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WWE Raw live results: The wedding of Bobby Lashley & Lana

Date: December 30, 2019
Location: XL Center in Hartford, CT 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Liv Morgan crashed the wedding to announce that she and Lana were (previously) in love. This came near the end of a very long segment. Lana attacked Morgan before Rusev finally appeared to attack Bobby Lashley. (Read more below.) 

There was also a strange angle where Randy Orton faked a potentially career-ending knee injury just so he could give AJ Styles an RKO. 

The show had started off well with a brawl between Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe against Seth Rollins and AOP, as well as an excellent rematch between Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy that won over the live crowd. The show was not good after that.

Show Recap -- 

Vic Joseph and Jerry Lawler are the announcers. 

Kevin Owens stormed out to start the show. An angry Owens said he would provide some fireworks tonight, then cut to a video. Owens said Seth Rollins and AOP have been running roughshod and have sent him to the hospital twice in a month. Owens kept getting beat up, but he was going to keep going after them until he can take one of those “idiots” down with him. 

Owens was particularly bothered that they went after someone he respects in Rey Mysterio. He called Mysterio a legend, and said the attack on Rey was the reason he lost the US Title at Madison Square Garden to Andrade. (He showed a clip.) Owens said he had enough of tape study and asked Rollins to come out. 

Rollins and AOP entered. Rollins said this position has been forced upon him by people like Owens and he was sacrificing himself for the greater good. As Rollins spoke, Owens had enough and went after him but was cut off by AOP. As they beat down on Owens, Samoa Joe entered. 

Joe decked both Akam and Razar as the crowd chanted for him. Joe put Rollins in the Coquina Clutch but AOP attacked him. Owens jumped back in with a chair when security marched out to break up the brawl. Owens then did a senton off the top to the outside on to about 10 bodies. The brawl continued as they went to break. 

This was good, other than Owens cutting to a video clip twice during a supposedly angry promo. 

In the locker room, Charly Caruso informed Owens and Joe that security was on their way, then asked Joe why he got involved. Joe said Rollins chose to involve him, he chose to make sure he will no longer be safe, he chose to make sure Owens won’t be on his own again. Owens said he’s known a lot of bad people, but none as bad as Joe — and he meant that as a compliment. 

Owens was glad to have Joe on his side. Security showed up to escort them out of the building. Owens and Joe seemed content with their work this week and were willing to go peacefully. Joe warned security not to touch him or else they won’t feel with their fingers again. Owens wished them a happy new year. 

Aleister Black defeated Buddy Murphy (15:26) 

As Murphy went to the top, Black nailed him with a soccer kick to the face. Black went after him but Murphy blocked him and eventually dropped Black face-first on the ring post. Joseph reminded us of Black getting his nose busted at TLC. After a break, Black kicked Murphy into the ring post, then hit a moonsault to the outside. 

Back in the ring, Black hit a series of strikes and a springboard moonsault for two. Black went to the top but Murphy rolled out of the way and dropkicked him into the buckle. Murphy tried a cover with his feet on the ropes but the referee caught him. Murphy followed with a flip dive then a double knee strike off the top for a nearfall. Murphy hit a sit-out powerbomb for two. 

Black blocked a knee strike, then they exchanged strikes. Murphy hit the knee strike but Black followed with a brainbuster for a nearfall. This sequence got a round of applause from the crowd. Murphy ducked a Black Mass and hit a jumping knee strikes, but Black reversed a Murphy’s Law into a roll-up for two, then hit consecutive Black Mass kicks for the pinfall win. 

This was excellent. The crowd was relatively quiet at the beginning but were pretty much on their feet by the end. 

AOP and Rollins were backstage. Rollins told them that “management” wanted them to leave. He laughed about how insane it was to not having them on the show. Security showed up and Rollins told them that they would leave peacefully. 

Lana was getting her makeup done when she was accosted by Erick Rowan, who wondered where his wedding invitation was. He lifted up his cage and said “they” didn’t care anyway, then he screamed. You could hear a few people laughing at how dumb this was. 

The announcers discussed Randy Orton’s injury from the weekend and they showed pictures of him getting wheeled out with ice on his knee. Orton will address it tonight. 

Erick Rowan defeated Kip Stevens (1:45) 

The jobber tried to run away but Rowan caught him, tossed him around and won with a chokeslam. 

Lana applied lotion or something on her chest and legs. 

WWE Backstage tomorrow will countdown the top five matches of 2019. No CM Punk. 

Charlotte Flair came out. She announced she was entering the women’s Royal Rumble. She figured everyone already knew she would be in the Rumble. She ran down her accomplishments, including being the first woman to main event WrestleMania. She then said she was the first woman on any brand to announce her Rumble entry. She said this like it was some sort of accomplishment. She then issued an open challenge. Natalya entered and they went to break. This was a very strange (and bad) promo. 

