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WWE Raw live results: Shane McMahon returns, new faction

Date: August 3, 2020

Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Raw Underground, an unsanctioned fight club hosted by Shane McMahon was introduced. It was invaded by The Hurt Business after just one hour of existence. 

The new faction that was teased was only shown in "security cam footage" and implicated in various production glitches. 

Dominik Mysterio challenged Seth Rollins to a match at SummerSlam and beat up Rollins and Murphy 1-on-2 in a great segment. Rollins accepted the challenge.

Show recap --

Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe opened the show. They hyped SummerSlam and advertised a Randy Orton/Drew McIntyre segment for later. 

The lights flickered and the announcers played it off as if nothing happened. 

Apollo Crews entered for the opener and the lights went in an out again. Phillips blamed it on bad weather in the area. This was clearly part of a show-long angle. 

MVP cut a promo before the title match. He said he's the real US champ and after the referee counts to three tonight, Crews can go back to sitting in catering with Cedric Alexander and Ricochet. 

United States Championship match: Apollo Crews defeated MVP (w/Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin)

They said that Crews had been out with a neck injury, so MVP attacked the neck in a good brawl. The pace was slow but MVP's strikes looked good. 

They locked up. Crews got a takedown but MVP pulled guard. Crews got a near fall. The lights flickered again. Crews went to work on MVP's left arm. Lashley and Benjamin pulled MVP to the floor to protect him. Crews hit a tope con giro before a commercial break. The lights flickered yet again. 

MVP had Crews in a cravate after the break. They showed a replay of Lashley tripping Crews on the apron during the break which allowed MVP to take control of the match. MVP used a suplex for a two count. 

MVP missed a yakuza kick in the corner. Crews hit a crossbody off the second rope as the tide turned in his favor. Crews got a near fall off a spinebuster. 

Crews no-sold a German suplex and hit the toss powerbomb for the pin to retain the title. 


Lashley jumped into the ring after the three count but Crews escaped and made his way backstage. 

Charly Caruso interviewed Crews backstage after the match. He put over Lashley's strength and said his full nelson is the reason he was home for weeks watching MVP proclaim himself the United States Champion. 

Crews said he was going to hang the old championship in his kids' room so they could have their dad's first title. He said the belt that MVP had made looked good on his shoulder. 

MVP grabbed a mic at ringside. He said that these were unsafe working conditions with the lights flickering. He said he doesn't care about Crews's wife or kids, he cares about his rematch and he wants it at SummerSlam. 


A menacing figure was shown standing outside a locker room backstage. Phillips said that "something is going down" tonight and it's the brainchild of Shane McMahon. 

A Bayley and Sasha Banks promo was advertised as coming up next. 


Sarah Schreiber interviewed Bayley and Banks. Sarah asked if they had plans to defend any of their titles at SummerSlam. Bayley said that Schreiber was boring and threw to a video package that Bayley and Banks had prepared.  

The video put over their plan to take out Kairi Sane last week as "sheer brilliance." Asuka interrupted the video with a promo and said that revenge will be sweet. 

Bayley and Banks were upset that Asuka interrupted their video and began cutting a promo on the production staff. 

Shayna Baszler entered and said that she had a problem with Banks snaking her way to the Raw Women's title. Baszler laid out Banks with a right hand. 


Kevin Owens was shown walking backstage. The Iiconics told him that they heard he was hosting the KO Show next. They said they thought they would be great guests. 

Owens said they would, but not tonight. He said he plans these things out and already has his guest. He told them to drink some water. 


The KO Show --

Owens said that lots of things are going on tonight including the return of Shane McMahon, but he's not here to talk about that. His microphone went in and out. 

Owens introduced his guest, Ruby Riott. Owens said that she has been on a run of bad luck since she came back. Riott said that she has only had one singles win since February and it came against Peyton Royce last week. 

Riott said that she's been dealing with "toxic, sad broads" like the Iiconics her whole life, but she's finally put Peyton and Billie's "Iiconic bullsh*t" behind her. The curse word was bleeped. 

Riott said that the only thing that could have made her win over Peyton sweeter was if Liv Morgan had been there to celebrate with her. Owens called out Morgan. 

Riott said when she returned from injury she came back to a WWE she didn't recognize and she took it out on Liv. She put over their matching tattoos and asked for a chance to let the Riott Squad run wild again. 

