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WWE Raw live results: Kurt Angle responds to SmackDown's invasion

Date: October 30, 2017
Location: Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, MD

The Big Takeaway --

This was a night of returns, most notably Braun Strowman who reappeared from a garbage truck to ambush The Miz, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas in spectacular fashion. Along with Strowman and Bo Dallas, tonight saw the returns of Nia Jax, Samoa Joe, and JoJo. Jax defeated Bayley and was added to the Raw women’s team by Alicia Fox. Joe beat Apollo Crews and choked out Titus O’Neil.

Stephanie McMahon returned too and made up for lost time. She berated Kurt Angle, made him the captain of Team Raw, and demanded retribution on Shane McMahon. Daniel Bryan showed up to reason with Angle later in the show, but was laid out by Kane (off-camera) and stretchered out of the arena. Kane also beat Seth Rollins, and laid out Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Finn Balor (with help from Sheamus and Cesaro).

Also, Alexa Bliss retained her women’s title over Mickie James in the main event, and Asuka killed a jobber.

Show Recap -- 

They aired a recap of SmackDown’s invasion last week and Michael Cole let us know they’ve ramped up security tonight. The Raw roster was on the stage and Kurt Angle was in the ring.

Angle said Shane McMahon took the friendly competition too far and he apologized to the Raw roster as the crowd dumbly chanted “What.” He said he put the wrestlers in harm's way but promised never to do it again.

Stephanie McMahon interrupted. Stephanie didn’t want the show to start off on such a depressing note and enthusiastically welcomed everyone to Raw. She also announced the 25th anniversary show in January.

Stephanie said she supported Vince McMahon’s decision to make Angle the GM and thinks he’s done a good job, despite the situation with Jason Jordan, the virus going around the roster, and what happened to Braun Strowman. She applauded his effort at TLC joining The Shield and the crowd chanted “You still got it.”

She said it takes years to gain a reputation but only seconds to lose it. Angle was about to respond but Stephanie cut him off. Stephanie wasn’t surprised by Shane’s actions and figured this was an attack on her personally. She said Shane embarrassed Angle and everyone on the show and put the blame directly on Angle.

Stephanie said Angle would have to prove himself and made him the Raw team captain at Survivor Series. Stephanie wanted SmackDown annihilated or she’d find a new GM.

Seth Rollins vs. Kane, Finn Balor vs. Cesaro, and Bayley vs. Alicia Fox were announced for tonight.

After a break, Angle was helping Stephanie with her car door and apologized for everything. He should take her dog for a walk while he’s at it. She reiterated what she said earlier and left.

As her limo pulled away, another one pulled up. It was The Miz with Curtis Axel and a returning Bo Dallas. Sounded like the crowd popped when Dallas appeared. Angle berated Miz for being late and for being absent when they were attacked last week. He said Miz would have to defend his IC title tonight but wouldn’t announce his opponent.

Nia Jax defeated Bayley (7:22)

Alicia was supposed to be Bayley’s opponent but she came out (wearing a sailor captains hat) and said she needed to take her duties as captain seriously, so she had a different opponent in mind for Bayley, which brought out Nia Jax.

Bayley made a brief comeback but Jax countered a guillotine by tossing her in the air and hit a running leg drop for the win. Afterwards, Fox announced that Jax would be on her Survivor Series team. I guess Kurt Angle has given Fox complete control over Raw’s women’s division.

As Jax walked up the ramp, Samoa Joe’s music hit and he entered to a big pop and “Joe” chants. Cole mentioned this was his first appearance since SummerSlam.

Joe asked if the crowd missed him and they popped big again. Joe found that amusing because he didn’t miss them. He claimed the fans didn’t reach out to him while was gone and said they didn’t care about him. Joe said the next time he’s beating down an opponent, he’ll be thinking of the fans.

Samoa Joe defeated Apollo Crews (w/Titus O’Neil) (3:40)

Cole said Crews demanded this match. He knew Joe was returning? Crews got more offense than you might expect, but Joe still won quickly via submission after an STO and Coquina Clutch.

O’Neil and Joe had a staredown after the match, but after it appeared Joe would leave, O’Neil checked on Crews. Joe then applied the Coquina Clutch on O’Neil. They pushed Joe pretty hard here.

The announcers plugged the 25th anniversary show on January 22nd and mentioned that SmackDown wrestlers would be there in addition to Undertaker, Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels. They probably should’ve waited before announcing that SmackDown wrestlers would be on Raw. 

