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WWE Raw live results: Roman Reigns makes an announcement

The Big Takeaway: Big Cass turned heel. It was revealed that he was the one who had jumped Enzo Amore earlier this month. The two times that Cass had been "jumped" were nothing more than hoaxes set up by Cass himself. Braun Strowman made his return. As Roman Reigns wrestled Samoa Joe, Strowman showed up in the back of an ambulance and burst through the back doors. That caused Reigns to get distracted, and Joe won with the Coquina Clutch. Strowman came to the ring, gave Reigns a reverse choke slam and challenged him to a Ambulance match at Great Balls of Fire. The Hardy Boyz are once again the #1 contenders to the Raw Tag Team titles after beating Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Miz has started forming his own stable with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel part of his "entourage." 

Show Recap: 

Reigns came out to mostly boos. He said he couldn't be beaten one-on-one, just ask Bray Wyatt, ask Finn Balor, ask Dean Ambrose or ask Braun Strowman, who he put out of action. He talked about retiring the Undertaker at WrestleMania, which triggered an "Undertaker" chant. Reigns said he respects the Undertaker, and the Undertaker respects him because he beat the Undertaker. So at SummerSlam, regardless of who wins between Brock Lesnar and "that guy named Joe," he's the number one contender for the Universal Championship because this is his yard and he makes the rules around here. 

Samoa Joe came out to cheers. Joe said Reigns seemed to have forgotten his name. Joe said Reigns mentioned a long list of competitors, but he didn't mention Joe because Reigns hasn't beaten him. Joe introduced himself to Reigns as the #1 contender and the next Universal Champion. Reigns said he never thought he would agree with Paul Heyman, but what Heyman said last week was true. Reigns said Samoa Joe will never be Samoa Joe to him, he'll be just Joe. 

Joe nailed Reigns with a stiff headbutt and Reigns tumbled to the floor. Joe threw Reigns into the barricade and the ring steps, threw Reigns back into the ring and tried to hit the Coquina Clutch. But Reigns blocked it and caught Joe with a Superman punch to send Joe out of the ring. 

After a commercial, they announced Kurt Angle had ordered Joe to face Reigns later tonight. 

The Hardy Boyz defeated Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (10:32) 

Good match. Jeff Hardy made the hot tag after hitting the Whisper in the Wind on both Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Jeff and Gallows fought to the floor, while Matt Hardy was distracted and nearly pinned by Karl Anderson after a schoolboy cradle. Gallows tagged in and hit the boot of doom, but Matt kicked out. Jeff made a blind tag, Matt hit Gallows with the Twist of Fate and Jeff pinned Gallows following the Swanton Bomb. 

Goldust did a promo saying Hollywood had the brightest stars and the biggest stage, it's a city where stars are made. But what about the other side, the side they don't want you to see? The side where dreams get shatteered like broken glass. Goldust says he's been there, but he's pieced himself together quite nicely. Now, he'll fly back to the city of angels on wings made of gold. He invited R-Truth to the set of his next motion picture "The Shattered Truth." He said Truth would laugh, he would cry, he would never forget the name of Goldust. 

Elias Samson was in the ring for another song. He asked the fans "Who wants to walk with Elias?" He said he remembered when he was 15 and his father gave him a guitar and he could take it and tell the stories of the world and go wherever he wants. His father didn't realize he would ever see the god-forsaken town of Evansville. The new gimmick his he asks fans to turn their cell phones off, which leads to them shining them as brightly as possible. He stopped to tune his guitar and asked for silence. Balor came out. 

Samson carried the guitar over his shoulder during a staredown with Balor and acted like he was going to leave. Then he did. 

Finn Balor defeated Bo Dallas (3:32) 

Balor won with the Coup de Grace. Dallas, who has grown a beard and facially resembles Black Bart from 1985 Crockett, got plenty of offense and showed a more aggressive side, including throwing Balor into the barricade and followed with a stiff kick to the head.

Michael Cole transitioned from the match to Seth Rollins commercial. In the meantime, Corey Graves acted like Angle was calling him to the back.  

The new WWE2K18 commercial with Seth Rollins debuted. The premise of the commerical was Rollins, under a mask, destroyed symbols of famous WWE personalities of the past, including sending Steve Austin's ATV over a ledge, smashing a pair of sheers from Brutus Beefcake to beheading the statue of Andre the Giant. The tag line is "Be like no one." 

