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WWE Raw live results: Keith Lee vs. Randy Orton rematch

Date: September 7, 2020
Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Drew McIntyre returned and got some revenge on Randy Orton, laying him out with three Claymore Kicks throughout the show. Orton had to be taken away in an ambulance. 

The show ended with a fun main event that saw the Mysterio family beat the absolute crap out of Murphy. 

Also, Cedric Alexander joined the Hurt Business. 

Next week: Mickie James faces Asuka for the Raw Women’s title. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura take on the Street Profits.

Show Recap -- 

Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe are on commentary. Cole said Tom Phillips is off this week. 

Randy Orton came out to start the show. Orton bragged about beating Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Keith Lee last week and couldn’t believe he still has to face Lee again after all of that. He threatened to kick Lee in the head. He wanted to list all of the people he has kicked in the head but didn’t have enough time because Raw is only three hours. 

He wondered if Drew McIntyre would be able to make it to Clash of Champions and recapped what he did to him before showing a replay. He said they should hand him the WWE title if McIntyre couldn’t make it to COC. 

A siren noise began playing and an ambulance drove to the stage area. McIntyre emerged from the driver’s seat, marched to the ring (as his music played), and clocked Orton with a Claymore kick. McIntyre began hammering away at Orton until officials broke it up. 

McIntyre easily wiping out Orton was cool but I have no idea why he drove down in an ambulance. 

The Hurt Business was shown walking through the back earlier today. A building cleaner said hi to them but MVP accused him of saying something about Shelton Benjamin’s mother. Bobby Lashley held him against a wall as he pleaded with them. MVP accused him of calling him a liar. They couldn’t be reasoned with so Benjamin kicked him low and they walked off as if nothing happened. 

McIntyre told Adam Pearce that he would be at COC no matter what. Pearce understood but stated that McIntyre wasn’t cleared tonight. He didn’t want another incident like earlier so he asked McIntyre to leave. McIntyre said he already did what he came here to do so he agreed to leave. Pearce told security he didn’t want any more problems tonight. 

6-man tag match: US Champion Bobby Lashley, MVP & Shelton Benjamin defeated Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander (4:28) 

The Hurt Business attacked Alexander during his entrance. Alexander turned on his team during the match. 

Crews tried making a tag to Ricochet but Alexander yanked him off the apron, attacked him and tossed him into the barricade. Alexander also attacked Crews and gave a Lumbar Check. Benjamin finished off Crews with Paydirt for the pinfall win. 

The Hurt Business were all smiles. Alexander smiled back but did not immediately join them. 

(I’m not sure if this is a new addition this week, but the piped-in crowd noise now counts along with the fall.) 

Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits defeated Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) in a non-title match (1:58) 


There was a replay of Garza ditching his friends last week when Retribution attacked. Andrade and Vega blew passed him on the ramp during their entrance. 

Garza argued with Vega on the outside as Andrade demanded that he pay attention. Garza began leaving knowing full well that Andrade was in trouble. Angelo Dawkins gave Andrade a spinebuster and Montez Ford followed with a big frog splash for the pinfall win. Garza seemed perfectly content. 

Smackdown tag champs Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura entered the stage with the Profits still in the ring. Cole wondered if they were here as part of the brand-to-brand invitational and said that like it’s been a regular thing. 

Cesaro and Nakamura were in the ring after a break. Cesaro said he was surprised to learn that the Profits were the longest-reigning Raw tag champs in years. Nakamura made a joke about them being too busy playing basketball and fighting ninjas. Cesaro said they were taking advantage of the “quarterly brand-to-brand invitational.” 

Nakamura was about to say, “we want the smoke” but Dawkins interrupted him. Ford said Cesaro has had so many partners that he should get an STI test. Ford said they would have a champions vs. champions match next week. He was about to say “we want the smoke” but Nakamura finished it off for him. Cole fake laughed. 

R-Truth was having dinner in a suite in the arena. His order came but it was actually a ninja hidden inside a food cart. Tozawa showed up too. He managed to evade them and walked away with the food cart. This was very dumb. 

Peyton Royce defeated Billie Kay (2:42) 

They each had new, generic music. Kay’s entrance referred to her as “Femme Fatale.” Royce wore red, Kay wore gold. 

