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WWE Raw live results: The Miz vs. Roman Reigns

The Big Takeaway: A Shield reunion looks imminent. Cesaro and Sheamus interfered during Roman Reigns' Intercontinental Championship match with the Miz, which ended in a DQ. It led to Sheamus, Cesaro and Miz doing the old Shield pose over Reigns. Earlier, Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel walked down the steps of the arena for a ring entrance directly ripped off from the Shield. At the end of the show, Ambrose and Rollins walked in beside Reigns and nodded their heads at them, not saying a word. Kalisto has officially joined the cruiserweight division and took out Enzo Amore in the main event. Bray Wyatt teased a persona similar to Finn Balor's Demon King. Wyatt's version looks like it will be based on Sister Abigail. The first match announced for the TLC PPV is Alexa Bliss defending the Raw Women's Championship against Mickie James.  

Show Recap: 

The show opened with a moment of silence with the entire roster out on the ramp, including Vince and Shane McMahon, in memory of the Las Vegas. 

Braun Strowman defeated Seth Rollins (10:27) 

Strowman won when he blocked Rollins rainmaker knee strike and hit a chokeslam, followed by the running powerslam. Rollins went for a tope early, but Strowman blocked it with a right hand. Interesting that the announcers (Tom Phillips in for Michael Cole tonight) never made the connection about Strowman using the Big Show's trademark punch. Rollins made the comeback with a tope and a superkick. 

Postmatch, Strowman laid out Rollins with another powerslam. He started to leave but walked back in. Ambrose ran down and kicked the ropes into Strowman's groin, but Strowman recovered to give Ambrose a choke slam, and then another. Strowman also took out Ambrose with a running powerslam. Then the Bar, Cesaro and Sheamus, came down in matching white tank tops. Cesaro gave Ambrose the Gotch Neutralizer and Sheamus delivered the Brogue Kick to Rollins. 

James walked around backstage when she walked up on Alicia Fox, who was chuckling over what Bliss told James last week. James walked away and found Emma, who told James that even at James' age she had a secret admirer who left a present for her in her dressing room. James walked in to find a walker and a package of Depend Super Plus. Fox was holding back laughter and James stormed past her and pounded on Bliss' dressing room door. Nia Jax was inside with Bliss and told James that Bliss wasn't interesting in facing her tonight. Bliss said James was off her rocker, but Jax didn't have a match scheduled. James accepted Jax's challenge for later tonight. 

Bray Wyatt popped up on the TitanTron and said his mother once told him that he should put away his bow and arrow for killing and just use his hands. He repeated over and over "she would never lie to me" before he finished. 

Elias was in the ring and said he would rather ground himself a mile below the ocean than live in the Mile High City. He strummed a song to the tune of Alice in Chains' "Nutshell" running down Denver before Titus O'Neil came out. 

Elias defeated Titus O'Neil (3:00)

Elias won with drift away. O'Neil knocked Elias out of the ring. Elias started jawing with Apollo Crews, who didn't interfere. Elias punched Crews and dared him to punch back, but the referee was looking at him so Crews didn't because he didn't want to get O'Neil disqualified. Elias snapped O'Neil's neck off the ropes before the finish. 

Another Asuka vignette aired which quotes Sun Tzu from "The Art of War." She's now referred to as the Empress of Tomorrow and will debut at Tables, Ladders and Chairs on October 22nd. 

Mickie James defeated Nia Jax by DQ (9:38) 

James hit Jax with a tornado DDT when Bliss ran in to jump James for the DQ. Postmatch, Bliss threw James out of the ring, but James laid out Bliss with a slap and the Mick Kick. The match was mainly Jax clamping on bearhugs and her usual monster spots. Announcers played it up like James was on the verge of upsetting Jax with the DDT before Bliss ran in. 

Amore did an interview with Renee Young. Young said the entire cruiserweight division came out in protest of Enzo being the cruiserweight champion. She asked about his reaction to that. Enzo just stood there with a stunned expression on his face and said nothing. 

James did an interview with Charly Caruso saying she would love to represent the WWE Universe as the new Raw Women's Champion. Kurt Angle showed up and told James she would get a Raw Women's Championship shot against Bliss at TLC. James said "It's true! It's dame true!"

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeated Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan (11:01) 

Karl Anderson pinned Matt Hardy after the magic killer. Anderson threw Jason Jordan into the dasherboards outside the ring. Matt Hardy tried the twist of fate on Luke Gallows, but Anderson distracted Hardy, leading to Gallows pushing Hardy into the corner and Gallows delivering a running splash. Good match with Hardy getting the final hot tag and delivering a side effect on Anderson. Jordan didn't get booed as much and fans seem more accepting of him when he teams with Matt. Phillips mentioned Jeff Hardy undergoing surgery tomorrow. 

Reigns was backstage when Caruso asked him about Rollins and Ambrose getting jumped by Sheamus and Cesaro. Reigns said he wasn't surprised by Sheamus and Cesaro going after them because Ambrose and Rollins had taken the Raw Tag Team Championships from them. He said Ambrose and Rollins were probably thinking of a plan to go after Sheamus and Cesaro next week. As for his match tonight against Miz, he said he doesn't believe in long-range strategies, he just wants to leave Denver as the Intercontinental Champion. 

Dana Warrior was in the ring with Jax, Fox, Bliss, Bayley, James, Emma, Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke. Warrior introduced three breast cancer survivors and paid tribute to them for always believing. She unveiled three WWE Championship belts as the Ultimate Warrior's music played. The three honorees joined Warrior in shaking the ropes like Warrior used to do during his ring entrance. 

