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WWE Raw live results: Handicap match, Firefly Fun House

Date: December 7, 2020
Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 


Show Recap -- 

Vince McMahon, Triple H and the Raw roster stood on the stage for a ten bell salute in honour of Pat Patterson. RIP. 

Randy Orton entered as they played video recaps of his angle with Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss. Orton said most men would be afraid of the Fiend but he ditched his moral compass a long time ago and he planned on showing Wyatt who the evilest man on the planet really was. 

Wyatt in a sweater showed up on the screen, without Bliss. Orton said Wyatt didn’t want to play games with him. “Game” was the magic word because Wyatt was suddenly playing Price is Right host. (Orton had his back turned to the tron for a moment, which was funny.) 

Orton eventually began watching again as Wyatt told his puppet contestants that none of them had the right answer. Wyatt got serious and warned Orton that “he” always had the right answer. 

Orton challenged Wyatt, not the Fiend, to a match tonight. Orton actually specified that he wanted Wyatt because he knew had was getting the Fiend at TLC. Wyatt accepted. 

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler will defend the tag titles against Asuka and Lana at TLC. 

They showed social media tributes for Pat Patterson by John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Nikki Bella, Sami Zayn, Hulk Hogan, Bayley, and Vince McMahon. 

Jax hyped up Baszler before the upcoming match. They planned on hurting Asuka and doing worse to Lana.

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka (w/Lana) defeated Tag Team Champion Shayna Baszler (w/Nia Jax) in a non-title match (8:28) 

They traded submission attempts until Baszler gave Asuka a back suplex. They went to the outside so Jax took down Lana and Baszler shoved Asuka into the announce table. This led to a break two minutes into the match. 

Baszler worked over Asuka’s arm back from break. Baszler used kicks to the chest but Asuka caught one and hit a German suplex. Asuka hit a Codebreaker and tried an armbar but Baszler countered. Asuka countered that but became distracted by Jax attacking Lana on the outside. Baszler knocked down Asuka and decided to watch what was happening outside the ring as well. 

Jax tried to powerbomb Lana on the announce table but Lana sent her into the table instead with a leg scissors takedown. Asuka rolled up the distracted Baszler for the pinfall win. This was a waste. 

Hurt Business bullied a stagehand backstage. 

They came back from commercials with a long recap of last week’s main event as well as a replay of Slapjack beating Ricochet and Dana Brooke beating Mia Yim. Ricochet and Brooke team up against Yim and Slapjack tonight. 

Riddle approached Ricochet and Brooke with a box of donuts labelled “bronutts.” Riddle was looking for MVP. Ricochet told him they were busy talking strategy. Riddle left. 

Sarah Schreiber approached Ricochet and Brooke for an interview. Ricochet wasn’t opposed to being on a team but he just didn’t want to be on a team of jackasses. Brooke, who had a black eye, said she worked too hard to get where she is and had payback ready for Yim. 

(If you haven’t been watching, Yim’s Retribution name is “Reckoning.” I just don’t plan on calling her that.) 

Mustafa Ali said Ricochet and Brooke would reach their end tonight. 

I think it’s been about 20 minutes since anything substantial has happened. 

Mixed tag match: Dana Brooke & Ricochet defeated Mia Yim & Slapjack (w/Mustafa Ali) (1:42)

Brooke got the pinfall win fairly quickly for her team with a Samoan Driver on Yim. Ali admonished Yim and Slapjack after the match. 

Keith Lee approached Sheamus in the back and told him that he wasn’t buying the good guy act and knew it was a matter of time before he turned on Drew McIntyre. Sheamus was annoyed and, like last week, said he was going to turn on him tonight. 

[Second hour] 

They congratulated Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins on the birth of their child. 

MizTV with The Miz & John Morrison 

Miz and Morrison introduced AJ Styles, with Omos, as their guest. Omos stood outside the ring. 

