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WWE Raw live results: McIntyre & Strowman vs. T-Bar & Mace

Date: April 26, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center in Tampa, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Braun Strowman pinned Drew McIntyre and as a result, Bobby Lashley will defend his WWE title against both men at Backlash in a triple threat. Randy Orton and Riddle teamed up and picked up a win, and Charlotte Flair’s suspension is already over. 

For the third straight week, AJ Styles and Omos were not on the show.  

Also, Raw went almost an hour without any wrestling during the middle portion of the show.

Show Recap -- 

T-Bar and Mace did a pre-match promo making it clear they were not affiliated with anyone. They’re only interested in extinction. (They aren’t wearing masks but are still going by “Mace” and “T-Bar.”) 

Braun Strowman confronted Drew McIntyre in Gorilla position asking where his thank you was for saving him last week. McIntyre said he didn’t ask for any help. Strowman called him “kid” which offended him. Strowman said he could beat both guys alone. 

Braun Strowman defeated Mace & T-Bar via DQ (2:55)

This was supposed to be a tag match but Strowman entered and demanded they start the match without McIntyre. Strowman fought off both guys as long for as he could but they double-teamed him in the corner which led to a disqualification (because one guy wasn’t legal). 

McIntyre ran out to make the save and they cleared the ring. McIntyre sarcastically asked for a thank you and Strowman called him a funny guy. 

Mace & T-Bar defeated Braun Strowman & Drew McIntyre via countout 

Strowman made a hot tag but his offense was cut off quickly after he sent himself shoulder-first into the post. McIntyre tagged himself in and gave T-Bar a Future Shock DDT but Mace broke up the cover. Strowman charged around the ring but T-Bar ducked a McIntyre clothesline and McIntyre knocked down Strowman by mistake. 

T-Bar slipped in the ring before a ten count and his team won by countout. McIntyre just barely missed getting back in the ring on time. A weak win to say the least. (The match started during a break. The TV portion went about five minutes.) 

Strowman laid out McIntyre with a powerslam afterwards. (McIntyre got to his feet by the time Strowman got to the ramp.)  

(I think Adnan Virk was told to increase his excitement level by 200% because he was freaking out when Strowman ran around the ring and when he did the powerslam.) 

McIntyre approached Adam Pearce in his office. He wanted a match with Strowman tonight. Pearce accepted. 


John Morrison was back with Miz. They were joined by Elias and Jaxson Ryker. Miz plugged his feature on the Network and his reality show before once again taking credit for Bad Bunny’s success. 

Miz said the four of them had a concert for us. The four men (including Ryker) performed very poorly until the lights went out and Damian Priest interrupted. Priest said he wanted to witness this in person, just like he was able to witness Bad Bunny beat the Miz at WrestleMania. 

Priest had a surprise for them. The New Day entered. Xavier Woods carried an instrument box to the ring, but there was no instrument inside. Instead, it was filled with “rotten” tomatoes. 

Priest, Woods and Kofi Kingston chucked the tomatoes at the heels who took bumps for the tomatoes instead of simply leaving the ring. They had to sell this like they were getting doused with a hose filled with beer. 

6-man tag match: Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods & Damian Priest defeated The Miz, Elias & Jaxson Ryker (w/John Morrison) (16:48) 

The good guys were in control until Elias pulled Kingston down from the top rope to the outside. Miz booted him and they went to break. Back from break, Miz distracted the referee so that Morrison could rub a tomato in Kingston’s face (which is only fair). 

They worked over Kingston for a long time until he ducked an It Kick and hit an SOS. Priest made the hot tag and used a series of kicks on Ryker before taking down Elias with a clothesline for two. Priest hit a spinning kick off the top but Miz broke up the cover. Priest gave him a Broken Arrow before tagging in Woods. 

Woods came off the top but was immediately knocked down with a jumping knee by Elias for a nearfall. Woods and Priest held Ryker as Kingston nailed Ryker with a missile dropkick. Priest wiped out Miz and Morrison with a dive and Kingston yanked Elias out of the ring (returning the favour from earlier). Woods then rolled up Ryker for the pinfall win. 

Sonya Deville was shown walking through the arena. She held a door open and Charlotte Flair entered. The announcers acknowledged that Charlotte had been suspended. (Charlotte and Deville walked as slowly as possible for the camera, which looked completely unnatural.) 

[Second hour] 

Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair segment 

Deville introduced Charlotte Flair, as well as Eddie Orengo, the WWE referee that Charlotte attacked last week. They showed a replay of what happened. Deville thought Pearce’s punishment was a bit harsh. 

Charlotte said she wanted to sincerely apologize to WWE management, the fans, and to Orengo for her childish ways. She said instinct took over last week. Charlotte apologized for “manhandling” Orengo. He accepted the apology. He said he didn’t see Rhea Ripley’s interference and said Charlotte would have won the match if not for him. 

