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WWE Raw live results: Kurt Angle reveals his secret

The Big Takeaway: Kurt Angle's big revelation was that Jason Jordan was his son based on a relationship Angle had during his days at Clarion University. Somehow, since Jordan is now Angle's gimmick son, he's switched from SmackDown to Raw.

The Roman Reigns-Samoa Joe match to determine the #1 contender for the Universal Championship ended in a no contest when Braun Strowman came out and attacked both men, leaving both of them writhing in pain. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins continued to tease the reformation of the Shield. Rollins said he was sorry for destroying the Shield three years ago and encouraged Ambrose to hit him in the back with a chair, an offer that Ambrose didn't accept.

Ambrose's program with Bray Wyatt appears to have been abandoned as Wyatt cut a promo on Finn Balor, who was busted up hardway after being hit with a guitar by Elias Samson. Match of the night was the Revival defeating the Hardy Boyz. Next week, Rollins and Ambrose face the Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in a 3-on-2 handicap match, Samson takes on Balor in a no-DQ match and Bayley wrestles Sasha Banks in a #1 contender match for the Raw Women's Championship. 

Show Recap: 

Ambrose came out carrying a chair, calling it "Steely Dan." Ambrose challenged Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to come out, but they didn't. Ambrose said he was looking for a fight and said he would burst Miz's bubble so fast, Miz would be back on the "Real World" by the time he wakes up. Rollins showed up instead and asked Ambrose why was he picking a fight that he can't win on his own. Rollins asked Ambrose why he came out at the end of Raw last week, and said Ambrose should come up with a better plan. Ambrose said not everything is about Rollins and ordered him to leave. Rollins said he was out there to ask Ambrose that when he takes the fight to Miz, "Brother, will Ambrose be standing in his way or will Ambrose be standing by his side?" Ambrose said he wasn't Rollins' brother, his brothers were in the Shield. His brothers had his back and his brothers stood for something. His brothers fought in the trenches. Ambrose didn't know who Rollins was, he knew a guy who looked a lot like Rollins, he was a liar and a cheater and he took a chair and stabbed it in his back and through his heart. 

Rollins raised his voice and said that was over 3 years ago and he was sorry for breaking up the Shield. Rollins said he had never said that before and repeated that he was sorry. He also remembered the two of them battling inside Hell in a Cell and Ambrose cashing in the Money in the Bank to beat Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins said all of that was in the past and he wanted to know what was it going to take for Ambrose to move on? Ambrose said he saw Rollins mouth moving but he didn't hear anything. Rollins said if Ambrose wasn't going to trust him, he'll let his actions speak for him. Rollins turned his back to Ambrose and told Ambrose to hit him with the chair. He ordered Ambrose to hit him as many times as it takes to get it out of Ambrose's system. Ambrose folded the chair and slid it out of the ring. Rollins turned around and then the Miz came out with the Miztourage. 

Miz said that was quite a scene, it could be a country song. Miz told Rollins that Ambrose would never forgive him. Plus, Miz has owned the Lunatic Fringe for months and talked about all the times he's beaten Ambrose recently. He told Ambrose that he didn't have the ability to beat Miz on his own. Dallas and Axel walked down to ringside. Dallas, Axel and Miz all picked up chairs at ringside. Crowd started chanting for Reigns. Axel slammed Rollins in the knee with a chair while Miz slammed his chair across Ambrose's back. The Miztourage triple-teamed Rollins inside the ring, culminating with Miz carefully giving Rollins a Skull Crushing Finale across the seat of an unfolded chair. Miztourage didn't get very much heel heat walking to the back as Miz hit Ambrose across the back again. 

Charly Caruso stopped Miz, Dallas, Axel and Maryse backstage, but they were in a rush to leave, which they did and weren't see again. 

Bayley defeated Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss in a nontitle match (8:14)

Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss with a Belly-to-Bayley. Nia Jax came down to stand in Bliss' corner about a minute into the match. Bliss worked on Bayley's left arm. After Bliss rolled out of the ring, Bayley went after her but Jax stood in her way. Bliss gave Bayley a cheap shot. Sasha Banks ran down and drop kicked Jax into the apron. They highlighted that Bayley has pinned Bliss in consecutive weeks. 

Corey Graves got another text message and went to the back to meet with Angle.

They showed highlights of the ESPY Awards, including John Cena with Jarrius "Little JJ" Robertson. Stephanie McMahon was shown receiving the Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award. 

Backstage, Angle told Graves said he was having second thoughts and he was thinking about keeping this to himself. Graves says we live in a social media age and the truth was going to come out regardless if Angle told them or not. Angle thanked Graves and said his friendship means a lot to him. 

On last week's 205 Live, Akira Tozawa was in action against Ariya Daivari when Neville interfered and put Tozawa in the Rings of Saturn. This was because of Neville's loss to Tozawa last week on Raw. Shifting back to tonight, Titus O'Neil talked to Apollo Crews and Tozawa backstage. O'Neil told Crews not to worry about Braun Strowman kicking his head off two weeks ago because Strowman has done that to plenty of people. O'Neil gave Tozawa a pep talk, but Daivari walked in. Daivari ripped Tozawa for begging for rematches and in Iran, they hold wrestlers like Hassan Yazdani to a much higher standard. Daivari challenged Tozawa to a match tonight. 

