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WWE Raw live results: WrestleMania 33 go-home show

The Big Takeaway: Nothing special for a go-home show, but nothing bad either. Only four matches on a three hour show. Seth Rollins signed his Hold Harmless Agreement to face HHH in an unsanctioned match. Sami Zayn was forced into a match by Stephanie McMahon where he had to beat Kevin Owens to qualify for the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, or else he would be fired. Zayn won a solid match thanks to help from Chris Jericho. Goldberg speared Brock Lesnar to end the show. 

Show Recap: 

The standard opening titles were interrupted by the Undertaker's music and some of his imagery. 

Bayley came out for an opening show promo talking about her memories of watching WrestleMania with her friends. She was thrilled about being participating in WrestleMania. Charlotte came out and said Banks has made Bayley her pawn. When Charlotte defeated Banks, she was totally out of the title picture. If it wasn't for Banks, she would still be the women's champion. Charlotte said Bayley's friendship with Banks wasn't real and Bayley was going to walk away from WrestleMania with no friends and no future. Charlotte showed Bayley a tweet from Banks that showed the old axiom which said the path to success rule #1: Keep you friends by your side and #2: Keep you enemies closer. Charlotte told Bayley that Banks was going to stab her in the back.

Banks came out and said she hears this from Charlotte every week. Banks said she and Bayley are big girls and they understand that friendship is friendship and business is business. Banks added she was going to beat Bayley at WrestleMania, which Bayley shot a surprised look at.

Jax came out and said she's heard nothing about Bayley and Banks since she got to the Raw roster. Charlotte said the only reason Jax is in the four-way match is because Banks had to pretend she still cared about Bayley. Banks decked Charlotte and they all brawled. 

The Four-way match for the Raw Women's Championship is now an elimination match and not a standard Four-way, where the first pinfall wins.

Bayley and Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte and Nia Jax (12:59) 

Charlotte tried to put Bayley in the Figure Eight, but Bayley kicked her out of the ring and tagged Banks. Jax made a blind tag and knocked banks off the apron with a running bodyblock. Banks threw Charlotte into Jax to make the hot tag to Bayley. Charlotte hammered Bayley with a knee lift, but Bayley came back with a knee lift. Charlotte gave Bayley a knee breaker and put her in the Figure Eight, but Banks made the save. Jax threw Banks out of the ring, but Banks sent Jax into the post. In the ring, Charlotte missed a big boot and Bayley pinned her with the Bayley-to-belly suplex.

Postmatch, Jax hammered Bayley and Banks from behind, gave Banks a legdrop, Bayley a Samoan Drop and Charlotte a running splash into the corner, then picked up the championship to boos. 

Charly Caruso stood below the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy. Sami Zayn did an interview and said he was said that Mick Foley was gone and he wanted to honor his legacy. Foley told him it was Zayn's job to do what's right, and he was going to be a part of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and he was going to dedicate it to Foley. Stephanie McMahon stepped in and said Zayn would have to beat Kevin Owens in a No-DQ match in order to qualify for the battle royal. If Zayn lost, he was fired. 

Austin Aries defeated Noam Dar via submission (7:30) 

Neville was on commentary and demanded that Michael Cole call him the King of the Cruiserweights. Austin Aries, who got a good reception, teased the Fivearm but Alicia Fox distracted him. Noam Dar got a schoolboy cradle, but Aries kicked out and knocked Dar flat with a Discus Fivearm. Aries used the Last Chancery for the submission, giving Neville the evil eye while doing so. 

Rollins limped out on a crutch to sign his Hold Harmless Agreement to face HHH at WrestleMania. They setup the ring like it was a contract signing. HHH got to come out last, naturally. HHH told him if Rollins attacked him before he signs the contract, then the match at WrestleMania is off. Rollins told him to get in the ring. HHH told Rollins to sit down and listen to him. When Rollins refused, HHH teased canceling the match until Rollins relented. HHH said he wanted Rollins to understand what signing the contract means. It means when he gives up all his rights. It means when Rollins loses his leg, he can't sue him, he can't sure Stephanie, he can't sue WWE. Rollins told him to sign the contract. 

HHH said Rollins didn't sell his soul, he made a wise business decision. HHH wondered why Rollins was worried about making enemies in the dressing room. He said if Rollins wasn't making enemies, he wasn't making friends. HHH made fun of people who said Rollins could sleep better at night, but who needs sleep? HHH would rather eat well than sleep. HHH said if Rollins signed the contract, he would be the one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. There's never been an one-legged man to win an ass kicking contest and Rollins wouldn't be the first. HHH said he gets it, that Seth would walk into WrestleMania if he signed the contract. But Seth could bet his ass he wasn't walking out. 