Just noticed JoJo has also returned.

The Miz (w/Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas) defeated Matt Hardy to retain Intercontinental Championship (13:01)

Matt made a comeback and got a two count after consecutive elbow drops. Matt then countered a clothesline into a Side Effect for a nearfall. Matt followed that with a moonsault off the top for another nearfall. “This is awesome” chants.

Miz drove Matt into the turnbuckle and followed with It Kicks. Matt ducked the last kick and hit a Twist of Fate but Miz rolled under the bottom rope. Matt went after him, so Miz snapped his neck over the top rope and nailed Skull Crushing Finale for the win. This ended up better than expected.

Alexa Bliss approached Kurt Angle backstage. She congratulated him on being named team captain and said his speech was inspiring. He asked her what she wanted. Bliss thought they should improve the women’s division by cutting dead-weight and getting rid of Mickie James.

Bliss figured they can replace her with someone from the Mae Young Classic, or just dig up Mae herself. Angle said James fought back against SmackDown last week while Bliss did nothing. Angle made a women’s title match for the main event tonight.

Asuka defeated Stacie Cullen (1:39)

Asuka completely destroyed her opponent and won with the Asuka Lock. This was perfect.

The crowd wasn’t that hot for Asuka but that’ll change if they keep doing this. Cole mentioned before the match that Asuka was off to a good start, but didn’t mention that she beat Emma twice. Not sure why they can’t say her name.

Angle was shown backstage when he suddenly freaked out and alerted security over radio that it was happening again. The camera panned back and Daniel Bryan was just standing there. The crowd exploded and chanted “Yes.” Angle asked what he was doing here and they cut to commercial.

After the break, Angle accused Bryan of showing up to finish the job. Bryan said he had nothing to do with last week. He was taking a risk being in a building filled with Raw guys ready to take him out and didn’t even tell Shane he was doing this. Angle didn’t think he should trust Bryan and said “I got my ass chewed out by Stephanie McMahon.”

Bryan apologized for what happened and didn't agree with Shane’s actions. Angle decided to spare him a beating from Raw because he wanted Bryan to tell Shane that he was going to take out Shane and SmackDown at Survivor Series. Bryan wasn’t pleased.

They recapped the Paul Heyman promo from last week for the Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal match. They cut back to Bryan who was on the phone, still in Angle’s office (Angle was not there). The lights cut out and they went to commercial.

After the break, Bryan was ranting on the phone. The lights were still out, but the phone screen is lighting up his face. He admitted this wasn’t going as he wanted. Bryan thought he could reason with Angle, but now the lights are off and the door is locked.

Suddenly, Kane showed up and put his hand around Bryan’s neck. Bryan dropped his phone, which made the screen pitch black, and there was a loud noise, presumably Kane taking out Bryan. The announcers were concerned for Bryan, except for Booker T who said he got what he deserved.

Finn Balor defeated Cesaro (w/Sheamus) (11:24)

Balor was distracted by Sheamus, allowing Cesaro to take control. Later, Balor was distracted by Sheamus again, allowing Cesaro to hit a big uppercut. Cesaro then hit a crazy superplex, lifting Balor from the apron. Cesaro applied the Sharpshooter before switching to a crossface, but Balor slipped out and hit a foot stomp, sling blade and running dropkick.

Sheamus tried to get involved again, so Balor kicked him off the apron and sent Cesaro outside. Balor then nailed a flip dive to both men, tossed Cesaro back in the ring and hit him with a foot stomp to the head/neck (with Cesaro hunched over) for the pinfall win. Good match.

As the announcers talked about Balor as a potential member of team Raw, Kane came out. Balor went after him but Kane fought him off easily and gave him a tombstone on the stage.

Kane defeated Seth Rollins (w/Dean Ambrose) (5:42)

Sheamus and Cesaro remained at ringside for this match. It was four minutes into the match before Cole noticed they were still there, even though they were shown on camera several times.

The match was a clunky mess. Kane was in control until Rollins managed to hit a suicide dive. Rollins hit a second dive and Kane went down, but I’m not sure he was supposed to as he popped right back up. Booker tried to claim that Kane hit Rollins on impact. Rollins hit a couple of flying clotheslines back in the ring, but Kane no-sold them both.