[Second hour] 

Charlotte Flair defeated Natalya (14:32) 

As Natalya worked over Charlotte, I believe she leaned in and told her “I’m a bigger bitch than you.” Charlotte escaped a Mexican surfboard and nailed a big boot for two. Charlotte tried working over the leg but Natalya fought back and suplexed her on the ramp. Natalya told a fan to shut up, then hit a vertical suplex. 

Natalya missed a charge, then Charlotte put her in a Boston Crab in between the ropes. With Natalya on the outside, R-Truth ran out and was chased around ringside by some losers and Shelton Benjamin. Charlotte booted Eric Young, then Truth escaped through the crowd and they went to break. 

Natalya hit a flying crossbody for two, then blocked a boot and hit a German suplex. Charlotte hit an Exploder but Natalya ducked a boot and followed with a sit-out powerbomb for two. Charlotte blocked a discus clothesline and hit a spear for a nearfall. (Natalya barely kicked out.) Charlotte followed soon later with a Natural Selection (sort of) for a nearfall. 

Natalya reversed a Figure Eight into a small package for a nearfall. Charlotte nailed a big boot then applied a Figure Eight for the submission win. Natalya was in the hold for a while before finally tapping out. 

Caruso interviewed Becky Lynch, who announced that her title match against Asuka would be at the Royal Rumble. Lynch said her contract was coming up but wanted her match with Asuka before she could even look at a new deal. Lynch said she could go ahead and sign one of the biggest contracts in WWE history but she can’t forget about Asuka beating her last year. 

Lynch said decision-makers were telling her to forget about last year because she’s on top of the world but she didn’t want to be on top if that’s what it meant. Being the golden goose also meant getting the golden handcuffs. She wasn’t sure she if she could beat Asuka, but would wipe her record clean even if it killed her. 

Bobby Lashley looked at himself in a mirror. 

Liv Morgan video promo. “To be different, you can’t just look different. You have to feel different. Someone once made me feel different, and then they took it away. The old me would have done something impulsive. The new me is way more methodical. I strike when I’m ready. And I think I’m ready. Are you?” 

The OC entered. AJ Styles said Raw was still their show and aired replays of The OC’s victories over the past two weeks. Karl Anderson said people thought the Viking Raiders were unbeatable but they proved them wrong. Luke Gallows was about to issue a title challenge but they were interrupted by the Street Profits. 

Montez Ford said the OC may have defeated the Viking Raiders, but the Street Profits beat the OC in their debut. Ford was about to say “ass” but Angelo Dawkins stopped him because he didn’t want them to get fired. Styles called them lucky, then the Street Profits made fun of their name for being the same as a teen drama series. Anyway, they agreed to fight. This was lame. 

The Street Profits defeated Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (11:37) 

Styles got involved so the referee kicked him out two minutes into the match, then they went to break. Gallows dropped Ford over the barricade during the break and they worked him over after the break. Dawkins eventually made the hot tag and ran wild on both guys. Ford saved Dawkins from a Magic Killer, then wiped out Gallows with a dive. Dawkins gave Anderson a spinebuster, then Ford hit a frog splash for the win. This was dull until the very end. 

The announcers said that Asuka accepted Lynch’s challenge and the match was made official for the Rumble. 

Lana checked out the wedding decorations backstage. 

The Street Profits celebrated their win backstage. Ford wondered if they were now the best tag team in the universe. Dawkins said this made them the best tag team in the multiverse. Ford didn’t know what that was, so Dawkins tried to explain it. He seemed to have a hard time remembering his lines, not that I blame him. Ford changed subjects to the wedding, then said they want the smoke. 

1-on-2 handicap match: Drew McIntyre defeated Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder (0:49) 

Before the match, Drew McIntyre polled the crowd, asking for a show of hands if he should be worried about his opponents tonight. Almost nobody did. He then asked if Hawkins and Ryder should be worried and people did raise their hands. Hawkins and Ryder attacked but McIntyre fended them off. 

With Hawkins and McIntyre in the ring, the referee started the match. McIntyre gave Hawkins a Claymore kick, then gave Ryder a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre covered them both for the pinfall win. As if they weren’t already, Hawkins and Ryder are dead after this. 

Next week on Raw: Brock Lesnar (the WWE Champion) appears, Mysterio faces Andrade for the US Title, and the Viking Raiders defend the tag titles in a triple threat against the Street Profits and the OC. 

[Third hour] 

Randy Orton promo 

Orton walked out slowly on crutches. A stagehand helped him get in the ring. The announcers speculated on what Orton might say, teasing possible retirement. The crowd chanted for Orton. 

Orton said this wasn’t ballet. Accidents happen, and everyone in the back was aware of it. It killed him that he needed help getting in the ring in front of everyone. Orton recalled seeing champions retire because of their injuries, including one of the few guys he respects — Edge, who gave up his whole career. 

Orton said he screwed up his knee last night. Doctors told him this morning that he’ll be out a long time, and there was a chance he may not be able to return. Regardless, Orton would do what he could to ensure somebody got RKO’d at WrestleMania. 