They exchanged slaps early on. The match went back-and-forth until Royce won with a spinning brainbuster. Royce helped Kay to her feet after the match and hugged her. 

They plugged Dominik Mysterio vs. Murphy and referred to Murphy as an ex-disciple of Seth Rollins. The Mysterio family was shown walking through the back and Murphy could be seen watching them. 

[Second hour] 

Mysterio family in-ring interview 

Charly Caruso introduced Rey Mysterio, Dominik, Angie and Aalyah. Mysterio couldn’t wait to get his hand on Rollins when his injury healed. Mysterio knew that Murphy was out for vengeance but Dominik was ready. 

Before Dominik could say anything, Murphy interrupted on the screen. Murphy blamed them for Rollins leaving him. Murphy wanted to end Dominik’s career before it began. Murphy challenged him to a street fight. Dominik accused Murphy of hurting his family as much as Rollins so he accepted. 

Murphy was pleased. He invited the Mysterio to watch from ringside. Dominik warned him not to lay a finger on his family. 

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler each have to face the Riott Squad tonight in separate handicap matches. In the back, Baszler asked Pearce why she had to do this. Pearce said Jax claimed that Baszler could fight them both but decided to make them each have the same fight. This was news to Jax. 

Pearce saw McIntyre walk by him and wondered what he was still doing there. McIntyre basically told him to relax and walked away. 

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka & Mickie James defeated Natalya & Lana (4:50) 

James faces Asuka for the title next week. 

The heels worked over James. Lana almost pinned her with an X-Factor but Asuka broke up the cover. Natalya chucked Asuka from the ring. James gave Lana a neckbreaker but Asuka wasn’t on the apron for a tag. 

James went to the top but Asuka reemerged and tagged herself in. Asuka put Lana in the Asuka Lock as James took out Natalya. Lana tapped out while the camera was focused on James/Natalya on the outside. 

In the back, MVP asked Alexander if he was ready to make it official in the VIP Lounge. Alexander said yes. MVP and Lashley left. Benjamin stayed back with Alexander to tell him this better not be some game or else he will find out. 

MVP’s VIP Lounge 

Alexander entered with the Hurt Business. MVP introduced him as their newest member. Benjamin was still skeptical. Alexander said he was tired of being on the wrong end of a beat-down and was ready to learn and earn (money). 

He called Ricochet selfish and wondered why he was sacrificing his own career for the benefit of Crews’. He called Hurt Business the future. 

The Viking Raiders’ music hit and they entered with Crews and Ricochet. The four of them sprinted to the ring and attacked the Hurt Business and quickly cleared the ring. 

8-man tag match: The Hurt Business defeated The Viking Raiders, Ricochet & Apollo Crews (10:15) 

Everyone traded moves which led to Ivar taking out the Hurt Business with a suicide dive. Alexander avoided a 630 splash by Ricochet and nailed a Michinoku Driver for the pinfall win. Ricochet actually kicked out but the referee counted anyway. This seemed like the planned finish but they did show a replay of Ricochet kicking out before three. 

Caruso interviewed McIntyre, basically asking why he was still here. He claimed he couldn’t find his phone or the exit. He said he would do his best to find his phone. 

Kevin Owens approached Shane McMahon outside of the Raw Underground room. Shane admitted they’ve had problems but it was all water under the bridge. Owens called him a jackass. Shane opened the door for him. 

[Third hour] 

Randy Orton defeated Keith Lee via DQ (6:20) 

Orton tried stalling so Lee went after him. Orton took over quickly after thumbing him in the eye (with the referee’s sight obstructed). 

Orton went for the RKO but Lee didn’t even budge, which made him look strong. Lee knocked Orton from the ring and went for a pounce but Orton simply dropped down and Lee just ran over him and collided with the barricade, which made him look dumb. 

Orton applied a chinlock but Lee got to his feet with Orton still on his back. Orton tried an RKO but Lee slipped out of it. Lee followed with a splash, elbow strike and powerslam for two. 

Orton slipped off of Lee’s shoulders and hit an RKO. McIntyre then flew into the ring and gave Orton a Claymore Kick for the DQ. McIntyre said he wanted Orton to see him in his nightmares. 

