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WWE Raw live results: Reigns vs. Joe vs. Strowman

The Big Takeaway: Biggest news was Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman made a surprise appearance. Heyman accused Kurt Angle of trying to get the Universal Championship off of Lesnar by putting him in a Fatal Four-way at SummerSlam. Heyman said if Lesnar lost at SummerSlam, Lesnar would leave the WWE and he would join him. Roman Reigns pinned Samoa Joe in a three-way match that also included Braun Stromwan, which was the best match on the night. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, once again, teased a reformation of the Shield with Ambrose coming to Rollins aid after he was jumped by Cesaro and Sheamus. Later, Ambrose told Rollins he only did it because Rollins set it up to make Ambrose look like the bad guy if he hadn't have made the save. 

Kurt Angle came out in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Angle said Big Show would face Big Cass in addition to the three-way main event and MizTV. Angle said today marks the 21st anniversary of him winning a gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics with a broken neck. He thanked the fans and started to leave when Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out in an unannounced surprise. 

Heyman told Angle that he knew what Angle was doing, he saw the angle that Angle is playing. Heyman said Angle is trying to take the Universal Championship off of Lesnar, which is the reason why Angle put Lesnar in a Fatal Four-Way. He put over Strowman, Reigns and Joe. Heyman said Joe was a Samoan disgrace, then claimed that Angle wanted Joe to win because it would stick it to Lesnar. Heyman said he respets what Angle is doing because he has a Board of Directors to answer to and a demanding chairman. Heyman said all three of the challengers would gang up on Lesnar at the Four-Way, and suggested Angle rename the event "SummerSlam 2017: Brock Lesnar loses the Universal Title." Heyman said Angle has been paid to make Lesnar pay the ultimate price. So Heyman said if Lesnar loses the Universal Championship at SummerSlam, Lesnar will leave the WWE and he will go with him. That got some cheers. Heyman said Lesnar will not lose the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Heyman said at the end of the night, there would be an announcement at SummerSlam, the announcement that Lesnar was still Universal champion. 

The Hardy Boyz defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (9:06) 

Jeff Hardy pinned Luke Gallows after the Swanton after Matt Hardy gave Gallows a Twist of Fate. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were on commentary putting themselves over as being undefeated on Raw. Karl Anderson and Gallows attempted the Magic Killer on Matt, but Jeff broke it up with a dropkick on Anderson. Jeff did Poetry in Motion on Anderson before a commercial. 

Postmatch, the Revival started mouthing off to the Hardys. The two started brawling on the ramp. Jeff and Matt each gave Dawson a Twist of Fate. Anderson and Gallows also got involved. Anderson and Wilder were thrown off the ramp, with Anderson ribs hitting the barricade. Jeff delivered Poetry in Motion off the apron onto Wilder and Anderson. 

Dean Ambrose did an interview with Renee Young. They showed highlights of Ambrose teaming with Rollins to defeat Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel from last week. Young asked if Ambrose and Rollins were getting back together. Ambrose admitted they worked well together last week. Rollins walked in and said it felt good to work with Ambrose as a team again. Ambrose told Rollins he still didn't trust Rollins. Ambrose said he was burned by Rollins once and he wasn't going to get burned again. 

Akira Tozawa, Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander defeated Ariya Daivari, TJP and Tony Nese (8:46) 

Akira Tozawa pinned TJP with a senton bomb after Rich Swann made a blind tag after TJP kicked out of an O'Conner roll reversal. Tozawa had his left shoulder taped up. Ariya Daivari gave him an arm twist to the mat, and Titus O'Neil urged Tozawa to submit, but Tozawa refused. Tozawa and O'Neil were getting along this week. The highlight was Swann giving TJP a tumbleweed plancha while Cedric Alexander delivered a tope on Tony Nese.

On 205 Live tomorrow night, Tozawa faces Daivari with the winner facing Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship at SummerSlam. 

