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WWE Raw live results: Tag team battle royal

Date: June 7, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center in Tampa, FL

Show Recap -- 

Randy Orton and Riddle entered for the tag team battle royal to determine the number one contenders. All other teams were in the ring already. Riddle wore an “RK-Bro” t-shirt. It looks like it was designed for children. It had a cartoon snake wearing a baseball cap riding a scooter. 

AJ Styles and Omos entered before the match started. They talked for a few minutes (mostly Styles) but they didn’t have much to say. Styles noted that Lince Dorado was wrestling alone because Gran Metalik was injured. 

New Day and Orton didn’t want to hear from Styles anymore. Riddle did some comedy. He said he was wearing two RK-Bro shirts because Orton doesn’t wear shorts. He was rambling until Orton made him stop. 

Miz and John Morrison entered. Miz was in a wheelchair. Miz said the tag division has gotten dry, so Morrison sprayed the air with his “drip stick.” Morrison was entering the battle royal on behalf of his team. Morrison’s slow-motion entrance started but he let go of Miz’s wheelchair which caused him to roll helplessly down the ramp. New Day thought this was funny. 

As Morrison’s entrance continued, Orton laid out Xavier Woods with an RKO. Riddle also gave Kofi Kingston an RKO. Dorado thought this was funny so Orton gave him an RKO as well. 

They went to break. The bell never rang but they seemed to indicate that the match had started. After the break, everyone was back on their feet waiting for the match to start. 

The Viking Raiders won a Tag Team Battle Royal to become number one contenders (10:31) 

Morrison eliminated Dorado early in the match. Mace and T-Bar eliminated Morrison after he sprayed them with his stick. Riddle saved Orton from being eliminated so he was laid out by Mace and T-Bar with a double chokeslam. Mace and T-Bar had a big staredown with the Viking Raiders but they were attacked by New Day and Orton. 

T-Bar was eliminated by Orton, Riddle, Kingston and Ivar while Mace was eliminated by Woods and Erik. This led to a break and the three remaining teams were fighting after the break. Riddle tried fighting both Viking Raiders but they knocked him down and he was knocked out of the ring by a flying knee from Woods. Erik eliminated Woods after that. 

Erik was going to slam Ivar on top of Orton but Kingston flew off the top and knocked them down with a foot stomp. Riddle came back in the ring despite being eliminated, so Kingston took him out with a Trouble in Paradise. 

This led to Orton tossing Kingston before the Raiders tossed Orton. Viking Raiders win and are the new number one contenders. 

(I assume Viking Raiders won because they want Orton/Riddle and New Day to have a regular tag match first.) 

Charlotte Flair approached Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. She wanted her “loss” to Nikki Cross stricken from the record. They said no. She said they didn’t understand because they haven’t had the career that she has. Charlotte wanted a rematch against Cross. 

Rhea Ripley joined the frame. Ripley admitted she wasn’t watching the clock during her match. She respected Cross which is why she deserved the rematch instead. Deville instead made a tag match with Charlotte and Ripley teaming against Cross and a partner of her choosing. 

They plugged Ted DiBiase’s “priceless announcement” for tomorrow’s NXT. 

The Viking Raiders psyched each other up backstage. Ivar wanted to go celebrate with a feast. Omos and Styles showed up. Omos was holding a big turkey leg that the Raiders were saving for later. Styles accused them of being fake Vikings and being fake violent. Erik issued a warning to Styles. Styles didn’t take it seriously. Omos took a bite out of the turkey leg. 

Elias was in the ring alone. He said Jaxson Ryker was a man who was willing to go to battle, just not a man who was willing to go to battle for him. Elias was about to perform but he was attacked from behind by Ryker (who cut his hair and trimmed his beard). Ryker hammered away at Elias until officials broke it up. The screens clapped for Ryker as they went to break. 

There was a commercial for SummerSlam in Las Vegas on Saturday, August 21. 

Jaxson Ryker defeated Elias via countout (3:02) 

Ryker hit a spinebuster and won by countout after Elias left the ring and simply walked to the back. Ryker’s trunks had an American flag on it. The announcers acknowledged that this wouldn’t be the end of this feud. 

Drew McIntyre entered for the contract signing. 

[Second hour] 

WWE Championship Contract Signing 

McIntyre entered before the break and the ring was empty. After the break, the ring was dressed in a red carpet with chairs and a table. Deville and Pearce were there as well. 