This was basically the third time Orton has had Lee beat without actually pinning him. 

Raw Underground 

Aleister Black beat some guy quickly with a Black Mass. Shane said they were still waiting on Kevin Owens, who we saw enter the room earlier. 

Owens appeared and tackled Black. They brawled for a few seconds until Owens gave Black a back body drop on the outside and that left both guys hurt somehow. Shane promptly cut to commercial and said there was more Underground later. 

After a break, Orton yelled at Pearce for not doing his job. Pearce assured him that he escorted McIntyre out of the building. Orton said his word meant nothing to him. 

2-on-1 handicap match: Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan defeated Shayna Baszler (w/Nia Jax) (2:32) 

Baszler was in control of Morgan but was distracted by Jax mocking her offense. Morgan used the distraction to slip out of a move and rollup Baszler for the pinfall win. Jax was amused. 

Raw Underground 

Owens and Black were back at it. Black had him in an armbar but Owens slung him out of the ring into the wall. Owens bumped into somebody so he and Black each began punching random people. 

2-on-1 handicap match: Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan vs. Nia Jax (w/Shayna Baszler) ended in a no contest 

This went about three minutes before they were interrupted by Retribution. Morgan made a tag as the lights began flickering. Ruby gave Jax a Riott Kick and Morgan followed with a modified Codebreaker. The lights continued to flicker as Jax kicked out at two. The lights went out. 

Retribution appeared on the screen. They have their own logo now. They spoke with their voices altered. They said WWE discarded and disowned them. They were driven to destroy every superstar and fan. The darkness of retribution will seep into the pores of every superstar. We are Retribution. 

Mysterio told Sarah Schreiber that they were not intimated by Murphy’s words and knew he was just trying to get into Rollins’ good graces again. If Murphy tried anything, they knew how to handle themselves. 

Raw Underground 

Owens and Black were at it again. Owens used a double foot stomp, which I’m sure he couldn’t wait to do in this fake shoot fight. Owens bumped into Dabba-Katto, so Dabba-Katto laid him out with a slam. Black tried to take advantage but Dabba-Katto gave him a chokeslam. That was that. 

Orton was limping through the back with his luggage when Caruso tried to interview him. McIntyre attacked him again and tossed him into the half-ring they have set up for interviews before giving him another Claymore. 

Orton was taken away in an ambulance (like McIntyre was several weeks ago). 

Street Fight: Dominik Mysterio (w/Rey Mysterio, Angie & Aalyah) defeated Murphy (14:10) 

Dominik, Rey and Aalyah each entered holding kendo sticks. 

Murphy immediately kneed Dominik before launching him over the announce table. Murphy had his eyes on the Mysterio family but Dominik attacked him and launched him over the table. They fought toward the “crowd” when Dominik climbed on top of the front row of screens and jumped off with a big dive on Murphy. (A few fans were very excited to be focused on here.) 

Dominik was still in control after a break. Murphy fought him off and slammed him into the edge of the ramp. Murphy tried shoving Dominik’s eye in the steps but he fought back briefly before Murphy dropped him over the barricade. Murphy attacked with a steel chair and covered him for two. 

Dominik tried a DDT but Murphy launched him three times into the ring post. Murphy tied him up in the ropes and tried attacking with the kendo stick but Dominik kicked him away. Murphy went for the kendo stick but Rey grabbed it away from him. With Murphy on the outside, Angie and Aalyah freed Dominik from the ropes. 

Dominik then ran toward the ropes and hit a sunset flip bomb sending Muprhy into a table on the outside, which looked awesome. Dominik followed with a frog splash but Murphy kicked out. 

Rey and Dominik tied up Murphy in the ropes and took turns hitting him with the kendo stick. They took off his shirt before continuing the attack. They also brought Aalyah and Angie in the ring so they could join in. Aalyah didn’t hesitate. Angie didn’t want to do it but they convinced her and she got a shot in as well. 

After a few more shots, Murphy verbally submitted. Dominik wins. 

After the match, the entire family just beat the crap out of Murphy with the kendo sticks as they went off the air. 

This wasn’t much of a show but I very much ending the ending.