Next up was MizTV with Miz, Maryse, Dallas, and Axel. Miz got good heat in Pittsburgh discussing how he hates the city. Miz said no one has the WWE buzzing more than Angle and his admission that he has an illegitimate son. He introduced Jordan. Miz said Jordan's story reads like a Movie of the Week. Jordan started to answer Miz's question when Miz interrupted him. Miz asked him what Jordan felt to have some of the fans booing him. Jordan said Miz should know since plenty of people boo the Miz. Miz offered to guide Jordan's career. Miz offered Jordan a chance to join the Miztourage. Jordan said "Thanks, but I'm good." Miz said he has a lot of wisdom to share. He's main evented WrestleMania, and when yu do that you are bigger than any other person in that locker room. Miz offered to guide Jordan through the shark infested waters of the locker room politics. Jordan said he would pass. Miz said Jordan had a GM that could hand him anything he wants. Jordan said no one was handing him anything and he told Kurt he didn't want anything. Miz said Jordan was no naive. Miz told Jordan the WWE will chew him up and spit him out. Jordan said that may be true, but he would rather be chewed up and spit out than have any success being associated with someone like Miz. 

Miz said Jordan has to latch onto any Olympian every week and Angle was a washed-up old jock who got the GM job out of pity and is making bad decision after bad decision. Miz said Angle was a lot like Pittsburgh: sad, broken down and pining for glory days that are never coming back. Jordan said Miz could say what he wants about him, but if Miz said one more word about Kurt, he would make Miz regret it. Dallas and Axel started to get in Miz's face, but Miz held them back. Miz rushed at Jordan, who gave Miz an overhead belly-to-belly suplex onto Dallas and Axel. Jordan got out of the ring as Miz and the Miztourage screamed at him. 

Regins did a taped interview vignette saying he drove Strowman straight to hell once and he would be glad to send him back there tonight. Reigns said he was the only man that could beat Lesnar and he will be the guy walking out of SummerSlam as the Universal Champion. 

Seth Rollins defeated Sheamus (8:28) 

Rollins pinned Sheamus after a sunset flip as Sheamus attempted White Noise. Good match as Sheamus gave Rollins a rolling senton off the second rope. Sheamus went for ten beats of the Bodhran, but Rollins escaped, hit an enzuigir and followed with a tope. Cesaro tried to interfere at various points, but Rollins jumped off the top rope and caught him with a double axehandle just before the finish. 

Postmatch, Cesaro jumped Rollins, and Sheamus joined in for a 2-on-1. Crowd chanted for Ambrose, who didn't come out as Cesaro came off the top rope as Sheamus gave Rollins a spiked White Noise. Cesaro and Sheamus went back in the ring, but this time Ambrose ran out. Ambrose was also double-teamed, and Cesaro gave Ambrose the Gotch Neutralizer. As Cesaro and Sheamus posed, Ambrose motioned for Cesaro to bring it on for more. Cesaro started choking out Ambrose with his t-shirt and Sheamus delivered White Noise to Ambrose as both of the babyfaces were left laying. 

Wyatt came out to cut a promo on balor. He said there is no escape, not for you, not for your children and not for Balor. Wyatt said no mortal man can escape the darkness. He said people are held down by humanity's shackles doing all they can to cope with all the pain around them. He called the people in Pittsburgh pitiful. He said they try to hide their sins and be something they can never be. Wyatt said he is everywhere, when the honest man tries to justify stealing, when people try to make themselves members of the Balor Club. Wyatt said people have been infected by the sickness of hope. Wyatt said he sees Balor for what he is, a putrid shell of a man that never was. Wyatt said Balor exists off of borrowed time just like everyone else. Wyatt laughed at anyone who said that "if they fall down they will get right back up because I can do it." Wyatt asked the fans how it felt when he took Balor and twisted his body and turned him into a mangled heap of broken promises. He said when Wyatt knocks you down, there is no getting back up and there is most certainly no escape. Wyatt dropped the microphone and started to pose with the lights down. 

Then Balor's music played. Wyatt looked to the entrance, but Balor was in the ring with his back turned to Wyatt. Balor gave Wyatt an overhead kick, a baseball slide and a dropkick on the floor that sent Wyatt into the crowd. Wyatt smiled and backed away as Balor's music played. 