Graves approached Angle backstage. Graves told Angle that he knew Angle didn't have a good father's day because he got the same text that Angle did. Graves and started to tell them what they should do. Enzo Amore and Big Cass walked up. Angle asked why did Enzo send a tweet to Connor McGregor. Enzo said he's stepped over bigger guys than "Connie Mac. Cass didn't want to talk about the tweet but who has been attacking him. Cass suspected that Enzo did it. Enzo was quick to say he thought it was the Revival. Angle vowed to find out who has been the perpetrator by the end of the night. 

Rollins came out for an interview and said he grew up playing sports video games and no one was cooler than the guy on the cover of his favorite game each year. He mentioned Payton Manning, Michael Jordan and Shawn Michaels, and he was honored to join that company. Rollins said he almost didn't get the chance because he couldn't look at himself in the mirror a year ago. He said he was at the bottom of the barrell, but the fans gave him a second chance and no material possession was worth more than that. Pointing at the fans, he said the WWE2K18 cover wasn't his cover, it was their cover. He said life is about defining who you are, and everyone makes mistakes, but that doesn't have to define who we are today, who we are tomorrow and who we will be in the future. 

Wyatt popped up on the TitanTron saying Rollins was contradicting himself. On one hand, Rollins talks about how he's grown as an individual, but on the other side he talks about his material possessions, his vanity. Wyatt says Rollins claims to have become his own man, but he hides under the shield of a corporate brand. Wyatt said Rollins is still comforming, but he's now comforming to whatever it is these people want him to be. Wyatt said Rollins can wear the clothes of a good, honest man, but deep down they both know Rollins isn't that man. 

Rollins said Wyatt was right, he wasn't that man, he was THE man. Rollins said Wyatt thinks he knows everything about everybody, but it doesn't work that way. Rollins mocked Wyatt calling himself a God, saying maybe in Wyatt's world he was a God, but in Rollins' world Wyatt was a coward. Wyatt said anyone who takes his name in vain is going to be punished. Wyatt said it was time to make a sacrifice. He made his entrance but Rollins gave Wyatt a plancha where they hit head-to-head. And that was the entire confrontation. 

At the commentators table, Graves did a brief speech putting over the job Angle has done as GM. 

Balor did an interview with Charly Caruso saying he's looking forward to the Universal Championship. He started to give his impressions about the Joe-Reigns match, but Samson jumped him from behind, kick him in the midsection and told him not to upstage him ever again. Devon Dudley ran in and made his debut as the agent who breaks up sneak attacks. 

Akira Tozawa defeated TJP (10:34) 

Titus O'Neil, who has done a babyface turn without turning babyface, came out after they were introduced by Jojo and did his own introductions. Can't help but wonder if that was some sort of a shot at Justin Roberts. Crowd was dead and O'Neil had to lead cheers. After TJP got the knees up on Tozawa's senton attempt, Neville came out to wwatch. TJP got a two count with Ryusuke Taguchi's Dodon. Tozawa escaped TJP's Detonation Kick and hit a roundhouse kick. Tozawa got the pin with a senton bomb.

Postmatch, O'Neil said Tozawa was going to be the next Cruiserweight Champion. He also mentioned he and Apollo Crews would face Cesaro and Sheamus later tonight. Neville interrupted him and said Tozawa was on his way to being annihilate by the King of the Cruiserweights. O'Neil did Tozawa's comeback promo for him, saying he looked in the ring and didn't see a king. He saw a scared little boy who would feel the power of Tozawa. 

Truth did a promo where he accepted Goldust's invitation in Los Angeles. Truth said if Goldust wanted to be the brightest star in the sky, he was going to send him crashing back to Earth. Next week, Truth said Goldust was going to get got. 

Dallas was despondent after his loss to Balor. Curtis Axel tried to cheer him up. Miz walked in and said Axel and Dallas were action star when they made the "Marine 5." But on Raw they were nothing more than comic relief. Axel warned Miz to watch what he says. Miz offered them a chance to join his entourage to make them stars they deserve to be and something their families could be proud of. 

Caruso interviewed Joe. He said the last time Reigns set foot in the ring with Joe, it was four months ago. They showed highlights of Joe pinning Reigns with a uranage. Joe said Reigns needs to reasses his goals and understand who he's dealing with. Joe said Reigns should be careful what he asks for. Joe said he's going to teach Reigns his name tonight and he better put respect in it every time he says it. He is Samoa Joe. 

