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WWE Raw live results: Ultimatum for Brock Lesnar

Date: July 16, 2018
Location: KeyBank Center in Buffalo, NY

The Big Takeaway --

Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns will face off next week, with the winner facing Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam for the Universal title. Paul Heyman reluctantly agreed to have Lesnar defend the title after Kurt Angle was about to strip him of the belt. Lesnar was not on the show. Lashley and Reigns each won triple threat matches to earn the shot next week in Cincinnati.

Kevin Owens was not on the show and his big spot at Extreme Rules was mentioned in one segment tonight.

Show Recap -- 

A memorial graphic aired for Masa Saito (1942-2018). RIP.

Kurt Angle was in the ring to kick things off. He thanked all the Raw wrestlers for their efforts last night and for their dedication. He said Universal champion Brock Lesnar has shown no such dedication and brought up the ultimatum. Angle hadn’t heard from Lesnar or his representatives, so he began to announce that he was stripping him of the title and the crowd cheered.

Paul Heyman interrupted. He tried doing his usual spiel but Angle stopped him because he wanted to see Lesnar. Heyman teased that Lesnar was there, but then said he wasn’t. Angle was about to strip him again but Heyman ran to the ring and pleaded with him to wait. The crowd chanted “where’s the title.”

Heyman said Lesnar was misunderstood. People think his primary focus was to become UFC champion, but that wasn’t true. Lesnar loves being in WWE and loves being Universal champion. Angle wondered why he doesn’t show up. Heyman said Lesnar wanted to win the UFC title while also being Universal champion.

Heyman said it was not unlike Angle winning multiple WWE titles while also wearing gold medals. Angle told Heyman that Lesnar would defend at SummerSlam or else he was no longer the champion. The crowd again asked for the whereabouts of the title.

Heyman reluctantly agreed to have Lesnar defend at SummerSlam. The crowd booed. Heyman thought the crowd wanted to see more Lesnar and they booed again. He said the network should be all Lesnar all the time. They booed.

Heyman wondered who would be conquered next. Bobby Lashley came out to not much of a reaction. Lashley said he accomplished one of his goals already in defeating Roman Reigns, and now it was time to accomplish another. He cornered Heyman and said he would beat Lesnar.

Drew McIntyre came out next. McIntyre said he didn’t come back to stand in Dolph Ziggler’s corner. He said phase one was to make sure the IC Title stayed on Ziggler and phase two was the Universal title. That brought out Seth Rollins, who marched to the ring with a limp and got in McIntyre’s face. The crowd chanted “burn it down.” Rollins wanted Lesnar.

Elias came out next. Elias said nothing sounds better than him as Universal champion and his debut album drops next week. He began playing the guitar as everyone in the ring just stood around watching. Finn Balor interrupted. Balor reminded us he was the first Universal champion, so he should get the shot.

Reigns entered. He took his sweet time getting to the ring as the crowd booed. Reigns said he had no excuses, and he doesn’t care about Lesnar, he just wants to fight somebody tonight.

Angle announced two triple threat matches, and the winner of those matches would face Lesnar. He announced Elias vs. Rollins vs. Lashley, as well as Balor vs. McIntyre vs. Reigns. The show was about 19 minutes old when this was over. 

Baron Corbin confronted Angle backstage, saying he should have consulted with Stephanie McMahon and should’ve put him in one of the matches. Angle said he didn’t need to consult with Stephanie and didn’t think Corbin deserved it. Corbin was displeased. 

Roman Reigns defeated Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre in a Triple Threat Match (22:00)

Aside from Balor wiping out both guys with a flip dive early on, McIntyre controlled the first part of the match. Reigns fought him off, then Balor attacked Reigns. Reigns got the better of him but missed a drive-by and Balor followed with a double foot stomp on the apron.

McIntyre followed with a flip dive on Reigns. Balor shoved McIntyre into the steps and stomped him in the back. Balor nailed a stomp on Reigns for a two count and the crowd chanted for Balor. Balor setup Reigns for the Coup de Grace but McIntyre nailed him with a steel chair. Reigns avoided the chair but McIntyre tossed him into the post, leading to a two count.

After a break, Reigns clotheslined McIntyre and hit a big boot. McIntyre countered a superman punch into a spinebuster for two. Balor then hit McIntyre with the chair twice. He sized up Reigns with the chair as people cheered. He nailed Reigns with the chair repeatedly and the crowd was happy. Balor then dropkicked McIntyre into the barricade.