Mustafa Ali and Jack Gallagher defeated Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak (2:17) 

Drew Gulak walked out carrying a "No Fly Zone" sign, which has to be a rib on Rip Rogers. They showed another angle from 205 Live where Brian Kendrick started dressing up like Jack Gallagher and called him a phony and a third-rate William Regal. In this match, Gallagher gave Kendrick a head butt. Mustafa Ali went right to the top rope for an inverted 450 and the pin. Crowd was silent. 

Enzo Amore came out and said for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. He said there isn't a man in this business who can elicit a reaciton over the microphone like him, and he does it knowing full well the reprecussions of his every word and his every action. If he says it, then he owns it and sometimes the losses outweighs his assets, which is fine. Amore says you're going to win some and lose some, but you always have to fight for what you believe in. Amore said there was a time when Big Cass believed what he fought for. For five years, Amore allowed Cass to pick him up and toss him at opponents because he wanted to win. Amore said when Cass threw him at opponents, Cass was left standing at 7-foot tall, which didn't win them any championships. Amore said when Cass threw him 14-feet to the floor, it was going to hurt him. Last week, Cass said at Great Balls of Fire he threw Amore out of the ring and threw him out of his life. Amore said Cass didn't throw him out of his life because if he gets knocked down nine times, he's getting up ten. Enzo said Cass threw 14 feet, and it took everything he took to get back in the ring, but he did and made Cass finish that fight like he's always have. Enzo showed the highlight from last week where Cass had a showdown with the Big Show. 

Enzo said Cass had one foot and 100 pounds on him and Enzo didn't care. Last week, Cass couldn't look Show in the eye and when push came to shove, Cass folded like a lawnchair. Enzo would have at least buzzed around Show's ankles. Enzo said there was only one word to describe Cass, but Cass walked out before he could spell it out for him. Cass walked over to the commentator's table and told Graves if it wasn't for him none of this would have happened. Cass said Enzo always runs his mouth and he was going to come down to the ring and beat some sense into him. Cass got in the ring, but Enzo rolled out. Enzo went to the crowd, brought over a fan with an Enzo wig on and said he was going to watch Cass have to face something he didn't want to face. Show came out, but Cass stood his ground this time. As Show was bout to get in the ring, Cass kneed him in the leg, but Show recovered and threw him into the barricade three times. Cass fought back with several punches, but Show threw Cass into the LED apron and slammed him on the floor. Show choked Cass and chopped him across the chest. On the apron, Cass backed Show into the post twice, then threw him into the ring. Cass threw a few punches from the mount, then kicked Show in the ribs twice. Show had blood trickeling across the bridge of his nose. Enzo ran in the ring, but Cass gave him a big boot with no effort at all. Cass was left standing and getting booed. 

Reigns was interviewed by Caruso. She said Joe has beaten Reigns twice and tonight the stakes are higher. Reigns said when the stakes are high, that's when he's at his best. He said he would beat Joe tonight and this was his yard now. 

Rollins and Ambrose were recovering from their beating earlier and bickered with each other. Angle walked in and said Ambrose and Rollins could face any two members of the Miztourage next week. Ambrose said he wantd to face all three of them in a handicap match, and Angle agreed. 

Elias Samson was in the ring for another prematch song. Samson said he had a long history with Nashville. He played in the War Memorial a few times. Crowd chanted "We want Balor." Samson said he wanted Balor too, and he was going to get him soon enough. Samson dedicated a song to a town filled with lust, greed, ugliness and lies. Samson said the people in Nashville was awful and the town couldn't be much worse. Balor came out. 

Finn Balor defeated Elias Samson by DQ (5:04) 

Balor was outside the ring when he delivered a dropkick to Samson. He was about to hit another when Samson picked up his guitar and wallopped Balor across his shoulder for the DQ. It was such a great highlight they showed about six replays. Balor had blood coming from the back of his head and the ringside doctor had to attend to him. A few ringside fans chanted "one more time" at Samson, but he got booed pretty heavily as he walked up the ramp.

As Balor limped to the back, Bray Wyatt showed up on the TitanTron and said he bet Balor wasn't expecting that. Wyatt said Balor felt pain, and that's what real people do, they have feelings. Wyatt lives for that look of pain and suffering. It ignites the fire in his soul. Wyatt feels the need to put Balor in pain and agony. Wyatt said he feels the need to put Balor in pain. Balor said he's the product of Irish mythology, but he's no myth. Wyatt said he's real, he's the worst nightmare Balor has ever had. Wyatt said the best part was he's going to enjoy every minute of it.

Angle was on the phone with someone and said he was anxious but ready to make his admission tonight. Bayley and Banks walked in. They had a disagreement over who should get the Raw Women's title shot at Bliss. Bayley said she had beaten Bliss twice in two weeks. But Banks said she beat Bliss by countout at Great Balls of Fire. Angle said Bayley would face Banks next week on Raw and the winner gets the Raw Women's title shot at Bliss. 

