he wanted to be. It was also a blast re-debuting on Raw four years after he was fired. McIntyre said he was living proof that you can follow your dreams. 

Caruso asked what he was thinking before entering the Rumble. McIntyre said he knew he had to eliminate Lesnar. McIntyre had heard the word “potential” for too long. McIntyre reiterated that he didn’t care if it was Lesnar or Ricochet, he would fulfill his destiny at Mania. 

R-Truth was in the ring. He welcomed us to the winter premiere of “Truth TV.” There was no stage or anything else in the ring. He did get a graphic. Truth welcomed his guests, Lana and Bobby Lashley. They went to break before this actually began. 

Truth tried to start but Lana cut him off and said they weren’t here for his show, he had a match against Lashley. The crowd chanted “Rusev Day.” 

Truth said Lashley was really, really, really big and would rather ask questions than have a match. Truth asked Lashley if he’s seen Sonic the Hedgehog. Lana demanded that they start the match. The referee listened and had the match started. 

Bobby Lashley (w/Lana) defeated R-Truth (1:54) 

Truth came back using John Cena’s usual comeback sequence, including the five knuckle shuffle. Lashley slipped out of an AA attempt and speared Truth for the pinfall win. 

Tom Phillips plugged the gauntlet match on Thursday. He said there was an updated field, but they aired the old graphic. It appears Rey Mysterio has replaced Rusev in the match. They didn’t explain why Rusev was no longer in the match. 

[Third hour]

Black vs. Styles is official for next week in Brooklyn, NY. Also, Mysterio and Carrillo face Andrade and Garza. 

Women’s Elimination Chamber Contract Signing 

Jerry Lawler hosted. Asuka entered before a break and Natalya entered after a break. Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan were already in the ring. No Baszler. Lawler tried talking about the importance of the Chamber but Asuka cut him off perhaps because she was bored. She was also annoyed that all six women weren’t out there. 

Lawler understood her concern and said Baszler was in the building earlier tonight. The crowd booed because Baszler wasn’t there. Logan was the first to sign. Natalya signed next and received a nice reaction from the crowd. Morgan signed next and was also cheered. She walked the contract over to Riott and slammed it in front of her. Riott signed. 

They got face-to-face and Lawler asked everyone to keep things under control. Asuka signed. Baszler’s music and she entered through the crowd. Baszler signed the contract. Baszler faced off with Natalya. Lawler was content that the contract was signed and left while saying, “ladies, you’re on your own.” The crowd laughed. 

Asuka shoved down Natalya and got in Baszler’s face before saying, “bite me.” Natalya attacked Asuka, then Morgan launched at Riott. Logan pulled Morgan off as Baszler just smiled and watched the chaos. 

Baszler was the only one in the ring when Lynch’s music hit. Lynch went after Baszler and they brawled until officials separated them. The crowd chanted “let them fight.” Lynch broke through the officials and attacked before she was separated again. The crowd was into this. 

Brie and Nikki Bella will be on WWE Backstage tomorrow. I think they said Daniel Bryan would be on too, but he wasn’t in the graphic. The Bellas were announced for the Hall of Fame, joining the nWo and Batista. 

Angelo Dawkins (w/Montez Ford) defeated Tag Team Champion Murphy (w/Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins) via DQ 

The Street Profits spoke about their tag title match on Thursday. Dawkins referred to Murphy as “Murph the Smurf” and some fans chanted it. 

Dawkins gave Murphy a spinebuster but Rollins broke up the cover for the DQ in just over a minute. Rollins pulled Murphy from the ring and they began to leave. Ford said Dawkins hit Murphy so hard last week that he lost his first name. Ford threatened to do the same to Rollins. Rollins wasn’t impressed and made his way to the ring. 

Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins defeated Montez Ford (15:09) 

Ford wiped out Rollins and Murphy with a flip dive. After a break, the referee tossed Dawkins from ringside. He then tossed “Buddy” from ringside as well. 

Ford was in control until Rollins cut him off and hit a buckle bomb. Rollins then powerbombed him into the barricade as he did to Finn Bálor in that SummerSlam match. (Ford landed flush with his back instead of on his shoulder.) This led to another break. 

Ford came back with an enziguri. Rollins tried another buckle bomb but Ford used a leg scissors takedown to send him into the buckle, then hit a standing moonsault for two. Rollins set up a Pedigree but Ford countered into a spike DDT for a very close nearfall. The crowd booed because they thought it was three. 

As they battled on the top rope, Ford hit a sunset flip powerbomb but missed a frog splash, then Rollins hit a curb stomp for the pinfall win. Average match, but the finish was cool. 

Beth Phoenix will appear on Raw next week to provide an update on Edge. 

They plugged John Cena for Friday’s Smackdown. 

There was a commercial for Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair on NXT this week. They also plugged Charlotte vs. Rhea Ripley at Mania and aired a video package for Ripley. 

Randy Orton defeated Kevin Owens (8:10) 

Phillips talked about Raw next week and seemed nervous at the idea of Phoenix being in the same arena as Orton. 

Owens hammered away at Orton and gave him a cannonball into the barricade. Owens went to the top when Rollins and his buddies sauntered out. Owens climbed down from the top instead of just doing the move. Owens focused on Rollins and called him a little bitch. Orton knocked Owens down from behind and they went to break. 

Orton was in control but Owens came back with a superkick. The Street Profits and Viking Raiders ran down to take out Rollins and his friends and clear them out from ringside. 

Owens and Orton traded strikes on the top. Owens got the better of it, knocking Orton off the top, and followed with a senton. Rollins found his way back to ringside. Owens knocked him off the apron, then Orton gave Owens a clothesline. 

Owens had to fend off Rollins again, which allowed Orton to hit a draping DDT. The referee then did a purposeful fast count and Orton won via pinfall. 

Orton and Rollins both acted surprised by the referee’s count. They cut to an angry fan and quickly cut away because he was giving them the finger. The ref checked on Rollins, who handed Orton two steel chairs. Rollins encouraged Orton to let the voices speak to him. 

Owens grabbed a chair and dared Orton to do something. Orton dropped his chair and left. The referee then pulled the chair away from Owens. 

Owens grabbed the referee and tossed him in the ring. Owens ripped off the ref’s shirt to reveal he was wearing a Rollins Messiah t-shirt. Rollins was on the stage and told Owens he had nothing to do with that. The crowd chanted “Yes” as Owens threatened to hit the guy with a chair. Owens dropped the chair and gave the guy a stunner instead. 

The crowd chanted “one more time” but Owens instead grabbed a table and they cheered. Rollins wondered what was wrong with everyone and said the referee was a good man. Owens powerbombed him through the table. 

Final Thoughts -- 

It feels like they’ve been treading water the past couple of weeks. Things will presumably pick up next week once they get past Thursday’s show.