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WWE Raw live results: The WrestleMania 34 go-home show

The Big Takeaway: Still no Undertaker, so theoretically John Cena doesn't have a match at WrestleMania after the Raw go-home show. On a night of long promos, Cena did one where again challenged Undertaker to no avail. Cena then said that Undertaker left his hat in the ring last year at WrestleMania, but left his balls at home.

The show opened with Stephanie McMahon and HHH getting heat on Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle, with Stephanie back suplexing Rousey through a table. The final segment, and possibly the final segment of Brock Lesnar's WWE career, had Roman Reigns land five Superman punches on Lesnar. Reigns posed with the Universal Championship, but Lesnar rose up to give Reigns an F-5. It was a talk-filled show, but Seth Rollins and Finn Balor had another great match, possibly the best on Raw this year. 

Show Recap: 

Jonathan Coachman was in the ring to preside over the HHH & Stephanie/Angle & Rousey faceoff. There were two tables with two chairs set up with Coachman behind a podium separating them. HHH and Stephanie came out first. Crowd chanted for Rousey after her entrance with Angle. Coachman said the WWE Universe has submitted questions for everyone, but before he could ask the first one, HHH interrupted him and told Angle it was sad that the roar for Rousey would become a deafening silence after Sunday, and it was Angle's fault. HHH said Angle has intensity, integrity and intelligence when he first came to WWE, and while he understood Angle had intensity and integrity, he couldn't believe that people thought Angle had intelligence. A prime example was Angle ruining the signing of Rousey by setting her up for a loss on the biggest stage possible, at WrestleMania. HHH asked why would Angle set Rousey up for failure. 

Before Angle could answer, Rousey asked HHH why would he so two-faced to sign her with ulterior motives. Stephanie said Rousey was rough around the edges and she didn't understand the format yet, but they would polish her up after they rebuild her career after they beat her Sunday at WrestleMania. Rousey said she understood the format and wanted an answer. Stephanie said they signed Rousey because Rousey was a huge star. Everyone wanted to see Rousey in the ring. Stephanie said Rousey had an appalling attitude, but they brought Rousey to WWE because it was best for business. Stephanie told Rousey that Angle had already cost Rousey millions of dollars and derailed Rousey millions of dollars, as well as the company. Stephanie said Rousey and Angle both work for her and asked Rousey who the hell does she think she is?

Angle stopped Rousey from answering and said "She's Ronda Freaking Rousey" to a huge pop and said she was an UFC champion and this Sunday she was going to make Stephanie tap out. Stephanie laughed it off. H*HH asked Angle what makes him so confident of that. HHH said he gets that the UFC built entire divisions for her (well, that's Mrs. Cyborg) but in this ring, that means absolutely nothing. HHH said Rousey has been dreaming of coming to WWE her whole life, but to Stephanie and him, the WWE is their whole lives. HHH said in this ring, they know the rules and Rousey has no idea what's going to happen. HHH said it's a foregone conclusion, Rousey is going to lose. 

Coachman stepped in and said the first fan question was to Stephanie and HHH "How important is it for you borth to win this match at WrestleMania 34 and how will it imapct the future for the WWE?" Stephanie said it's important to show the locker room that's when there's an uprising, the Authority will quickly bite the head off the snake. They will make quick decision, they will shut you down and everyone else in the locker room will learn to respect authority. 

Coachman's next question was to Angle and Rousey: "How do you feel about teaming with Rousey at WrestleMania?" Angle said whether it's a ring, a cage or an octagon, Rousey is the baddest woman on the planet and this Sunday she would prove it by making Stephanie tap out. 

Coachman asked for final thoughts. Stephanie told Rousey that Rousey's first match in the WWE would be a loss to her, and the whole world knows how Rousey handles losses. Rousey asked Stephanie if she is left or right handed. Stephanie said right handed. Rousey said she was just curious because she still wanted Stephanie to sign her checks after she rips off her arm. Crowd actually popped before Rousey could finish the line. 

Coachman called for a picture between the two teams but said it wouldn't get out of hand like the UFC weigh-ins. Then it got out of hand. Angle and HHH got face-to-face. Stephanie and Rousey glared at each other. Stephanie extended her hand. Rousey refused to shake it. Stephanie talked trash and Rousey got in Stephanie's face. Stephanie started to walk out of the ring, but Rousey stepped in front of her. Angle turned his back and HHH hit Angle from behind with the microphone. Rousey grabbed HHH by the throat, but Stephanie took Rousey and back suplexed her throught the table. Rousey looked up at Stephanie with a great facial expression as Stephanie trashed talked her. HHH and Stephanie rose each other's hands and left amid a chorus of boos. Rousey was standing up within minutes. 