They asked about Styles’ upcoming TLC match. Styles admitted facing McIntyre was a challenge. Styles planned on attacking him with chairs and putting him through every table he could find. McIntyre’s passion won’t mean a thing once he’s knocked out cold. Styles planned on being on top of the mountain as WWE champion. 

Morrison and Miz said that could only happen if McIntyre made it to TLC. They planned on beating up McIntyre and Sheamus tonight. Miz and Morrison did impressions of McIntyre and Sheamus. This went on a while. Styles was amused. Omos seemed impressed as well. 

Sheamus interrupted. He acted entertained. Sheamus was sick of people saying that he would turn on McIntyre. He threatened Miz and Morrison. They let him know in the most obnoxious way possible that he was badly outnumbered. 

McIntyre entered. McIntyre was confident about TLC even if Styles had Omos on his side. McIntyre gave Miz and Morrison credit for coming back every week no matter how many times they got beat up. McIntyre said Maryse had Miz’s balls but Miz replaced them with Morrison’s balls after he made Morrison his bitch. 

Styles made a threat from outside the ring so McIntyre and Sheamus attacked Miz and Morrison and sent them from the ring. 

Another bad segment. I don’t think there’s been a good one yet. 

There were more Patterson tributes from Roman Reigns, Natalya, Kurt Angle, Miz, Alexa Bliss, JBL and Triple H. 

Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) defeated Shelton Benjamin (w/MVP & Cedric Alexander) (3:25) 

Benjamin got the early advantage after a knee strike and boot. Kingston came back with a double foot stomp (sort of) and a dropkick but Benjamin countered an SOS into a powerbomb for two. Benjamin applied an ankle lock but Kingston got a rope break. 

Kingston side-stepped Benjamin on the outside and Benjamin crashed into the barricade. Benjamin just barely beat the ten count but ate a Trouble in Paradise upon entering the ring and Kingston got the pinfall win. 

After the match, Alexander said he was sick of New Day slipping through their fingers. He challenged Kingston to a match right now. Kingston marched back to the ring. 

Cedric Alexander (w/MVP & Shelton Benjamin) defeated Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) 

The match began during a break. Alexander was in control when they returned. He worked over the leg which may have been “hurt” in the previous match. Kingston came back with chops and applied a rollup for two. Kingston followed with an SOS (sort of) for two. Alexander kicked his leg out of his leg and hit a brainbuster for a nearfall. 

Kingston fought Alexander off the ropes but missed an axe handle and Alexander followed with a Lumbar Check for the pinfall win. 

Like last week, Alexander celebrated wildly but unlike last week, he remained in the ring with his teammates. 

They aired the tremendous Pat Patterson tribute video. Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton shared their thoughts on Patterson. 

There was a recap of Tribute to the Troops from last night. 

3-on-2 handicap match: AJ Styles (w/Omos), The Miz & John Morrison defeated WWE Champion Drew McIntyre & Sheamus (15:44) 

(McIntyre entered around 9:42pm. They went to break and came back with the Tribute to the Troops video. By the time everyone entered, the match started at 9:52pm. Then they went to break less than three minutes into the match.) 

Sheamus tried to punch Miz outside the ring but he ducked and Sheamus (lightly) hit McIntyre by mistake. McIntyre was slightly annoyed and told him to get his head in the match. Morrison tried wiping them out with a dive but they caught him and gave him a fallaway slam over the announce desk. Morrison actually landed in the leather chair, which seemed like a happy accident. (This led to the previously mentioned commercial break.) 

[Third hour] 

Sheamus and McIntyre were in full control and Styles had yet to tag in. Styles finally tagged in once he saw McIntyre was vulnerable. Sheamus and McIntyre quickly regained control of Miz. Miz raked Sheamus’ eye as the referee tried to pretend to be distracted and the heels took over. 

Styles had Sheamus in the calf crusher but McIntyre broke it up and Sheamus followed with a White Noise. McIntyre made the hot tag and hit Morrison with clotheslines and overhead suplexes. He also suplexed Morrison and Miz at the same time. McIntyre set up for the Claymore but Miz pulled Morrison from the ring. 