Deville lifted Charlotte’s suspension. She announced that Charlotte would compete tonight and Orengo would be the referee. 

Charlotte wanted an apology from Orengo because he admitted it was his mistake. He hesitated but did apologize. Charlotte said, “good boy.” He held the ropes open for her so that she could exit the ring. Charlotte and Deville left together. 

Pearce was waiting for them in Gorilla. He was annoyed and asked Deville when the hell she planned on telling him about this. She said she was sorry. He didn’t accept the apology because he didn’t believe her. 

After a break, Pearce was on the phone with someone complaining about Deville until he was interrupted by Strowman. Strowman was fine with wrestling McIntyre and loudly reminded Pearce that Randy Orton was the one who got pinned in their number one contender’s match. 

Strowman said he wanted to be added to the WWE title match at “WrestleMania Backlash” if he beat McIntyre tonight. Strowman mockingly asked if Pearce had to check with Deville first to make it official. Pearce agreed to the stip. If Strowman wins tonight, it’ll be a triple threat match at Backlash. 

Sheamus segment 

Sheamus (in street clothes) entered for his open challenge. He said he attacked Humberto Carrillo before a match could start last week because Carrillo didn’t belong in the ring with him. He asked who wanted to be next, while also making it clear that the US title was not on the line. 

Carrillo entered. Sheamus mocked him before hitting him with a cheap shot. Sheamus turned his back on Carrillo who attacked Sheamus and sent him out of the ring. Carrillo dropkicked Sheamus off the apron twice before nailing a suicide dive. An angry Carrillo marched to the back. Sheamus was pissed and chucked aside a leather chair. 

Kevin Patrick approached Bobby Lashley and MVP in the back. He asked about Strowman. MVP blew him off. MVP said he had a scoop but wouldn’t tell Patrick what it was. They left. 

They plugged the next A&E biography which will be on Randy Savage. 

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Ripley. Ripley didn’t believe any apology from Charlotte but was happy to know she got fined $100,000. Ripley knew her path would cross with Charlotte again one day but she was focused on her match tonight. 

Time for another talking segment. 

Bobby Lashley & MVP segment 

Lashley said he did exactly what he said he was going to do: walk in and out of WrestleMania as champion. He made McIntyre pass out, held his belt high, and commanded respect from the fans that were in attendance for the first time in over a year. He tossed McIntyre aside, but McIntyre was like a piece of gum stuck to his shoe. He planned on beating McIntyre again. 

Lashley noted that the match could suddenly become a triple threat. MVP couldn’t understand why the company would treat their champion that way. MVP said any decision involving Lashley should go through the champ first. Lashley called the decision disrespectful. 

MVP noted the ways that Lashley could lose the title without getting pinned. Lashley said he could beat both men and nobody was taking the title from him after it took him 16 years to get it. Lashley planned on walking out of Backlash as champion. Lashley was good in this segment. 

Time for more talking. Patrick interviewed Riddle in the back. He made some bad jokes before being interrupted by Randy Orton. Orton wasn’t sure what planet he was from. Riddle quickly stated that he was from earth. Orton told him not to interrupt. He said they have nothing in common and Riddle interrupted to say they were both from earth. 

Orton admitted that he underestimated Riddle last week. He also admitted that “R-K-Bro” was a catchy name. He got them a tag match tonight if Riddle wanted. Riddle was excited. He wanted them to get matching snakeskin speedos. Orton motioned for him to stop talking. Orton said tonight was just an audition. They could talk again after the match if it went well. 

Riddle acted like a child in his excitement to be tagging with Orton. 

Reginald, Nia Jax, and Shayna Baszler stood shoulder-to-shoulder-to-shoulder in the back for another talking segment. Baszler didn’t want any more distractions tonight. Baszler left. 

Some guy handed Jax a bouquet of flowers. She thought it was sweet and thanked Reginald, but Reginald didn’t buy them. Angel Garza entered the frame. He wished her luck tonight and kissed her hand. Jax was flattered. As she and Reginald walked through the back, she clobbered Mandy Rose with the flowers and called her a bitch. Rose and Dana Brooke just stood there. 

MVP approached Strowman in the back. Strowman said if Lashley had something to say to him, he should say it to his face. Strowman said after he beats McIntyre tonight, there was nothing that could stop him from becoming champion at “WrestleMania Backlash.” 

Randy Orton & Riddle defeated Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin (5:31) 

The first match of the second hour started at 9:47pm. It’s been 54 minutes since the previous match ended. 