Bobby Lashley’s music hit but nobody entered. McIntyre didn’t care. He referred to Lashley having external charisma and joked that he had a “Lashley Train” (Ho Train). He knew Lashley would claim he’s had too many opportunities. This led to McIntyre telling a long story about a Scottish king. It was basically a story about never giving up. 

McIntyre was about to sign the contract but MVP and Lashley and their lady friends showed up on the screen. MVP said they were fashionably late. They came out to the ring. 

MVP congratulated McIntyre on manipulating his way into another shot. MVP asked Pearce what Lashley’s reward would be for complying to his wishes last week. Lashley said if he retains, McIntyre shouldn’t ever get another title match. 

McIntyre accepted. As long as Lashley was champion, McIntyre wouldn’t get another shot. However, McIntyre didn’t want anyone to interfere and didn’t want anyone losing the match for him. McIntyre wanted a Hell in a Cell match. Lashley quickly accepted. 

Deville and Pearce added the stipulations to the contract. McIntyre signed. Lashley said McIntyre didn’t finish his story earlier, because the story ends with McIntyre losing in the end. Lashley signed. 

McIntyre was confident because he has wrestled inside Hell in a Cell. He fell 15-feet off the top of the cell and was willing to do it again if it meant getting the title back. McIntyre suggested Lashley pray regardless of what he believes in and would give him mercy in the form of a Claymore. Lashley smiled and said he would win at HIAC. 

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Nikki Cross. Cross was excited and had a partner ready for tonight. It was someone who dressed like a superhero and was thrilled to have her as a partner. Asuka appeared and they were both excited. 

Sheamus entered to watch the upcoming match from ringside. He wore a face mask and a bandage around his nose. They showed a replay of what happened last week and Corey Graves noted how tough Sheamus was for even being out there. 

Sheamus cut a promo before the match complaining about what happened. Both Carrillo and Ricochet psyched him out pretending to go for dives. With Carrillo’s back turned to the ring, Ricochet hit him from behind to knock him out of the ring. Ricochet got in Sheamus’ face as they went to break.

Ricochet vs. Humberto Carrillo ended in a double countout 

This was good while it lasted but it ended in a double countout. The winner was supposed to be next in line for the US title. 

The big spot of the match saw the two men battle on the apron until Ricochet gave Carrillo a Spanish Fly to the outside and neither man could return to the ring in time to beat the count. Sheamus laughed at them and left. (The match started during a break and went about 6-7 minutes.) 

MVP/Kofi Kingston backstage segment 

MVP approached New Day in the back. He wanted to speak to Kingston alone, so Woods went into the locker room. MVP said he was always a fan of Kingston and cried tears of joy when he won the title at WrestleMania. Seeing Kingston with his sons in the ring is what actually inspired MVP to return to WWE. 

MVP said KofiMania was everything but it abruptly ended — because he wasn’t Bobby Lashley. There was a glimpse of that championship-level Kofi Kingston last week but that went away when he shook McIntyre's hand after their match. It looked like Kingston was content being a loser, and content shucking and jiving with his friends. 

Kingston told him to watch his mouth. Kingston didn’t want his advice. Kingston said his family and friends were his motivation. There’s a kid watching this show right now who believes in themselves because they watch him. That’s why he does this. He said Lashley only did this for the money. 

MVP disagreed. He said Lashley did this for the WWE championship and all of the honour, prestige and accoutrements that came with it. MVP left. This was great. 

Eva Marie returns next week. 

Kingston against Riddle was announced for tonight. 

Mansoor was warming up backstage when he was approached by Mustafa Ali. Ali asked if he was ready for Drew Gulak. Mansoor said yes. Ali didn’t think so. Ali called Gulak a dangerous man who was willing to cut every corner to win. Ali warned Mansoor that not everyone played by his rules. 

They showed pictures of Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers doing his pregame entrance with Triple H and Graves said Triple H was there to give them some luck. (They lost.) 

Jeff Hardy defeated Cedric Alexander (5:54) 

Hardy and Alexander cut separate pre-taped promos. Hardy said the locker room used to be filled with respect but now it was filled with inflated egos like Cedric Alexander. He planned on teaching Alexander a lesson in humility and Alexander would “extremely learn” that respect was earned. Alexander said Raw needed a breath of fresh air and he planned on wiping the floor with the former great. 

They went back and forth until Alexander mocked Hardy’s taunt before attempting a move off the middle rope. Hardy booted him, hit a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb for the pinfall win. 