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson did an interview with Caruso about why they attacked Matt and Jeff Hardy last week. Dawson said they didn't care about the Hardys or their legacy, but after tonight they would remember the Revival. 

Ariya Daivari defeated Akira Tozawa via corner stoppage (2:55) 

Before the bell, they aired a graphic highlighting Yazdani as an Olympic gold medalist from the 2016 Summer games who captured the 74 kilogram championship. The story of the match was Tozawa's left arm was still banged up after Neville put him in the Rings of Saturn last week on 205 Live. Daivari worked over the shoulder, but Tozawa refused to quit. O'Neil then ordered the referee to stop the match and Daivari was declared the winner. Daivari taunted the crowd after the match. Tozawa was furious with O'Neil and walked out on him saying he never quits. 

Angle came out for the big revelation. He started by apologizing to the WWE Universe for being a distraction over the past few months. As a child, he learned that every action has a consequence. But recently he learned an action from his past has a serious consequences becasue it changed his life. Crowd chanted "What" at him. He was afraid because it affected his family, but his family and the WWE supported him. When he was in college at Clarion Universtiy, he dated a young lady for awhile. Then they stopped dating. It wasn't until recently that he learned that she gave birth nine months after their last date to a baby boy. Angle was unaware of the pregnancy or the birth. The baby boy was put up for a closed adoption. He was adopted by two loving parents who taught him American values. Angle said the young man was a three-sport athlete in high school, a great student and was even drafted to play professional baseball. But he chose to go to college to excel in wrestling, which he did. 

After college, he had many options but he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a WWE superstar. Angle said he's glad he did that. Angle introduced the newest member of Raw, his son Jason Jordan. Angle teared up as Jordan came out to the American Alpha music. As Jordan got in the ring, Angle was in tears. The two hugged. Crowd had a lukewarm response as they didn't really buy this and it really felt like much ado about nothing. 

The Revival defeated The Hardy Boyz (13:21) 

Excellent match designed to get over the Revival as the modern day Ole and Arn Anderson, which was a comparison that Booker T made several times. Dash and Dawson tagged in and out working over Matt's left leg. Matt backdropped Wilder to tag Jeff, who hit the Whisper in the Wind on Dawson. Jeff went to the top rope for the Senton Bomb, but Wilder crotched him. Dawson pinned Jeff and the Revival celebrated like it was the biggest win of their careers. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows watched from the back. Matt made more facial expressions like his Broken character and the crowd chanted "Brother Nero" at Jeff. Crowd was hot as Matt built up the hot tag and it was a stellar presentation. 

Caruso interviewed Joe, who said he had no qualms about facing Reigns. Joe said he showed the world he didn't fear Brock Lesnar. Joe said Reigns has made a mistake to thinking he's just an obstacle in front of Lesnar. Joe said he's beaten Reigns twice and tonight the third time would be the charm. 

They honored Special Olympian Norris Peterson, who was at ringside. 

Backstage, Tozawa had an icepack on his shoulder. O'Neil explained to Tozawa why he stopped the match with Daivari. O'Neil said he knew that Tozawa wasn't going to quit. He wanted Tozawa to think about next week, next month or next year. O'Neil said if Daivari permanently injured Tozawa, it would ruin Tozawa's chances of winning the Cruiserweight championship. Tozawa said he wanted to face Daivari tomorrow night on 205 Live. O'Neil didn't want that. 

Next week, Balor faces Samson in a no-DQ match. 

Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns fought to a no contest (19:27) 

This match had a big match atmosphere from the fans, who were into this match more than anything else on the show by a mile. The big spot was Reigns going for a drive-by, but Joe gave him a clothesline to send Reigns bouncing off the apron. Earlier, Reigns hit a Yakuza kick on Joe that had Kawada-style stiffness. Lots of dueling chants. 

The final sequence was Joe attempting an Uranage, but Reigns escaped and hit a Superman punch for a two count. Then Braun Strowman came out and pulled Joe out of the ring. Reigns looked stunned that Strowman would show up after he was carried away in an ambulance eight days earlier at Great Balls of Fire. Strowman started to get in the ring, but Reigns hit an uppercut on Strowman and they brawled to the floor. Strowman threw Reigns from the floor to the ring. Joe looked pissed that Strowman interrupted the match and fought with him, but Strowman laid out Joe with a short-armed clothesline. The match simply ended. 

Strowman went back to work on Reigns choking him in the corner. Reigns gave Strowman a kick, then Joe held Strowman in a Coquina Clutch. As joe grabbed him, Reigns gave Strowman a Superman punch. Strowman went down on two knees as the crowd chanted "This is awesome." Regins went for another Superman punch on Strowman, who caught Reigns and gave him a spinebuster. Strowman gave Joe the Oklahoma Stampede, then did the same thing to Reigns. Strowman started to leave, then turned around and went after Reigns again. Six security guards ran out trying to stop Strowman, who held an unconscious Reigns in his hand. Strowman gave Reigns another Oklahoma Stampede and bolted as Reigns and Joe were left writhing in pain in the ring.