Bayley defeated Sonya DeVille (w/ Mandy Rose and Paige) (9:52)
Bayley kicked out of a Oklahoma Side Roll and pinned Sonya DeVille with a schoolgirl cradle. They had a ragged match with some missed spots early. Bayley got the majority of the offense as they built spots around a side headlock early. The trophy that will be awarded to the winner of the Women's Battle Royal at WrestleMania was at ringside. 

Postmatch, Mandy Rose and DeVille jumped Bayley. Sasha Banks ran down and threw Rose out of the ring. Bayley threw DeVille over the top rope. Banks told Bayley to raise her hand for thanks for saving Bayley. Bayley looked surprised and refused to raise Banks' hand, saying she didn't need Banks' help. Bayley threw a forearm and started throwing punches on Banks from the mount. Then Rose and DeVille ran back in the ring to go after Bayley and Banks and left the former best friends laying. 

They played the same package about Asuka detailing her winning streak. 

They showed the Miz's Instagram to highlight Maryse giving birth to the couple's daughter.

Seth Rollins defeated Finn Balor (22:02) 

Miz came out for commentary. He came off like a man about to turn babyface and he talked about how everything changes when you become a father. He said he's been pooped on, cried on and wet on, but he has the best daughter and he wants to show Monroe Sky Mizanan that he's the greatest Intercontinental Champion ever. The match spanned through two commercial breaks and the crowd came alive after Rollins hit a tope. Miz started putting the match over big after a near fall by Balor at around the 18:00 mark. They played off the finish from last month where Rollins hit a superplex and tried to roll into a Falcoln Arrow, but Balor turned it into a small package. This time, Rollins kicked out. Rollins hit the Rainmaker Knee, but Balor kicked out. Rollins went for a frog splash, but Balor got his knees up and immediately turned it into a cradle, but Rollins escaped. Crowd chanted "Finn" at this point. Rollins rolled out of the ring and Balor tried the running kick, but Rollins caught his leg. Rollins teased the power bomb into the barricade, which the announcers emphasized destroyed Balor's shoulder two years ago, but Balor escaped and threw Rollins into the barricade. Balor tried the Coup de Grace, but Rollins rolled away. Rollins hit a superkick to the midsection but missed a Curb Stomp, Balor got the O'Connor roll but Rollins reversed into a schoolboy cradle, then released the cradle to hit the Curb Stomp for the three count. Excellent match. 

After another video package profiling Reigns vs Lesnar, Paul Heyman was on his phone saying to someone "I can see it now, the Brocktogan." Angle walked up and told Heyman he wanted his main event to stay intact. Heyman said he was planning nothing more than to have himself to Lesnar to say his peace with no drama. Angle asked Heyman not to say anything that would endanger Lesnar's well-being. Heyman just laughed about Reigns possibly endangering Lesnar's well-being. Heyman said he and his client would take it under consideration. 

Sheamus and Cesaro came out. Sheamus said that they don't care who Strowman's tag team partner is because as strong as Strowman is, it's still a tag team match. Cesaro said at some point, Strowman would have to tag in his partner. Sheamus said Strowman will never be part of a real tag team and he will never wear the tag team championships. 

Strowman showed up to "These Hands" chants. Strowman said if the Bar was trying to say he doesn't play well with others, they were right. But management said he had to get a tag team partner, so he has one. Strowman said he was just talking to his partner in the back and he doesn't appreciate what The Bar was saying about him. Sheamus said if Strowman's partner was so upset, why doesn't he come out. Strowman said he will, but only if he gets a match tonight against either Sheamus or Cesaro. Crowd chanted "yes." Sheamus said he normally disagrees with the people but he wouldn't pass up that opportunity. Strowman said he would go get him. Strowman walked to the back and said he was a lot like him, just a little different. Strowman's music played and Strowman came out wearing glasses that looked like Bubba Ray Dudley and a white dress shirt. He claimed he was Braun Strowman's brother "Brains" and he's coming down to knock theirs out of their head. 

The announcers played dumb for a moment but acknowledged that Strowman has still yet to reveal his tag team partner. The Bar double-teamed Strowman, but he fouht both of them off, clotheslined Sheamus and gave Cesaro a Beal throw. The crowd was flat and seemed let down that Strowman didn't announce his mystery partner. Cole maintained that Strowman will have to name his partner on Sunday. 

Goldust did a promo about Andre the Giant by quoting a line from "The Princess Bride." Goldust said he was going to win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and then HBO will have to make a documentary about him, and no one will ever forget the name of Goldust. 