The Iiconics entered. They made fun of Morgan and Riott. They said they're Iiconic. Morgan said that she and Riott might not be friends like Billie and Peyton but no one starts a riot like they can. 

Kay and Royce slapped Owens. Owens asked Riott and Morgan for help. Riott and Morgan attacked and a tag match was set for the next segment. 

Everyone did their best with the material they were given but the payoff is a reunion of the Riott Squad. 


A production assistant approached the mystery locker room. The tall bodyguard stared him down and he left. The announcers again said that Shane McMahon is behind whatever is happening tonight. 


Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan defeated Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

Kevin Owens joined the commentary desk for this match. 

Kay and Royce used neckbreakers in working over Riott. Morgan got a hot tag. She hit clotheslines on Royce. Kay tagged in and got rolled up for the pin. 


Kay and Royce attacked Morgan immediately after the bell. Riott saved. Riott and Morgan hit a double STO on Kay and left together, so the Riott Squad rides again. 


The announcers threw to Charly who reported on a trunk being overturned backstage and "a loud noise" backstage. She said that there are rumors that this has to do with the flickering lights and production issues tonight. 

MVP approached and told Charly that he couldn't believe that she was reporting on a trunk falling over. Me neither, dude. 

Charly told MVP that Crews had accepted his challenge for SummerSlam. 

Benjamin entered and told MVP that someone had stolen his 24/7 title. MVP and Benjamin left and MVP promised to teach whoever stole the title that you don't mess with The Hurt Business. 


Second hour --

McIntyre came to the ring for a promo. 

McIntyre reminded us that Orton said he was better than Steve Austin and The Rock last week. He said that he and Orton were the same in a lot of ways.  At some point in both of their lives Vince McMahon had earmarked them for greatness. 

McIntyre said the difference was that Orton was a second generation guy who had been handed opportunities because of it. He said that people had cleaned up the literal crap (LOL) that Orton had left behind and Orton should have been fired way more times that Drew was. 

Orton entered with Ric Flair. He said he told Drew last week that he respected him but that wasn't enough for Drew. Orton said that Drew was right, he should have been fired long ago but he wasn't, because he is the real chosen one. 

Orton challenged Drew to come up with one original insult about him. 

Drew said he was going to shoot with Randy. He said that he watched The Undertaker documentary and said that Orton was the most interesting part. He said that Undertaker reached down and pulled Orton up to his level because he loved this business. 

Drew said that Orton had never pulled anyone up to his level in that way. Drew said he needed someone to pull him up ten years ago when he was self-destructing and making mistakes as his life crumbled. 

Drew said that Randy was "a selfish prick" and Drew had "a stack of receipts" to hand out at SummerSlam from guys on the roster now and in the past. 

There was good conviction and delivery in both promos here, but Orton came off as the more likable guy while Drew came off as a guy whining. 


Nia Jax was shown talking to "WWE official Pat Buck" backstage. We'll here from Jax next. 


Owens was backstage with Riott and Morgan. Flair approached and asked for a word with him. 

Flair told Owens that everyone was high on him but he was concerned that Owens was looking out for others too much. Owens said he heard what Ric was saying but he was trying to take a different path and help out people, like Randy could if he cared. 

Ric said maybe if Owens was more like Randy he'd be the one getting a title match at SummerSlam. 

Ric said Owens needed to listen to his advice. Owens said he'll show Ric how much fight he has when he faces Orton next week. 


Jax was in the ring with Buck. She showed a replay of her attacking Buck last week. 

Jax said there are millions of people that look up to her and she wanted to make up for her attack. 

She challenged Buck to a match. Buck said he was only in the ring because he was told there was an apology coming. Jax called him a ginger and made fun of his size. 

Buck said that after her unsanctioned actions against an official last week, Jax is suspended indefinitely without pay. 

Jax attacked Buck and kicked him out of the ring. 

I'm not sure what all of this is about or leading to. 


R-Truth ran to the ring with the 24/7 title. He was chased by a group of ninjas and Benjamin. The 24/7 title match is set for next. 


24/7 Championship match: Akira Tozawa defeated Shelton Benjamin (w/The Hurt Business) & R-Truth to win the title

Tozawa rolled outside while Benjamin went after Truth. Tozawa climbed back in and rolled Benjamin up for a near fall. Benjamin hit a powerbomb on Tozawa. 