Samoa Joe defeated Roman Reigns via submission (18:08)

Good match, but not great. They exchanged stiff jabs early. Reigns hit the Superman punch but Joe kicked out at two, acting like he couldn't believe Joe kicked out of the Superman punch even though it's done on a biweekly basis. Joe hit a uranage, a move he used to defeat Reigns with earlier this year, but Reigns kicked out. Joe sized Reigns up for the Coquina Clutch, but Reigns escaped and hit the spear. Joe got a foot on the ropes. At this point, Joe rolled out of the ring and just got back in the ring before the ten count. Reigns was in the corner ready for another spear, but then the sound of an ambulance backing into the building could be heard. An ambulance was shown on the TitanTron, and Braun Strowman burst out through the doors to a huge pop. Reigns looked stunned, and then Joe put on the Coquina Clutch as he was distracted. Reigns fought, but ultimately passed out. 

Postmatch, Strowman came out looking wide-eyed at Reigns, who was laying prone still selling the Coquina Clutch. Strowman told Reigns that he wasn't finished with him. Strowman gave Reigns a reverse choke slam. Crowd chanted "one more time." Strowman said if Reigns was man enough, Strowman would see him at Great Balls of Fire in an ambulance match. That made later became official. 

Miz came out for MizTV with Maryse as the guest. There were two bears in the ring this time, one holding up a sign saying "Please forgive me" and the other saying "I'm saying." Miz said he owed Maryse an apology after smashing the grandfather clock she was going to give him two weeks ago, thinking that Ambrose was inside the box. Miz said he checked the bears, and one was a Miz bear and the other was a Maryse bear. He gave her champaigne, but she grabbed the glass from him. He apologized for destroying the grandfafther clock. He also apologized for accidentally knocking her off the apron last week during the match with Heath Slater and Rhyno. He got her a big gift. She unwrapped it and it was the grandfather clock he destroyed. He said Maryse made him sleep on the couch, and all the nights he watched Youtube studying how to fix the clock instead of sleeping. 

Miz said no one has a stronger bond than them and he was sorry about everything that's happened the past few weeks. Miz said the clock was timeless just like them. He asked her to forgive him. Maryse started to kiss him when Ambrose came out. Graves said Ambrose will never know true love like Miz and Maryse. Ambrose started to go after Miz, who pulled Maryse in front of him. In the process, he caused her to spill the glass of champaigne all over herself. Miz charged after Ambrose but ran into the clock, again leaving it in ruins. Maryse slapped Miz and walked off in tears. Ambrose clotheslined Miz over the top rope. As Ambrose started to pose in the ring, the two bears jumped Ambrose. They unmasked as Dallas and Axel, who stomped Ambrose some more. Miz gave Ambrose the Skull Crushing Finale. So Axel and Dallas have joined Miz's entourage. 

Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus defeated Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews in a nontitle match (4:13)

Crews used a O'Connor Roll in an attempt to pin Sheamus, who kicked out. Crews' throat landed across the second rope, and Cesaro gave him an uppercut outside the ring. Cesaro pinned Crews with what was basically a spiked White Noise. Crowd wasn't into it.  

There was a package building up Lesnar vs. Joe. They showed photographs from Pro Wrestling Illustrated during his days as Ring of Honor champion. Of course, nothing from TNA was shown, but isn't it amazing Joe only had one TNA championship reign? Joe said Lesnar insluates himself within the world of Heyman and said he would slowly break down Lesnar's confidence. Lesnar laughed over being afraid of Joe just because he laid his hands on Lesnar. He called Joe a "punk ass bitch." Lesnar said he sees Joe stepping into the ring and realizing, at that moment, that Joe is out of his league. Lesnar said he will go through Joe like a freight train on fire. Joe said he knows what Lesnar is willing to do to keep his championship, but more importantly, Joe knows what he's willing to do to take it from Lesnar. Good hype piece. Lesnar will appear on Raw next week in Los Angeles. 