AJ Styles interrupted. Styles couldn’t believe he may not be able to fight him until WrestleMania. Styles egged him on and got in his face, daring him to strike, even putting his hands behind his back. Styles called himself a patient man and would wait until WrestleMania to put Orton in the calf crusher and retire him for good. 

Styles then kicked out one of Orton’s crutches. The crowd booed and chanted “AJ sucks.” Before Styles could leave, Orton called him back in. Orton said there was one difference between them, Styles was patient, but he was not. Orton gave him an RKO. The crowd cheered as Orton showed that his leg was fine. 

I thought it was transparent from the beginning that Orton was faking it, but most of the crowd seemed to buy it and they were into this segment. Styles got a ton of heat for being a jerk. It’s weird that Orton did all of that just to give Styles an RKO when he’s known for doing that out of nowhere. 

They aired a replay of Andrade beating Mysterio for the US Title. They aired a clip of Mysterio from after the match issuing a warning to Rollins and AOP. 

They announced Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler on Steve Harvey’s New Year’s Eve special on FOX tomorrow. 

Non-title match: U.S. Champion Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) vs. a jobber 

The match ended without a finish. Andrade exposed the cement floor when Ricochet ran out to save this random jobber. Ricochet told Andrade that he took out Humberto Carrillo and took advantage of Rey Mysterio, so if he wanted to fight someone, he should fight him. 

Non-title match: U.S. Champion Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) defeated Ricochet (11:13) 

During the match, Vega once again exposed the cement floor. As Ricochet regained control, Andrade seemed like he was going to leave. Ricochet went after him, so Andrade shoved him into the barricade, then into the side of the ring. Andrade set up for a DDT on the concrete but Ricochet blocked it. Right after that, Andrade gave him a back body drop on the concrete. 

After a break, Ricochet fought out of chinlock, hit an enziguri, running forearm, front dropkick, and standing shooting star press for two. Andrade avoided a Codebreaker and nailed a nice-looking back elbow for two. Ricochet countered a DDT into a rollup for two, then hit a superkick and suplex. 

Ricochet went to the top but was pushed off by Vega as the referee checked on Andrade. Andrade then hit a hammerlock DDT for the pinfall win. This was enjoyable while it lasted, but the finish made Ricochet and the referee look like idiots. 

Lana had a pre-wedding photoshoot backstage. 

Sarah Schrieber asked Andrade about next week’s match. Vega said Andrade would beat Mysterio again, just like he beat Ricochet tonight. 

The announcers plugged next week’s show again. 

Lana and Bobby Lashley wedding 

The marriage officiant introduced Lashley as “the almighty.” Lashley wore a fancy black vest with no shirt. The announcers noted that all the chairs on the stage were empty, so nobody accepted their invites. Lana came out next, wearing a white wedding dress. Then they went to commercial. 

The crowd booed as the officiant spoke about marriage. Lana cut him off when he mentioned something about having kids. She freaked out and told him to stick to the script. The crowd chanted “Rusev Day” as the officiant continued. Lana yelled that this wasn’t about Rusev Day. 

Lana read her vows. She called Lashley the greatest superstar ever and herself the greatest woman who ever lived. She said the greatest gift Lashley could give himself was her. The Rusev Day chants got louder, so Lana started shouting “Lana Day.” Lana said she wanted to jump on Lashley and make love to him right now. She jumped in his arms and they made out. 

Lashley brushed her off and the officiant thanked him for his restraint. It was time for Lashley to read his vows. Lana said she put a lot of time into the “vowels” that he was about to read. Lashley read the vows as the crowd yelled “What.” Lana tried shutting them up again as Lashley finished the vows. They exchanged rings. The officiant asked if anyone would object. 

A random guy walked out to object. He called the wedding a sham. The officiant asked who he was. He was Lana’s first husband. He married her the day she turned 18, then she left him for that son of a bitch Rusev. Now she’s leaving Rusev for this son of a bitch and warned Lashley that it would happen to him too. Lashley chokeslammed him. 

The officiant was about to continue but a random woman came out as Lashley hanged his head. She was Lashley’s first wife. This was news to Lana. As she told their story, Lana knocked her off the apron. 

The officiant was about to make it official but they were interrupted again — this time by Liv Morgan. Morgan said the love of her life was standing right there and wouldn’t have made it through the year without them. Morgan said she didn’t know she could be herself until they fell in love. She asked, “How could you do this to me?” 

Lashley didn’t know what she was talking about. Morgan said she wasn’t talking about Bobby, she was talking about Lana. The crowd briefly chanted “Yes.” As Morgan pleaded with Lana, Lana slapped her. They brawled until officials ran down to break them up as the crowd watched in silence. 

They escorted Morgan to the back as Lana demanded they finish the wedding. Before they could, Rusev popped out of the cake and attacked Lashley. The crowd cheered but it probably would’ve been louder if it happened ten minutes ago and they didn’t do the whole thing with Morgan. Rusev superkicked Lashley, then Morgan reappeared to shove Lana into the cake. 

The show ended at approximately 11:10 pm.