Reigns went for a spear, presumably on Balor, but Balor moved and Reigns speared McIntyre. Balor gave Reigns a slingblade but Reigns came back with a superman punch for a nearfall.

Balor countered the spear, dropkicked Reigns into the turnbuckle and hit Coup de Grace but McIntyre broke up the cover and tossed him into the steps. Crowd thought Balor was about to win. Reigns gave McIntyre a superman punch then Balor got a nearfall on Reigns with a schoolboy.

After McIntyre gave Balor a Claymore Kick, Reigns punched him out of the ring and gave Balor a spear for the pinfall win. Good match. Balor came off well despite the loss. Reigns moves on to a number one contender's match next week. 

Backstage, Bayley told Angle that counselling didn’t go well and she doesn’t think she can be with Sasha Banks ever again. Angle didn’t agree and put Bayley in a tag match with Banks against Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox. Bayley didn’t like that idea, but Angle said they’re valuable together, and if they can’t get along, one of them is getting traded to Smackdown. 

Ziggler came out. The crowd lightly booed. He said Robert Downey can move aside because he is Iron Man. Ziggler said the IC title main evented a pay per view for the first time in 17 years, which the crowd applauded. Ziggler said it was because of him, not Rollins. He put over Rollins before letting us know he beat Rollins five times. That brought out Bobby Roode.

Roode said Ziggler should be crediting McIntyre because if it wasn’t for him, Ziggler would be at a comedy club telling bad jokes. Ziggler asked him what it was like watching him in the main event. Roode admitted being on the sidelines sucks and challenged him to a title match right now. Ziggler only accepted after Roode egged him on, then said it would be non-title. 

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler defeated Bobby Roode in a non-title match (13:06)

After a series of roll-ups from both guys, Ziggler seemed to have the match won with a Zig-Zag but Roode kicked out. Roode countered a superkick and hit a spinebuster for two. They traded counters, which included Roode landing “awkwardly” on his leg, and Ziggler nailed him with a superkick for the clean win. 

Lashley was warming up backstage then suddenly spoke to the camera, saying he has the ability to slay the beast at SummerSlam and he will be Universal Champion.  

Backstage, Mojo Rawley mockingly clapped for Roode and told him, “you’re supposed to be glorious?” Roode just stood there as Rawley walked off. 

Mojo Rawley defeated Tyler Breeze (3:09)

Some people started a “Mojo Rawley” chant and that actually led to dueling chants for each guy. It wasn’t super loud but it definitely happened. Rawley did the Lesnar leap onto the apron, hit a pounce, running punch in the corner, and Alabama Slam for the pinfall win. The finishing sequence was a good showcase for Rawley, though Breeze landed hard on the Alabama Slam. 

Before the match, Jonathan Coachman realized he didn’t mention his “word of the hour” in the first hour, then Michael Cole talked all over him so he couldn’t get it out.  

Bayley and Banks were shown walked through the back together, though they wouldn’t look at each other. 

Dana Brooke & Alicia Fox vs. Bayley & Sasha Banks (2:21) 

There were a few “Bayley Section” signs in the crowd. Fox attacked Bayley on the outside until Banks went after her. Banks beat the crap out of Fox and Brooke and gave them both a crossbody off the apron. The referee called for the bell. They didn’t announce a finish, so it could've been a countout or DQ. Banks glared at Bayley before walking off. 

In the locker room, Banks grabbed her stuff in a hurry and was about to leave until Bayley stopped her. Banks said she didn’t want someone other than her beating up on Bayley. Bayley said that meant she cared.

Banks said of course she cared. She loved that Bayley was a good person, that she loved everybody, that little girls look up to her, that she was always there for her, but didn’t understand how Bayley doesn’t get it. Bank said, “I love you. I always have and I always will.” She added, “There, I said it.” and walked off.

They aired still photos of Kevin Owens being launched off the cage by Braun Strowman. Almost two hours into the show, this was the first mention of this spot.

Renee Young asked if Strowman had any regrets. Strowman regretted that he couldn’t congratulate Owens on his win, then he laughed. Young wondered why he didn’t put his name in the mix for the Universal title. He said because had the briefcase, and he would cash in whenever he wanted.

They showed clips of B-Team celebrating their tag title win throughout the evening last night at the arena in Pittsburgh. 