Matt Hardy popped up on the screen and cut a promo on Goldust saying he will be the one to honor the memory of celestial spirit #8 and win the battle royal. Hardy and Goldust are set to wrestle tonight and Hardy said Goldust was set for deletion. 

Matt Hardy defeated Goldust (3:12) 

Hardy hit the Side Effect for a two count, then tried the Twist of Fate, but Goldust sent him to the ropes for a powerslam. Goldust missed an elbow off the second rope, and Hardy kicked out of Goldust's schoolboy cradle to get the pin with a Twist of Fate. Hardy walked up to the Andre the Giant Battle Royal Memorial Statue and repeated "procure, procure, procure" while hugging the statue. 

Alexa Bliss and Mickie James did a promo. Bliss said that Jax has a face made for radio. Bliss laughed with James about how Jax is going to do a sit-down interview with Renee Young tonight and she wondered if Jax was going to start blubbering tonight. Bliss said after she beats Jax at WrestleMania, Jax was going to be blubbering in her blubber. 

Cena came out. The crowd was more anti-Cena that any time this WrestleMania season and chanted for "Undertaker" right away. Cena said he hates to say it, but we're out of time and there's no answer, so he was wrong. In this case, silence means no Undertaker. No one was buying it. Cena said he wasn't upset because he did everything he could do to get Undertaker out of retirement. He's still going into WrestleMania fired up and is going to WrestleMania as a fan. Cena said Cole tried to talk him into entering the Andre the Giant Battle Royal or be Strowman's tag team partner, but he said he lost in the Royal Rumble, lost in the Elimination Chamber and lost at Fast Lane. He said if he took one of those spots, he would be taking the spot of a WWE Superstar who had earned that opportunity. Cena said he called out Undertaker for a larger than life opportunity for the both of them. He said one year ago today, his life changed when he got engaged to Nikki Bella. Cena said maybe this WrestleMania is a time for a change. Crowd still chanted for Undertaker. Cena said he hopes Undertaker hears them, but he doesn't think he does. Cena said he's going to WrestleMania as a fan and he's proud of it. Crowd booed. Cena called out Rollins, Balor, Daniel Bryan, A.J. Styles (who he called the best in-ring performer he knows) as people he's looking forward to seeing. He's proud that WrestleMania falls on the same day of Rusev Day and he's even proud that he knows what WWE stands for, saluting Elias. He called out the women. Cena wanted to take a second to apologize about the Undertaker, he said he did everything he could on social media to stir up the Undertaker in Cleveland, in Dallas and in Atlanta.

Then Cena stopped and questioned whether the fans in Atlanta really tried to summon the Undertaker. Fans gradually started cheering and Cena acknowledged how lukewarm the reaction was by saying the Atlanta crowd was as hot as a Dallas warm-up. Cena got everyone standing and cheering, but no sign of Undertaker. Crowd chanted for Undertaker some more, but again no sign of him. Cena looked despondent and the crowd booed. Cena said for four straight weeks, the Undertaker hasn't done a damn thing while the people poured their hearts out for them. Cena said the Undertaker can ignore him, but whe Undertaker ignores him, then Undertaker is a dead man walking. Cena said it's clear to everyone that Undertaker left his hat in the ring, but he left his balls at home. Crowd actually chanted for Cena after that. Cena's music played and he walked to the back. 

Angle met with Reigns backstage. Angle said he already had one WrestleMania match not happening with Cena vs. Undertaker now "off the card," so he doesn't want another one. Angle said Heyman told him that Brock wouldn't do anything to provoke Reigns and asked Reigns to stay in the back tonight during Lesnar's interview. Reigns questioned whether Lesnar was even there and why should Angle believe Heyman? Angle confirmed that Lesnar is there. Reigns said he's staying, but because he has a ton of respect for Angle he's willing to hear Heyman out. But after last week, the week before that and the last six years of disrespect that Lesnar and Heyman has given him, everyone in the back and every fan, if he hears one bit of disrespect tonight he's going to confront Lesnar. Reigns told Angle to take his peace treaty back to the pawn show where he hocked his gold medals.

Elias was in the ring for yet another promo. Elias said the last stop on the road to WrestleMania is this dump in Atlanta. He said they should go to a city that actually matters, and after tonight he's got the performance of a lifetime set for WrestleMania. He asked for everyone to silence their cell phones and shut their mouths, but Rhyno and Heath Slater came out. 

Elias defeated Heath Slater (w/ Rhyno) (1:12) 

Elias pinned Slater after a knee to the jaw and Drift Away.