Styles attacked McIntyre from behind but Sheamus managed to tag in. Sheamus wiped everyone out but clocked McIntyre with a Brogue Kick by mistake after Morrison ducked. Styles gave Sheamus a Phenomenal Forearm for the pinfall win. 

McIntyre stared at Sheamus after the match but nothing happened. 

Lana faces Nia Jax next week. 

Lana freaked out backstage about having to face Jax. Asuka tried to talk some confidence into her. Lana became confident until she turned around and bumped into Jax. Lana skulked away. 

Charly Caruso interviewed Sheamus who paced around backstage. Sheamus figured McIntyre was coming after him but said what he did was unintentional. McIntyre confronted him and said, “you know exactly what’s about to happen, don’t you?” Their intense staredown turned into a commercial break. 

Back from break, Sheamus and McIntyre were brawling in the back. Officials tried to break them up as other wrestlers gleefully looked on. Pat Buck briefly broke them up so they beat him up and slammed him through a catering table. 

McIntyre smiled and asked Sheamus if he wanted some pints. Sheamus said Drew was buying. They left together. 

(I’m glad they didn’t actually break up already.) 

Riddle approached Jeff Hardy with his donuts. Riddle thought the Hardy Boyz were one of the greatest teams ever but if they teamed together, they could be the Hardy Bros. (Riddle flubbed his lines and said the punchline too early before correcting himself.) Hardy seemed moderately amused but told him he had to head to the ring. Riddle took a bite out of a donut. 

US Champion Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated Jeff Hardy (12:55) 

Hardy went to the top so MVP went on the apron to distract him. Riddle ran down and yanked MVP down. Hardy took down Lashley with a clothesline off the apron which led to break. Lashley posted Hardy during the break to take control. Lashley got in Riddle’s face at one point but Riddle didn’t back down. 

Lashley had a sleeper but Hardy came back with a jawbreaker, clotheslines, atomic drop, leg drop and a low dropkick for two. Hardy followed with a Whisper in the Wind for two. Lashley hit a Flatliner for two but Hardy responded with a Twist of Fate. Lashley avoided a Swanton Bomb, nailed a spear and applied the Hurt Lock for the submission win. 

Lashley wouldn’t let go of the hold so Riddle went to break it up but Lashley chucked Hardy into him, knocking them both over. MVP bit a donut and chucked the box down. 

Orton was in the back. He heard a knock on the door and opened it but there was nothing there. The rabbit puppet suddenly appeared behind the door and told Orton they were going to have so much fun. 

Orton staring at the puppet as if it was actually speaking to him was quite the visual.  

There were more Patterson tributes from Shane McMahon, Ric Flair, The Rock, Bray Wyatt, Paul Heyman, Drew McIntyre, Edge, Shawn Michaels, and Stephanie McMahon. 

(Tom Phillips mentioned that TLC is one week from Sunday, which is such a stupid way of telling us when the show is. It’s one week from six days from now?) 

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt 

Wyatt wore black jeans and a brown sweater. Orton wrestled in his gear. 

Orton tried a back suplex on the announce table but Wyatt countered and hit a back suplex on the edge of the table instead. Wyatt chased Phillips away, grabbed his headset and let us know that they’d be right back. He knows how this works because he sent us to break about 90 seconds into the match. 

Orton was in control after the break and Wyatt smiled and laughed as Orton stomped him. Orton barely got a one count after a knee and followed with a chin lock. They pipped in crowd clapping to encourage Wyatt to fight back. 

Wyatt came back with clotheslines, an atomic drop, running clotheslines, running body block, and a DDT for two. (It was like Edge’s lifting DDT.) Orton followed with a neckbreaker for two and gave him a back suplex on the announce desk. Wyatt almost got Sister Abigail but Orton thumbed him in the eye and hit a draping DDT. 

The lights started to go down but Orton managed to hit an RKO anyway. 

The lights went out completely and the red lights turned on. The Fiend was suddenly in the ring. He put Orton down with the mandible claw as the show went off the air.