Nia Jax defeated Sasha Banks by DQ (1:12) 

Alexa Bliss was out for commentary, but this was so rushed and overbooked she never got a chance to say anything. Emma confronted Bliss for walking out of their trios match last week. Emma chased Bliss into the ring. Bliss hid behind Nia Jax, who wasn't going to protect Bliss. Well, at least not for the moment. Jax held Bliss for Emma to hit her, but Bliss moved and Emma hit Jax for the DQ. Then Sasha Banks went after Bliss, but Jax stopped her for some reason. Jax pushed Emma down. Sasha Banks jumped on Jax's back, but Bliss pulled Banks down. Then Bliss and Emma started teaming together and put the boots to Banks. Mickie James and Dana Brooke ran down for the save, but Jax cleaned house, giving James a head butt and Brooke a kick. Jax tried to leg drop Banks, but missed. Then Bayley ran out for the save, threw Bliss into Emma. She gave Bliss a Saito Suplex and leveled Emma with a Shining Wizard. Jax put Bayley in the corner and threw some shoulders. James and Brooke tried to stop Jax, who threw them down. But Bayley kicked Jax and jumped off the second rope to send Jax's head onto the mat. James, Brooke and Bayley gave Jax a triple drop kick to knock her to the floor. 

Angle came out for the reveal over who the mystery attacker of Enzo and Cass is. Angle said he wasn't going to let Raw devolve into a place where the wrestlers are injured. Enzo and Cass came out. Angle said he had been talking to suspects all night and he brought out the Revival. Angle then called for the Big Show to come out. Angle told Show that when Cass got knocked out, he said it felt like a very powerful punch to the head. Show couldn't believe that Angle was accuse him of jumping Cass. Show said Enzo and Cass were both soft, he wouldn't attack them from behind, he would come straight at their face. Show cut a promo on Cass saying Cass shouldn't look at him that way because he'll get more than he can handle. Crowd popped for that. Show told Angle that after all they had been through, that Angle was accuse him of sneak attacking them at this stage of his career. Show said maybe he didn't need to be on his show anymore. Show walked out, but Cass still accused Show of being the guilty party, saying that he had a lump on the back of his head the size of a baseball. 

Angle turned to the Revival. Scott Dawson said he and Dash Wilder weren't there to win any popularity contests, but they were innocent of the charges. Angle backed up what Dawson said, saying he's spoken to many producers and assistants backstage and the Revival was innocent. Graves then spoke up from the commentator's table and said he might be of some assistance. Graves said Cass said something a moment ago that wasn't true. Graves said he had done some digging of his own. He had spoken with the WWE medical team and none of them recall treating Cass. That led to Cass claiming that EMTs had attended to him. Graves said last week, when he was attacked, Cass was never medically cleared but competed anyway. Cass said that was true because he would never leave Enzo's side. Graves said he knows what happened to Cass last week. Graves said he had some security footage froim last week. The footage showed Cass walking around backstage, looking around to see if anyone was around. No one was, so Cass played dead and made it look like someone had jumped in. Graves said he was in the exact position that the WWE referees found him in. Graves said no one jumped Cass because Cass was the one who has been attacking Enzo. 

Cass said "You're damn right I did it." Cass asked Enzo if he knew what it was like tagging with Enzo. Cass said Enzo constantly runs his mouth about God knows what every single minute of the day. Cass said Enzo even ran his mouth to Connor McGregor. Cass asked Enzo if he had any idea how many times he wanted to slap him upside the head? Did Enzo know how many times Cass wanted to knock him out himself? But he didn't do it because Cass felt bad for Enzo, because everybody in the back doesn't like Enzo. Cass said he put up with Enzo's crap for years every single day until he finally snapped. Cass had to admit it felt damn good when he attacked him from behind. Cass said he would have snapped Enzo's neck like a twig if he wanted to, but he didn't because he wanted to watch him suffer for all the crap he had to put up with in Tampa, in NXT and on Raw. When things got a little bit hot, he wanted to see how smart Enzo was or if Enzo was as dumb as he looked. He realized that Enzo was even dumber. Cass said Enzo was dead weight just holding him back from reaching his potential in the WWE, holding him down when he should be rising to the top of the WWE. Cass said Enzo was the reason why he's never been a champion in the WWE. He said he's the star, he's the future and he's where the money is, while Enzo's mouth writes checks that his body can't cash because Big Cass has always been behind him. "Well, not for long. Because me and you? We are through." Cass gave Enzo a big boot with Angle watching and said "You can't teach that" to an unconscious Enzo. More fans chanted for Big Show than Enzo as Cass left.