Cesaro and Sheamus attacked Ambrose outside the ring, so Rollins hit them with a dive. Kane then hit Rollins with a chokeslam for the win. Ambrose jumped in the ring after the match and gave Kane a Dirty Deeds. Kane sat up and Ambrose was attacked again by Cesaro and Sheamus. Kane gave tombstones to both Ambrose and Rollins.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was taken out on a stretcher. D-Von Dudley and Jamie Noble were there with him.

The Miz was ready to celebrate his win with Axel and Bo. When they entered his locker room, Miz noticed a funky smell. There was a full garbage bag in there and Miz thought it meant Strowman was back.

Axel said Strowman was never coming back. Bo assured Miz he had nothing to worry about, because even though he and Axel weren’t at TLC, they were with him now. Miz responded, “Ok, now I am a little worried.” That was funny.

After a break, Miz found Kane backstage and asked him if he thought there was a chance Strowman was back. Kane said Strowman knew where to find him. Miz felt better knowing Kane was on his side, but Kane laughed and told Miz he was on his own.

Trick or Street Fight: Heath Slater & Rhyno defeated Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (4:51)

Slater was dressed as Santa Claus, Rhyno was dressed a Mrs. Claus (with makeup and lipstick), and Gallows & Anderson were dressed as their characters from Southpaw Regional Wrestling. Gallows and Anderson were in this same gimmick match last year on Halloween.

They lost last year and they lost here, too. Anderson put a pumpkin on his own head and tried a dive off the top, but Rhyno caught him and hit a spinebuster through a table for the win. Suffice it to say, Gallows and Anderson looked like clowns here.

There’s a new Table for 3 tonight featuring Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns.

Miz freaked out to Sheamus and Cesaro backstage. They assured him Strowman wasn’t coming back and told him to relax. Miz cheered up and was happy to be on their team. They laughed and told him he was on his own. Miz called Axel and told him they were leaving now.

Elias sang a song as they showed replays of him hitting Jason Jordan with a guitar. This was the longest he’s been able to perform in a while but he was still interrupted by Jordan, who ran down and suplexed him out of the ring. Jordan was about to smash the guitar but Elias pleaded with him not to (even though Elias willingly destroyed his own guitar last week). Jordan destroyed it anyway.

Miz, Axel and Bo were about to leave but Angle stopped them and demanded they stay until the end of the show.

Enzo Amore, whose voice has recovered, came out to a big pop and the crowd sang along with his promo. Drew Gulak was already in the ring and mentioned Stephanie McMahon calling Angle incompetent. Amore agreed and didn’t think Kalisto deserved another title match. Gulak attempted to do Cass’ usual bit but spelled out “S-O-F-T” instead. That part was funny, and Amore’s reaction to this was great.

Kalisto defeated Drew Gulak (w/Enzo Amore) (0:57)

Kalisto won quickly with Salida Del Sol. Immediately after the match, Amore attacked Kalisto with Eat Defeat.

Miz told Axel to tell the limo driver to get the car ready so they could leave as soon as the show was over.

Alexa Bliss defeated Mickie James to retain the Women's Championship (11:13)

Perhaps they are running low on time, but they didn’t do the in-ring name announcements like they usually do for title matches, which they did earlier for the IC title match.

James made a comeback hitting kicks, flying forearm and neckbreaker for a two count. The crowd chanted “CM Punk” and my feed cut out for a moment. Bliss yanked James from the top but James followed by kicking her out of the ring.

Bliss tried to run away but James pulled her back in the ring and hit a few rollup variations, each for a two count. Bliss suddenly hit a punch to the face for the pinfall win.

They immediately cut backstage to Miz and his crew leaving. They cut back to Bliss who posed with the title. They showed replays of the finish and cut backstage again. Even though they were in a hurry, Miz still made the driver open the door for him. There’s a cameraman in the car so we can see them.

The car braked suddenly because there was a garbage truck in the way. The truck backed up and Miz somehow didn’t immediately suspect Strowman. He eventually figured it out and panicked.

They used several camera cuts to reveal Strowman appearing from the back of the truck in the most cartoonish manner possible. (This was very clearly a different truck than the one at TLC.) Strowman shouted and the Miztourage ran away. They cut back to Bliss in the ring and the Miztourage made their way to the stage.

Strowman followed them out and tossed them all over the place. Miz managed to escape so Strowman gave Axel a powerslam. The crowd chanted “one more time” so Strowman did it again. They chanted some more so Strowman gave him a third and fourth powerslam.

Miz and Bo ran to the back, so Strowman picked up Axel, walked up the ramp and gave him a powerslam through the announce table. He posed and the crowd cheered.