Roman Reigns pinned Samoa Joe in a three-way match that also included Braun Strowman (14:20) 

They brawled around ringside with Reigns landing the Superman punch on Joe on the floor. Ring steps got thrown into the ring at the 11:00 mark, and Reigns tried to whip Joe into them, but Joe put Reigns in the Coquina Clutch. Strowman ran over and bulldozed into Joe, then gave joe the Oklahoma Stampede. Strowman picked up the ring steps and was going to throw them onto Reigns, but Reigns gave Strowman a Superman punch. Reigns rammed the ring steps into Strowman, who went out of the ring. Reigns pinned Joe after a spear. Earlier, Strowman did his strongman spots where he threw Reigns into the ring from the floor. 

Enzo Amore approached Show backstage. Amore apologized for dragging Show into his mess with Cass. Show told him not to worry about it and that Cass could use a lesson in respect. 

Elias defeated Kalisto (8:15) 

Elias, no longer Elias Samson with no explanation about why he dropped the last name, defeated Kalisto in a total squash with a swinging neckbreaker, which is now called Drift Away. Kalisto didn't get a lick of offense. Before the match, Samson even admitted his hometown was Pittsburgh and he used to strum his guitar outside of PNC Park when he was young. Then he sang a song running down Pittsburgh. 

Alexa Bliss did an interview with Charly Caruso. Bliss said she was ecstatic that Bayley defeated Sasha Banks last week because she's beaten Bayley for the Raw Women's Championship and a rematch at Extreme Rules. Bliss laughed over anyone who thought that she got counted out on purpose against Banks at Great Balls of Fire. Bliss said that Banks was on a promotional tour tonight so she wouldn't be able to help Bayley tonight when Bayley faces Nia Jax. Bliss laughed about how Bayley was going to get slaughtered. 

Ambrose and Rollins talked backstage. Rollins thanked Ambrose for coming to his aid earlier. Ambrose said he didn't come out there to help Rollins. Rollins asked why did Ambrose come out. Ambrose said Rollins was Mr. Architect and put Ambrose in a position where if he didn't come out there, then Ambrose would come off as a bad guy. Ambrose warned Rollins not to put himself in a position like that ever again because next time he wasn't going to help Rollins. Ambrose said "I know, you would have done the same thing for me. The hell you would have." Ambrose walked away as Rollins looked rejected. 

Bayley defeated Nia Jax by countout (8:39) 

Jax pounded on Bayley's right shoulder, using a double chicken wing at one point. Bayley rolled out of the ring and the referee talked with her to make sure she was OK. Bayley fought back. Jax took a bump outside the ring after missing a charge. Bayley hit several punches when Bliss ran out from the crowd to jump Bayley, who saw Bliss coming and knocked her down. Jax knocked down Bayley and checked on Bliss, then charged at Bayley but ran into the steps. Bayley rolled back in the ring for the countout win. Bliss ran after Bayley, who was relegated to one arm and ran off. This was the 13th time this year that Jax and Bayley have wrestled on Raw (singles and tags) 

Big Cass did an interview with Young saying that Show talked out of his posterior a lot. He said he would turn Show into a 7-foot miscreant by the end of tonight. 

Amore came out and said Cass has done some terrible things. Amore admitted he's no angel and he's done some dirty things, but he's never eaten the brown part of a bruised banana. He would eat a banana peel before he stopped keeping it real. Amore said he's got a guy who is gonna write Cass a reality check, and he's got a guy whose gonna leave Cass black and blue in the city of black and yellow. He introduced Show. 

Big Cass defeated the Big Show by DQ (5:06) 

Show slammed Cass and controlled the first two minutes. Then Cass clipped Show and worked over his left knee. Cass gave Show the big boot and was ready for the pin when Amore jumped on Cass' back for the DQ. Cass threw Enzo off and gave him the big boot for the sixth week in a row. Cass went after Show again, but Show caught him with a knockout punch. Enzo, while still laying barely conscious, had a smile on his face as Cass was left laying. Show picked Enzo up and they left together. Crowd was pretty dead.