The Miztourage made its ring entrance by walking down the steps in front of the fans, just like the Shield used to do. As Jojo was introducing Miz, Reigns jumped Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, giving both men a Superman punch. Axel backed away through the crowd, but Reigns attacked him with a chair on the ramp. Dallas triedto make the save, but he was laid out with chair shots to the back. So Miz had to face Reigns by himself with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. 

Roman Reigns defeated Intercontinental Champion The Miz by DQ, so the Miz retained the Intercontinental Championship (10:40) 

Reigns hit his second Superman punch when Cesaro and Sheamus ran out and jumped Reigns, dragging him out of the ring and putting the boots to him. It was a good match where they teased a countout finish early when Miz dumped Reigns into the timekeeper's table and Reigns got back in the ring at nine. Reigns hit a Superman punch, but Miz kicked out. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale, but Reigns kicked out. 

Postmatch, Cesaro gave Reigns the Gotch Neutralizer. Then Sheamus delivered the Brogue Kick on Reigns. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale as the crowd chanted for the Shield. Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro started to leave, but Miz told Cesaro and Sheamus the fans wanted the Shield. So Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro entered the ring like the old Shield and gave each other the fist salute just like the Shield once did. Phillips all but said that the Shield would reunite at TLC, though Corey Graves said there was no chance of it happening now. 

Finn Balor came out for an interview. He said he doesn't like to come out and talk, he likes to fight. But Wyatt likes to play mind game. He said if Wyatt really had the whole world in his hands, he wouldn't know what to do with it. He said he sees Wyatt for what he really is, a coward. Balor said Wyatt lost to the Demon at Summerslam, he lost to the man at No Mercy. Wyatt can make as many excuses as he wants, but he's afraid. Despite all the games that Wyatt plays, he can't beat Balor. If Wyatt thinks otherwise, Balor challenged him to come out. 

Wyatt showed up on the TitanTron in a rocking chair repeating "She never lied to me." But he said Balor did. Wyatt said Balor claimed he was just a man, but at No Mercy Balor was a little more. Wyatt challenged Balor to bring back his demon persona. Wyatt said that Abigail is alive and she is dying to meet Balor. Wyatt face turned into its own persona, but with Wyatt's long hair obstructing his face, it was hard to see exactly what it looked it. Wyatt laughed in sinister fashion, and then a female's laugh could be heard, as well, as Wyatt vanished off the screen. So now Wyatt is getting his own Demon King persona, and it appears it will be some sort of offshoot of Sister Abigail. 

Bayley and Sasha Banks defeated Emma and Alicia Fox (10:54) 

Bayley pinned Fox with a Bayley-to-belly suplex when Fox reached for a tag, but Emma walked out on her. Earlier, Banks had thrown Fox into Emma to set up the hot tag. Match dragged but spiced up when Bayley got in late. The gimmick seems to be that Emma is going through tag team partners in an effort to beat Bayley and Banks while proclaiming herself the innovator of the Women's Revolution. 

Enzo came out limping heavily. He said the entire cruiserweight division can go to hell, and anyone who agree with the sentiment that the cruiserweight division shares can go to hell. They could use his certified GPS to help get them there, the same Certified GPS he used to put 205 Live on the map. Enzo said he made 205 relevant and the main event of Raw two weeks in a row. He said the same cruiserweight division is in the main event that the people called the snoozerweight division. Then came a odd statement. Enzo said last week, when the cruiserweights left him laying like a pancake, Enzo heard the fans say "you deserve it." Enzo held up the cruiserweight championship and said you damn right he deserves it. Fans were supposed to boo that line, but it got mostly cheers. 

Enzo said anyone who said "talk is cheap" never booked Enzo Amore for an event. Enzo said he put more butts in seats than Lazy Boy, but he's hurting. His back is hurt from carrying the cruiserweight division on his back. Enzo didn't have to wait in line for the cruiserweight championship because he stepped over the line. Enzo brought up his no contact clause in his contract, then brought up another agreement he reached with Angle saying anyone who made contact with him tonight would not only forfeit a title shot against him, they would get fired.

Neville came out with Akira Tozawa, Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander, T.J. Perkins and Mustafa Ali. Then Tony Nese, Noam Dar, Jack Gallagher, Rich Swann, Brian Kendrick, Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak came out from the side entrance. They all surrounded the ring one-by-one while Enzo rubbed his contract with Angle in their face. Enzo ran down each of them one-by-one, including telling Gallagher he dressed like a 1920s paperboy, telling Perkins that he had more hair on his chest than Perkins had on his face, so before he steps in the ring make sure he presents an ID because Enzo didn't want to assault a minor. 

Finally Angle came out. He admitted that based on what happened last week, none of the cruiserweights can challenge him for the cruiserweight championship. Based on their conversation today, none of the cruiserweights can touch him or they will be fired. None of this applies to the newest member of the cruiserweight division he just signed. It was Kalisto, who had a new mask looking like Konnan's little brother. Crowd was expecting something big, especially since Drew Galloway was at ringside (though he was never identified by the announcers) and seemed let down by Kalisto, who laid out Enzo with Salina Del Sol. 

Backstage, Reigns was hurting from the beating earlier. Ambrose walked up beside him. Reigns gradually stood up. Then Rollins walked in and the place went crazy. Ambrose and Rollins both nooded, and Reigns did too. Then Ambrose and Rollins walked away.