Benjamin hit Paydirt on Truth. A ninja jumped in and went after Benjamin. Benjamin, MVP and Lashley brawled with the ninjas on the floor. 

Tozawa hit Truth with a senton and pinned him to win the title. A nothing segment. 


We got our first peek at the big Shane angle. 

Shane was backstage in a Fight Club-type atmosphere. He said he's back with something new and he'll see us for Raw Underground tonight at 10. 

Two guys were grappling in a ring with no ropes in the background. 

This is a historic night. 


The announcers showed a recap of last week's Dominik Mysterio/Seth Rollins angle. 

Sarah interviewed Dominik. She said the biggest question she gets from the WWE Universe is why Dominik keeps coming to Raw given the danger. 

Dominik said that people probably think he's crazy, and they'll really think he's crazy when he challenges Rollins to a match at SummerSlam. 


They replayed Baszler laying out Banks earlier. Apparently a match between the two has been signed and it's next. 

Sasha Banks & Shayna Baszler went to a no-contest

Banks slapped Baszler twice. Baszler used a waistlock takedown and hit a series of kicks. Baszler used a crucifix for a two count. Baszler used an armbar but Banks rolled to the ropes. Bayley took Baszler which allowed Banks to take control of the match. 

Banks hit a crossbody off the second rope but Baszler rolled through on landing and hit a backbreaker. Baszler went for a Kirifuda Clutch but Banks escaped. Banks used the Bank Statement but Baszler escaped. They traded high kicks. 

Asuka ran in and attacked Bayley and for some reason the bell rang. What a nonsensical finish. 


Charly was in the ring with Asuka after a commercial. They replayed the finish of the Raw Women's title match from last week. 

Charly asked Asuka for an update on Kairi Sane. Asuka said Kairi is okay but she's not here. She said Bayley, Sasha and her are here and she wants a rematch with Sasha at SummerSlam. 

Baszler was still in the ring. She said she doesn't want to fight Asuka yet. Baszler said she's rooting for Asuka to get the title back and she can't wait to dismember her and take the title from her. 

Banks and Bayley came back out. Banks said Asuka can have her rematch if she beats Bayley next week. Bayley has repeatedly done this to Banks throughout her title reign so this makes sense. 


Angel Garza was with Demi Burnett from The Bachelor backstage. Garza got Demi's phone number and gave her a rose. 

Andrade and Zelina Vega entered the scene. Vega said she knows who Demi is and she doesn't belong here. She said Garza and Andrade have business to attend to. 


Shane was shown in his wacky underground fight club. There were dancers. This looks hilariously bad. 


After a break, Shane welcomed us to "Raw Underground, where there are very little rules, lots of excitement, carnage, chaos and quite frankly, lots of things that I personally would like to see."

Shane introduced Dabba-Kato for a fight. He did not introduce his opponent. 

Dabba-Kato won two quick brawls via ref stoppage. There were a dizzying number of camera cuts in these short, worked fights. 

Shane said that Raw Underground will be right back. 

The Raw announcers were then shown. Samoa Joe put over the Raw Underground concept. Tom Phillips said that "we understand that Shane McMahon is lining up another fight for Raw Underground" and that will be coming up later. 


Third hour --

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins made their entrance. 

Ford referred to Raw as "the longest episodic TV show in history" and Angel Garza as "Andrew."

Ford and Dawkins cut a promo. They started with some comedy but ended up getting more serious towards the end. Dawkins said that Garza attacked Ford last week and that's like attacking his family. 

Ford took a sip from his red cup and acted like it tasted bad. 

Angel Garza defeated Angelo Dawkins

Dawkins sent Garza outside and into the barricade before a commercial. After the break, Dawkins hit a dropkick for a two count. They cut to Demi from The Bachelor watching backstage. 

Dawkins pantsed Garza. Garza is great but he needs to master the last part of the pants gimmick which is to act embarrassed when someone else pantses him but act proud when he pantses himself. 

Garza hit a dropkick off the second rope. Ford fainted on the outside. Dawkins was distracted and Garza hit him with a dropkick to the head for the pin. 

Andrade vs. Ford is next. 


Andrade & Montez Ford went to a no-contest

This match was joined already in progress. The announcers said that Ford had been medically cleared to compete after passing out before the break. 

Ford worked the first part of the match as though nothing was wrong. They brawled to the outside where Ford sent Andrade into the barricade. 