Tag Team Champions The B-Team defeated The Ascension in a non-title match

Ascension took most of the match, but B-Team won with their combo backdrop/neckbreaker.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen and said they would get their rematch next week. Hardy said B-Team would be deleted forever. 

WWE congratulated themselves on being the most social program “on all TV” last night... even more than the NBA Summer League. 

Alexa Bliss came out with Mickie James to brag about beating Nia Jax, despite the odds being against her. Bliss claimed she’s beaten every woman in the locker room as the crowd chanted for Ronda Rousey. Bliss said Rousey wasn’t here because she’s still suspended. The crowd began cheering as Rousey showed up walking through the crowd.

Bliss hastily wished everyone a good night and told everyone to drive safe, which was funny. She tried to scamper off but Rousey cut her off on the stage. Bliss and James turned and ran toward the ring, but Rousey caught up to James and slammed her. She tried the armbar but Bliss and some referees pulled James out of the ring as the crowd booed.

Rousey sprinted at them and knocked everyone down, referees included. Rousey grabbed Bliss and dragged her to the ring, but the referees saved her as Angle appeared. Angle said she only has two days left on her suspension and told her to go home. Corbin showed up and said Rousey needs to be reprimanded.

Angle added a week to her suspension, but Corbin said Stephanie wouldn’t be happy. He threatened to call Stephanie but couldn’t find his phone. He went to look for it, but Angle actually had it with him.

Angle said Rousey would get a match with Bliss after her suspension, but would pull the match if she pulled this stunt again. Angle said the match would be for the title at SummerSlam. Rousey was happy and the crowd cheered. Rousey probably deserves a stiffer suspension in storyline, but outside of that, this was pretty good. 

Rollins told Charly Caruso that last night wasn’t his night, but tonight would be his night and SummerSlam would be his night when he becomes champion. He would go through his brother Roman if that’s what it meant and knows Reigns feels the same way. 

Authors of Pain defeated Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews (2:09)

AOP won quickly with the Last Chapter on Crews. 

They plugged Akira Tozawa vs. Lio Rush for 205 Live. 

Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan bumped into No Way Jose and his conga line backstage. Morgan knocked away some of their props, took a pair of sunglasses and put them on as Logan gave her a piggyback ride. I mean, this was supposed to be more shenanigans from the Riott Squad, but it seemed like everyone was having an equally good time here. 

Sarah Logan (w/Liv Morgan) defeated Ember Moon (6:43) 

Cole said Logan emailed him to tell him that she’s a Viking. Corey Graves confirmed that Logan is a legit Viking. I guess email is a Viking’s preferred form of communication.

Moon hit a cool suicide dive and went to the top where she was distracted by Morgan. Logan knocked her off the top and pinned her for the win. Lame finish. Cole loudly informed us this was Logan’s first singles win in WWE. 

Elias was in the ring and introduced himself. He then froze. He woke up and said he forgot where he was and when he realized he was in Buffalo he became instantly depressed. The crowd laughed before others started booing. (His guitar was black and yellow, so perhaps he thought he would be in Pittsburgh.) He plugged his album and said we all night to buy it.

Elias sang a song, taking more shots at Buffalo and said he’d rather watch paint dry than watch Lashley speak. He also suggested Rollins dive off Niagara Falls. Rollins interrupted. Cole and maybe Graves were snickering throughout this.

Raw is in Cincinnati next week. 

Bobby Lashley defeated Elias and Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat Match (17:06)

Elias gave Lashley a nice diving elbow for a two count, then Rollins immediately followed with a frog splash on Lashley. Elias tossed Rollins from the ring and tried stealing the pin but Lashley kicked out. Rollins followed later with a blockbuster on Elias for two.

Rollins gave Lashley a bucklebomb, then ran up the ropes and gave Elias a superplex into a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. That was impressive. Rollins nailed suicide dives on Elias and Lashley, then gave Elias a slingblade. Rollins followed with a curb stomp but Lashley broke up the cover.

Rollins and Lashley traded punches and Rollins got the better of it, but Lashley killed him with a clothesline and hit a delayed vertical suplex. Rollins leaped over a spear attempt and went for the curb stomp but Elias yanked him from the ring. Lashley then speared Elias for the pinfall win.

The early part of the match was slow, especially when Elias worked with Lashley, but Rollins saved it by the end. The crowd was into Rollins and not into Lashley at all. It seemed like they actually groaned at the finish. 

Lashley vs. Reigns next week.