Alexander and Benjamin worked over Riddle for a few minutes until Riddle hit a knee strike and tagged Orton. Orton gave Benjamin a powerslam. As he set up for an RKO, Riddle warned him about Alexander who was on the top rope, so Orton gave Alexander an RKO. 

As Orton set up Benjamin for a draping DDT, Riddle excitedly asked for a tag. Orton tagged him before hitting the DDT. Riddle followed with a Floating Bro for the pinfall win. 

Riddle wanted a hug from Orton but, obviously, didn’t get one. Orton left as Riddle celebrated in the ring. Orton smirked on his way up the ramp. Corey Graves thought for sure Orton would give Riddle an RKO at some point but that didn’t happen. 

We’ll see how long this lasts, but I do like this duo. 

[Third hour] 

6-woman tag match: Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley & Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (w/Reginald) defeated Asuka, Naomi & Lana (11:33) 

Asuka was down for a moment so Ripley tagged herself in but Asuka quickly responded with a knee strike. Naomi and Lana each tagged in to team up on Ripley. Lana used a rollup for two but Ripley cut her off with a headbutt and followed with a vertical suplex. 

As Ripley worked over Lana, Rose and Brooke sauntered out. Baszler marched toward them but they chucked a bucket of water at her. Jax attempted to go after them but she slipped and fell on the water. Jax rolled around on the mats as Reginald tried helping her up. Commercial break. 

Baszler worked over Lana until Lana tagged in Asuka who hit Baszler with a running hip attack and kicks. Baszler came right back with a knee to the face. Jax followed with a scoop slam and elbow drop for two. Jax hit a Samoan drop but Asuka came back with strikes before tagging in Naomi. 

Naomi used a disaster kick but Baszler broke up a cover. Reginald distracted Naomi allowing Jax to attack her. Ripley tagged in and slammed Naomi. Asuka broke up a cover but Ripley managed to get rid of her. Ripley gave Naomi the Riptide but Lana had made a blind tag. 

Lana hit a flying crossbody for two. She also got a two on a crucifix pin but Ripley gave her a Riptide. Instead of going for the cover, Ripley tagged in Jax who gave Lana a leg drop for the pinfall win. The three champions posed with their belts. 

In the back, Rose and Brooke bragged about their prank. Deville approached them and called them unprofessional. Deville wasn’t surprised by Rose’s actions considering her laughable taste. Deville said Rose would be Charlotte’s opponent tonight. (This was basically meant as punishment like Teddy Long forcing people to wrestle the Undertaker.) 

Alexa’s Playground 

Bliss had a video played that was meant to be serene and peaceful. She spoke softly over the video when Lilly the doll suddenly popped and screamed for the purpose of a jump scare. (It didn’t work on me because I wasn’t really paying attention.) Bliss laughed and said Lilly made her do it. She giggled and swung on her swing set. 

Charlotte Flair defeated Mandy Rose (w/Dana Brooke) (4:19) 

Corey Graves no longer thinks Mandy Rose is god’s greatest creation because she slipped and fell at WrestleMania. 

Rose got some offense after Charlotte was distracted by Brooke. Rose whipped Charlotte into the corner and she almost collided with referee Orengo but they avoided it. Charlotte booted Rose for a two count and Charlotte admonished Orengo for a slow count. 

Rose used a schoolboy for two, followed by a knee strike for two. Charlotte came back with Natural Selection for the pinfall win. Charlotte made Orengo hold the ropes open for her again. 

McIntyre told Patrick that Strowman was not going to screw things up for him. Tonight was ending with a Claymore. 

Braun Strowman defeated Drew McIntyre (13:19) 

Strowman was going to do the thing where he runs around the ring about two minutes into the match but Lashley’s music hit so he stopped for some reason. They went to break as Lashley and MVP entered the stage while Strowman and McIntyre looked on. 

Strowman was in control but McIntyre fought back and hit an impressive overhead belly-to-belly suplex. McIntyre followed with a neckbreaker for two. He went for a Claymore but Strowman caught him and hit a powerbomb for two. McIntyre headbutted Strowman and hit a spinebuster for two. 

They battled on the ropes until Strowman hit a superplex for a nearfall. Strowman grabbed McIntyre by the head and I’m pretty sure he yelled, “I’m a monster!” before clubbing him on the chest. 

Strowman set up for a powerslam but Lashley distracted the referee and MVP pulled McIntyre off of Strowman’s shoulders. McIntyre followed with a Future Shock DDT. 

McIntyre set up for a Claymore kick but had to fend off T-Bar and Mace. The distraction allowed Strowman to hit a powerslam for the pinfall win. 

So it’s Lashley vs. McIntyre vs. Strowman at Backlash. 

(This was the second time they’ve done this stip with Strowman in the past two months. He fought Lashley in February for a chance to be added to Lashley’s title match against the Miz, but he lost that one.)