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WWE Raw live results: Randy Orton responds to Edge

Date: March 23, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL

Show Recap -- 

The show began with a Brock Lesnar/Drew McIntyre video package, the same one that aired a week or two ago where Paul Heyman claimed no one has dominated for as long as Lesnar. 

Heyman and Lesnar stood in the ring. The camera faced the stage like it did on AEW Dynamite. That also means you can sometimes see the announcers, who are still positioned near the stage. They’ve also curtained off the empty seats. 

Heyman said McIntyre can train as much as he wants in as many different ways as he wants, but he still cannot defeat Lesnar. Heyman used the line that WrestleMania would be unique because it was “too big for one night.” 

Heyman said that Lesnar would make it quick at WrestleMania but it would not be painless. Heyman called McIntyre a main eventer who was a made man after everything he has done to Lesnar already, but at WrestleMania, he would be made a bitch like everyone else. 

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are tonight’s announcers. No Jerry Lawler. 

They aired Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins from Royal Rumble 2015. It was somewhat striking to see how much the crowd cheered for Lesnar. This took up approximately 35-37 minutes of TV time. 

They showed clips of Rob Gronkowski’s appearance on smackdown. 

Earlier in the show, they aired clips of AJ Styles’ various promos on Undertaker. They proceeded to air a long video package here repeating all of the same stuff. 

[Second hour] 

AJ Styles promo 

Styles and the OC stood on the stage. Styles let us know that WrestleMania was too big for one night (as Phillips has multiple times already, in addition to Heyman earlier). 

Styles didn’t care if their match was on Saturday or Sunday but it would probably depend on when Michelle McCool lets Taker out of the house. Styles poked fun at Taker’s pants, which Luke Gallows said were maternity pants. 

Styles then showed a McCool and Taker save the tigers video. Styles asked, “who is this man?” and questioned whether he was still the same man since losing at WrestleMania 30. Styles claimed McCool has already taken Taker's soul before he got the chance. Styles didn’t want the Mark Calaway who was posting selfies on Instagram, he wanted the Taker of yesteryear. 

Styles promised the WWE Universe that we would get the return of the Dead Man. He challenged Taker to a “boneyard” match. Styles had the perfect place picked out and it would be the same plot of land that McCool picked out for when she buried Taker’s career. 

The Street Profits will defend the tag titles against Andrade and Angel Garza at WrestleMania. 

Charly Caruso interviewed Zelina Vega, Andrade and Garza. Caruso still appears to have a thing for Garza. Vega called them the most charismatic team in WWE and Andrade would soon be the most decorated champion. Andrade said the Street Profits may want the smoke, but they want the titles. Garza told Caruso that he knew exactly what he wanted. He winked at her before leaving. 

SmackDown will feature a new episode of the Firefly Fun House. New Day faces the Usos with the winners facing Miz and John Morrison for the titles at Mania. 

US Champion Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) defeated Ricochet & Cedric Alexander (20:10) 

Ricochet shaved his beard. He and Cedric both wore red tights. Andrade and Garza tried attacking Ricochet during his entrance but he wiped them out with a springboard crossbody. 

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins entered to their music two minutes into the match and joined commentary ahead of a commercial break. I guess Asuka was put on commentary last week to help make some noise and the Street Profits did the same here, especially when the babyfaces were on offense. Andrade chopping people also made a lot of noise. 

Andrade picked up the win after a back elbow strike on Alexander. The referee stopped counting after two, perhaps thinking Alexander would kick out or Ricochet would make the save, but nothing happened, so he counted the three. 

The Street Profits brawled with Andrade and Garza briefly after the match until the heels bailed. 

I could be wrong, but the Street Profits seemed to reference things they were being told to say on commentary in their headsets, or at least how to react. Dawkins mentioned something about being told to “wake up.” 

They aired a clip of Kofi Kingston defeating Daniel Bryan to win the WWE title last year. 

Tag Team Champions The Street Profits defeated Shane Thorne & Brendan Vink in a non-title match (4:10) 

Dawkins gave Thorne a spinebuster and Ford followed with a frog splash for the pinfall win. 

Video aired of R-Truth winning the 24/7 title from Riddick Moss as he jogged through his neighbourhood. 

On NXT this week, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa have to answer to Triple H. 

[Third hour] 

The announcers ran down the Mania card which now includes Elias vs. Baron Corbin and Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley (with Lana). 