Ford hit a dropkick and knocked Andrade off the top rope. Ford hit a tope con giro. 

After the tope, Ford shook the ropes per usual. He then collapsed and the bell rang. 

Another horrible finish. 


Murphy was backstage watching video of his attack on Aleister Black last week. Rollins entered and told Murphy that he made the right choice and he's proud of him. Rollins said it's time to focus on the future. 

Murphy asked Rollins if he had given Dominik's challenge any thought. Murphy said the challenge was ridiculous, right? 

Rollins just smiled and walked off. 


After a commercial break, Shane welcomed us back to Raw Underground. He introduced Erik of The Viking Raiders vs. "this tough kid."

Erik won the fight via stoppage. 

There is still one more Raw Underground fight to come tonight. 


The Raw announcers talked about the weird Ford angle. They threw to Charly outside the trainers room for an update on Ford. 

Garza approached Charly. He said that Charly looked scared, but not to worry. He said that people like he and Chuck with full hearts can be worried, but then that turns into fun and love. He gave Charly a rose. 

Andrade and Zelina Vega then approached. Vega talked down to Charly as usual. 

Vega said that they're concerned about Ford but she wants to know what happens to the Raw Tag Team title match at SummerSlam. 

Dawkins exited the trainers room. He said that it looks like Ford has been poisoned. 


Bianca Belair then came out and told Vega she had one chance to tell her what she had done to Ford. Vega claimed innocence. Belair took her earrings off and they had a pull-apart. 


The announcers threw to security camera footage from the parking lot that showed five masked figures throwing fire at a generator, presumably explaining the production difficulties tonight. 


Charly approached The Hurt Business backstage. She asked about their troubles tonight with MVP and Benjamin both losing title matches. 

Benjamin asked if it was a coincidence whether or not all of this happened the night this Raw Underground stunt debuted. 

MVP decided that The Hurt Business will make their way to Raw Underground. 


Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton and Asuka vs. Bayley were announced for next week. 

A video package recapped the Rollins/Mysterio family program. 


Rollins and Murphy came to the ring for a promo. Rollins said that before he addressed the Mysterio family, he had some housekeeping to take care of. 

Rollins turned his attention to Phillips. He asked Phillips if he was a proffesional, unbiased and if he took pride in his work. 

Rollins said that last week while Rey's "stupid kid" was attacking him, Phillips was cheering Dominik on. Rollins said that as the voice of Raw, it's Tom's job to call it down the middle, not to create bias. 

Rollins said it was time to find a new voice of Raw and ordered Murphy to take care of Tom. Samoa Joe stepped in Murphy's way. He said no one is taking Tom. Joe said that he himself was laughing harder than anyone last week. 

Rollins told Joe to stand down. Joe took off his headset instead. Before an ad break, Rollins said that if Joe gets in the ring, whatever happens isn't his responsibility. 

Joe was shown unbuttoning his shirt cuffs before a break. 


Rollins and Murphy were in the ring with chairs after the break. Joe was still on the outside teasing jumping in. 

Instead, Dominik ran in with a kendo stick. He sent Murphy outside with kendo stick shots. Rollins missed with a chair shot and ate a 619. Dominick then hit a high cross off the post to the floor on Murphy. 

Rollins and Murphy turned tail and ran away. Rollins grabbed a mic and accepted Dominik's challenge for SummerSlam. 

This segment was the best thing on the show by a wide margin. 

Phillips remained quiet for the rest of the segment after Rollins verbally attacked him, so Saxton threw to one final Raw Underground segment. 


Dolph Ziggler was in the ring at Raw Underground. He beat a geek with a rear naked choke. 

The Hurt Business entered Raw Underground. MVP took the mic from Shane and said that Raw Underground is now under the managaement of The Hurt Business. 

Lashley stepped into the ring and wrecked a nameless guy with a throw and a right hand. 

MVP stepped into the ring and issued an open challenge. A very small guy answered him. MVP used a judo throw to take him down before hitting some right hands. 

Benjamin then made a challenge and quickly defeated his challenger, former Raw announcer Dio Maddin. 

The Hurt Business then laid waste to the crowd looking on. 

Shane McMahon told MVP, Lashley and Benjamin that anything goes here on Raw Underground and they can stay as long as they like. 

MVP ended the show with "Ladies and gentlemen, we are The Hurt Business and business is booming."