Charlotte approached Ripley in the back and suggested that Ripley follow her lead. Ripley said she would follow her in two weeks straight to hell. Ripley said her championship superseded Charlotte’s experience, so they’d be following her lead tonight. 

[Third hour] 

Nikki Cross & Asuka defeated Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley & Charlotte Flair (13:24) 

About three minutes into the match, Ripley got knocked to the outside so Charlotte went over and told her to get up. Ripley shoved Charlotte so Charlotte decked her with a forearm (Cross could be heard in the background yelling, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”). This led to break. 

Ripley was in control of Cross until Charlotte tagged herself in. Charlotte remained in control until she tagged Ripley by chopping her in the chest. Ripley used a delayed vertical suplex before tagging Charlotte by aggressively patting her on the head. 

Cross tried fighting back but Charlotte grabbed her and drove her into the corner, which inadvertently knocked Ripley off the apron. Ripley tagged in but Cross gave her a bulldog and tagged in Asuka. Asuka gave Ripley a German suplex and running hip attack for two. Cross followed with a flying crossbody but Charlotte broke up the cover. 

Charlotte got in Ripley’s face so they brawled. Charlotte raked Ripley’s eye and gave her a Natural Selection. Cross covered Ripley for the pinfall win. Cross and Asuka danced on the announce table. 

Alexa Bliss plugged her Playground segment for tonight. She promised it would be a real “scream.” 

Mansoor defeated Drew Gulak (2:22) 

They traded cradles and Gulak tried to win while holding the tights, but Mansoor countered into another cradle for the pinfall win. 

In the back, Orton handed Riddle the imaginary key to Riddle’s mouth. Riddle unlocked his mouth and spoke about Burger King. Riddle suggested he and Orton become road buddies. Riddle rambled for too long so Orton made him shut his mouth again. Riddle handed him the “key” and Orton dropped it in the garbage. This is worse than the Alexa Bliss stuff.  

Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) defeated Riddle (12:22) 

Riddle was in control until he became distracted by Woods playing the trombone 90 seconds into the match. Kingston hit chops in the corner when Orton entered to his music. 

Kingston dropkicked Riddle before dropkicking Orton who was making his way towards Woods. Kingston dropkicked Riddle to the outside before Orton gave Woods a backdrop on the table. Kingston then wiped out both Riddle and Orton with a trust fall dive, leading to break. 

They fought back and forth until Kingston hit a frog splash to the back of Riddle. Riddle yanked Kingston over the top to the outside. Kingston was taking too long to get back in so Riddle hit him with a running forearm and aggressively clubbed away at him. Riddle got a fist bump from Jimmy Smith before giving Kingston a draping DDT. 

Kingston countered an RKO attempt but Riddle ducked a Trouble in Paradise. Riddle tried to set up a Bro Derek but Kingston slipped out and hit a Trouble in Paradise for the pinfall win. Pretty good match. 

Nia Jax approached Shayna Baszler in the back. Jax tried to warn her about Bliss who was “the most unpredictable and dangerous” that she’s ever seen. Baszler wasn’t worried about the little blonde or her doll. 

The main event segment is up next. 

Alexa’s Playground with guest Shayna Baszler 

This episode took place in the ring. Bliss was speaking to the doll when Baszler interrupted. Baszler knocked over her toy horse which led to them playing crowd booing. 

Bliss asked Baszler to apologize to Lilly. Baszler called her delusional. Baszler blamed Bliss for what happened to Reginald and said Bliss was the reason that she and Jax were no longer tag champions. Bliss giggled and said she would never do such a thing. 

Bliss got serious after hearing Lilly say something. Bliss suggested that Baszler apologize. Baszler grabbed the doll and said, “I’m sorry you’re just a stupid doll.” Bliss attacked Baszler but Baszler chucked her from the ring. 

Baszler stomped on the doll and they used very dramatic camera cuts to show different angles. The video screens began to cut out and Baszler backed away. Fire pyro went off which caused Baszler to scamper to the back. 

The backstage area was dark and Graves asked, “where is everybody?” Staging equipment began falling nearby so Baszler tried running to the exits while telling herself that Lilly was just a stupid doll. 

Baszler entered a room (with a cameraperson still filming the action), frantically locked the door and blocked it with a couch. The lights flickered and the doll appeared in a mirror. Baszler smashed the mirror but the doll still appeared in the shattered pieces. The screen went black and Baszler screamed. 

Forget what I said earlier. This was an all-time bad segment.