Seth said that was the same line of bullcrap he brought into three years ago. Rollins said when someone rehabbing you have time to think.Seth said he was proud of himself before he met HHH. It didn't bother him to work for a hotdog and a handshake at the Philadelphia National Guard Armory. It's not about fame, fortune or WrestleMania. It was about redemption. Rollins gave up everything to stand next to HHH, and for what? At WrestleMania, HHH better be prepared to tear Rollins' leg off and beat him with it. Because there would be nothing stopping him from tearing HHH apart and getting back to being Seth Freakin' Rollins. 

Rollins signed the contract and threw it in HHH's face. HHH turned around, then kicked the table into Rollins' bad knee. Rollins kicked HHH, then teased a Pedigree on HHH, but HHH clipped him. HHH teased a pedigree, but Rollins backdropped him over. HHH got back in the ring, but Rollins used his crutch to smash it over HHH's back. The bout is a non-sanctioned match. 

Next was an Over the Top Rope challenge that had no winner and went about 3:50. It was a showcase for the Big Show,who threw out Jinder Mahal in :21. Bo Dallas ran in and was thrown out at :55. The crowd popped because a fan got over the rail and ran around ringside, but was led away by security quickly. Primo and Epico came in and were thrown out at 1:38. Then Curtis Axel, R-Truth, Goldust, Mahal, Primo, Epico and Mahal, even though they had been eliminated, ran back in and threw out Big Show at 2:10. Big Show went back in and choke slammed Dallas, Axel, Mahal, Primo and Epico. Goldust and Truth backed off before they could get slammed.

Braun Strowman walked out and said if he wanted to, he would come down and kicked Show's ass right now. But that's what everybody wants him to do. He does what he wants to do and that's why everybody was going to have to wait until WrestleMania. 

Mike Rome interviewed Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows ran down Enzo Amore and Big Cass. They made fun of Enzo and Cass' catchphrases. 

Another Undertaker vignette where Cole suggested he was digging a grave for Reigns aired. He was shown in a graveyard digging up dirt. 

Reigns was asked by Caruso about the vignettes. Reigns said he didn't believe in mind games or dead men, and tonight he was going to tell the world what he was going to do to the Undertaker. 

The New Day was shown ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. Corey Graves joked they were going to send the country back into a recession. Big E., Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods posed in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts, where Big E. acted like they were going to race up the steps like Rocky Balboa. Kingston and Woods ran while Big E. walked while eating Booty-Os, but somehow still made it up before them. 

Rome interviewed Cesaro and Sheamus. Cesaro said they don't care about the odds, he missed last year's WrestleMania, but he wasn't going to let it happen again. Sheamus started to talk,but Cesaro pulled him out of theway just as Gallows was about to cheap shot him from behind. Cesaro took the shot. Anderson laid out Sheamus with a 2x4, while Gallows pulled out a ladder and rammed it into Cesaro's midsection. 

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville defeated Jack Gallagher via submission in a nontitle match (7:31)

Neville and Jack Gallagher did a spot where they collided head-to-head. It looked still as hell, but clearly scripted because Gallagher grabbed Richard III the Umbrella and used it as he hit a plancha on Neville. Within a minute of taking that spot, Neville hit a Superplex, then smoothly moved into the Rings of Saturn for the tap. 

After the match, we got a report from the Austin Aries News Network. Aries was backstage and he interviewed the New Day. He asked Kingston who would win between himself and Neville. Kingston said the ability of a champion depends on how they can move their hips. Aries asked who will be the "WWE Cruiserweight Champion." New Day started chanting "A-Double" in the same cadance as "New Day Rocks." 

They showed clips of John Cena hosting the Today Show, which led to Al Roker being named the special guest ring announcer for Cena's mixed-tag match where he's teaming with Nikki Bella against the Miz and Maryse. 

Reigns came out. They booed him out of the building within two beats of his music starting. There were three girls screaming at ringside, but the boos drowned out his interview. He talked about winning the Royal Rumble two years ago and headlining WrestleMania twice. He thought that was the biggest moment of his career but he was wrong, because he's facing the Undertaker on Sunday. He's going to put the dead man down. Reigns said he didn't care if you're Goldberg, Brock Lesnar or Cena, this is his time now. This arena was his house now. Because this is his yard.

The Undertaker popped up on the TitanTron. Undertaker's disembodied voice did a promo saying the ring Reigns' ring that he was standing in was his yard. He showed Reigns what his yard was going to look like. There was a tombstone with Reigns' name on it, which got a big pop. Undertaker said at WrestleMania, the Roman Empire would fall and the Ultimate Thrill Ride would be Roman's last ride. He said "Roman, I would advise you to live every day like it's your last. Because soon, it will be. At WrestleMania, you will..." and a jolt of thunder sounded.

The lights went out and the Undertaker's gong went off. When they lights came back on, the Undertaker was in the ring. Undertaker said "As I was saying, you will Rest in Peace." Undertaker raised his arms and another jolt of thunder sounded. The lights went out again and they went to a commercial.  