Shayna Baszler sit-down interview 

An uncomfortable Charly Caruso interviewed Shayna Baszler in the ring (the lights were turned off except for a spotlight). Caruso asked Baszler a question and Baszler just stared her down. Caruso asked her for a response. Baszler noted that Caruso looked nervous and wondered if she thought she might bite her. 

Caruso asked another question, then Baszler said Becky Lynch should expect to lose. Baszler loved to destroy and wanted the title. When she takes the title, that will destroy Lynch. As Caruso began asking another question, Baszler was suddenly hit from behind by a chair. (The sound of the chair smacking her seriously came out of nowhere.) 

The lights turned on revealing that it was Lynch. Lynch hit her one more time before leaving as Baszler remained down in the ring. 

Aleister Black defeated Leon Ruff (1:00) 

Ruff appeared terrified and didn’t move much, so Black just sat down. Ruff implored the referee to get Black to his feet, but the ref told him “that’s not my opponent, that’s your opponent.” Ruff tried to attack but Black blocked his attempt and killed him with Black Mass for the pinfall win. Ruff sold this great. 

Kevin Owens / Seth Rollins segment 

Kevin Owens was in the ring. He wanted an answer from Seth Rollins. Rollins entered alone. He had a few questions about Owens’ comments last week. Rollins wondered why Owens thought fighting at the Performance Center gave him an advantage. Rollins knew that Owens went through the PC but wondered if Owens even knew how he got there. 

When Rollins started in WWE, there was no PC. It was built on his blood, sweat and tears. Rollins had to suffer, not for himself, but for people like Owens. Rollins rebuilt the system from the ground up and was trying to do the same thing on Raw, but Owens kept refusing to fall in line. 

Rollins claimed that the PC and NXT wouldn’t exist without him. There was no Gargano, no Ciampa, no Undisputed Era, no Takeovers, and no women’s revolution without Seth Rollins. And most importantly, without Seth Rollins, there was no Kevin Owens. 

Rollins also wondered why Owens would want to fight at WrestleMania and noted how successful he’s been at WrestleMania. Rollins also noted Owens’ failures at WrestleMania and that he wasn’t even on the show last year. Rollins was always at his best at Mania and when the pressure was on, he was a god. Rollins said Owens didn’t stand a chance. He left. 

(Owens did try to interrupt once during Rollins’ promo, but he didn’t come across well here just standing there with no response at the end.) 

Just after 10:20 pm ET, they aired another full match from the past: Charlotte Flair defeating Asuka at WrestleMania 2018. 

Caruso interviewed Charlotte backstage. Charlotte called her win over Asuka inspiring. She warned Rhea Ripley that she would make history again. (Charlotte also said she would be the first woman to win the NXT Women’s Championship. I’m pretty sure she meant the first to do it at WrestleMania.) 

Randy Orton segment 

Orton (wearing his gear) walked out onto the stage with less than seven minutes left in the show. Orton said some of his words have been misunderstood. Some of the things he has said and done have come from a place of love, but they’ve been taken as acts of brutality. Orton looked at the camera and had a message for Edge. 

Orton wanted to apologize. He lied to Beth Phoenix. He said Edge was a junkie for the roar of the crowd, but he was really a junkie for his own ego. Adam Copeland was a junkie for Edge. Edge was right that Orton didn’t have to pay his dues to get an opportunity, he was handed that opportunity. But being handed an opportunity doesn’t guarantee a Hall of Fame career. 

Orton recalled winning the Intercontinental title and World title quickly into his career. That wasn’t handed to him. Orton said Mick Foley didn’t pass them the torch. He handed Edge the torch but put Orton in a pile of thumbtacks, so he beat Foley and took that torch. 

Orton said grit wasn’t about sitting on his couch for nine years. To him, grit meant being the one constant in the locker room. Orton looks around the locker room today and doesn’t see anyone who has accomplished anything close to him. Orton said he had more grit than Edge. 

Orton wondered what Edge would have done if he was handed the same opportunities. Orton wondered if Edge would have actually said no if Triple H offered him a spot in Evolution. 

Orton said he did love Edge’s daughters and tried sending him home for them but now Edge wanted a last man standing match. Edge was writing his story, but Orton was writing the last chapter and would end it. “I accept.” 

Another great performance from Orton.