Enzo and Cass came out. Enzo said they are walking out of Orlando with gold around their waist and that's because they always practice what they preach. Cass did an impression of Allen Iverson's infamous "practice" rant from 2001. Enzo said they don't wait in line, they cross the line. But that's because they have a fast pass to the ultimate thrill ride, WrestleMania. Cass said Anderson and Gallows were about to get their bald heads sunburned because it's always sunny in Philadelphia. 

Anderson & Gallows came out, but Cesaro and Sheamus came out with ladders from behind and jumped them. Cesaro, with his ribs taped, whipped Sheamus into Cass, who had a ladder draped on him. An "ECW" chant broke out. But Cass hit Sheamus with a boot. Anderson and Gallows clotheslined the ladder into Cass, then used it to hit Cesaro in his injury ribs. Enzo climbed the top rope, but Anderson and Gallows knocked him off the top rope and he took a nasty bump to the floor. 

Owens did an interview with Caruso. She started to say that Owens is facing a former close friend in Chris Jericho, but he stopped him. Owens admitted to being a Jericho fan once, but Jericho fans are morons. He said if he knew the real Jericho, he never would have spent a dime of his parents' money on Jericho's t-shirts. Owens said he has waited to be the guy who sends Zayn home for good. He said he would be the man who takes Zayn's career away from him, just like Jericho took Owens' championship away from him. But that's OK, because at OwensMania 2, he's going to take the Ultimate Thrill Ride and turn it into Chris Jericho's demise. "The Ultimate Thrill Ride" was a phrase heard about two dozen times by this point in the show. 

Cole did an preview of an exclusive interview with Graves talking with Kurt Angle, whose music played over the PA. The fans still chant "You suck" to it. 

A video package of Rollins throughout his career aired with HHH's babyface promo from February. The Metallica song "Am I Savage?" from their new album "Hardwired...to Self-Destruct" aired on this video, and throughout the show. It was a good promo package showing Rollins becoming the first NXT Champion, his days in the Shield, turning on Reigns, etc. 

Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens in a No-DQ match to qualify for the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and save his job (10:21) 

They brawled out into the crowd, where Zayn threw Owens into the crowd. Owens threw Zayn into the commentator's table twice. Zayn kicked Owens away and did his flip plancha off the ramp. Owens hit a DDT on the ring steps, then came off the steps with a senton. Zayn got Owens going for a cannonball and hit a Exploder Suplex into the corner. Zayn dove through the ropes into a Tornado DDT. Zayn went for the Helluva Kick, but Owens caught him with a Superkick for a two count. Owens came off the top for a frog splash for another near fall. Owens tried the Pop-Up Power Bomb, but Zayn caught him with the Blue Thunder Bomb for another two count. 

Samoa Joe ran out and pulled out a chair. Jericho's music played. Joe looked towards the entrance, but Jericho jumped Joe from behind and leveled him with a chair shot to the back. Zayn pinned Owens with a schoolboy cradle. Owens immediately jumped Zayn, but Jericho chased Owens away with another chair shot to the back.

Postmatch, Jericho asked Owens if he knows what happens when you betray Chris Jericho? He pulled out the pen and said "You just made the list!" 

Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out. Heyman called Lesnar "the Extremist." Fans started chanting for Goldberg. Then a "Suplex City" chant got started. Heyman said we all have a difference of opinion and that difference gets settled this Sunday. Goldberg would walk down the aisle as Universal Champion, a title that is the Holy Grail in the WWE. It means you're the one centerpiece of the flagship of the WWE, Monday Night Raw. Heyman said Lesnar wants the championship, needs that championship, lusts after that championship. And Goldberg has that championship. Heyman said Sting tried to pull off what Goldberg accomplished, but where Sting fell short, Goldberg rose to the occasion with dominance. He said Goldberg has his respect and he's a real life superhero and he's truly the man. 

But Lesnar is the beast. And this beast is going to chew up Goldberg and spit him out like no one has ever seen before. Bad thing happen to authenic superheroes who step into the ring with Lesnar. He said Goldberg is going to Suplex City, where Goldberg's check in but they don't check out. There was a minor Goldberg chant, which Heyman claimed would be the final Goldberg chant on Raw. Heyman said this Sunday's WrestleMania should be named the Death of a Superhero, but Goldberg couldn't survive the F-5. 

Goldberg's music played and he came out with the Universal Championship around his waist. He stopped on the ramp with fans chanting his name. Goldberg looked a little emotional. He said the people didn't come here to hear us talk, then came to watch us fight. Goldberg said since he can't take everyone from Philadelphia to WrestleMania, why don't they take a little WrestleMania to Philly? Lesnar got out of the ring, but Goldberg speared him on the floor. Lesnar sold it like it was a one-punch knockout. Goldberg posed in the ring with the belt as Lesnar retreated and Heyman looked on in shock.