Strowman walked in the back when Curt Hawkins approached him. Hawkins was wearing a "Pick Me, Braun" t-shirt. Hawkins said that his brother, Brains, can't be in the same place at the same time. Hawkins asked Strowman to pick him. Strowman asked what was Hawkins' win-loss record? Hawkins said it wasn't great but that's where Strowman comes in, if Strowman picks him, it would be his big break. Strowman threw  Hawkins through a wall and said "there's your big break."

Asuka & Dana Brooke defeated Alexa Bliss & Mickie James via tapout (10:37)

Asuka forced James to tap out with the Asuka lock. Dana Brooke worked most of the match as the crowd chanted for Asuka. James hit her Mick Kick finisher but only got two. Cole emphasized that if Jax lost the tag team match, her undefeated streak is over, and the same goes for Jax/Miz in the Mixed Match Challenge against Bobby Roode and Charlotte tomorrow night. 

Postmatch, James and Bliss jumped Asuka. Brooke ran in,  but James and Bliss delivered a double hoist DDT on her. Jax ran out for the save. Jax grabbed Bliss by the hair, but James came up from behind with a forearm to Jax's back. Jax flipped James on her side and gave her a Samoan Drop as Bliss ran to the exit. 

Lesnar and Heyman were on their way to the ring. Angle stopped them and asked where they were going. Heyman vowed they were only going to say positive things about Reigns.  

After Lesnar and Heyman got in the ring, a group of wrestlers formed a human wall on the ramp in case Reigns tried to rush out. It included Sheamus, Cesaro, Curtis Axel, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Titus O'Neil, Rhyno, Bo Dallas, Apoolo, Slater and several others. Heyman was distracted by this and told Angle just because Angle has proven to be an ineffective mentor for Rousey, this is the perfect example of overcompensatory behavior. Heyman said Angle doesn't have control because control is defined by the man who holds the Universal Championship, Brock Lesnar. Heyman said it's true, it's true. Heyman swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help him God. The truth is before the last WrestleMania that took place in New Orleans, he stood in this ring and vowed that Lesnar would conquer Undertaker's undefeated streak. Heyman said it wasn't a prediction, it was a spoiler, which meant it was the truth. And then Lesnar defeated the Undertaker, and no one laughed at them then. They laughed at each and every one of the fans who doubted them. Heyman said in six days and the only two beings on the face of the planet who hold a WrestleMania win over the Undertaker will meet. Heyman said everyone acts like its fate for Reigns to dethrone Lesnar and you can't help but be impressed by Reigns. Heyman said you have to respect Reigns, but the truth is this Sunday, Lesnar will F-5 Reigns and pin him in the center of the ring 1-2-3. That's not a prediction, that's a spoiler. It's the truth. Now, an unfortunate truth in life is that there are accidents in life, and should Lesnar lose on Sunday, this will be the last time you will see him and Lesnar on Raw. Crowd cheered. 

Heyman will say his goodbyes on social media, but since Lesnar will be saying hello to everyone from UFC, Heyman wanted to dispel something that was out of character for Lesnar. Heyman said the image that he's built around Lesnar since 2012 that he looks around the locker room and thinks "none of you can shine my boots." The mystique that Lesnar looks at the fans and thinks he's worthy of contempt and disdain and disgust. That Lesnar chooses who he fights only on his own merit and on his terms. He said that image is 100% true. Heyman said it's understated, because Lesnar feels there's not one member of that locker room that can hold his jock, much less take his title. Heyman said Reigns' only choice is to accept defeat on Sunday night, because it's easy to make choices when you have no options. Heyman said Reigns' choices is like his ass, they're both owned by Lesnar. Heyman said if Reigns thinks he's going to have a victory party, he's going to go up to his wife, his kids, his father and his uncles and say he got conquered by Lesnar. Heyman said Reigns ain't no Big Dog, this ain't no yard and he's going to be another notch on Lesnar's title belt. Heyman said the truth is Reigns is Lesnar's bitch. 

Reigns came out and was greeted by O'Neil, Sheamus, Cesaro, Slater, Dallas, et all. Reigns couldn't get past them as Lesnar mocked him in the ring. Reigns grabbed a microphone and told the wrestlers "all you full-time guys are going to protect that part-time bastard. Think about it, boys." Sheamus, Cesaro, O'Neil Gallows, Slater, Rhyno talked amongst themsleves and let Reigns pass. Reigns marched to the ring and stared down Lesnar, who told him to think about it real hard. Crowd chanted "Let's go Roman." Reigns got in the ring and they stared each other down. Lesnar put down his belt. After they circled the ring, Lesnar rolled out of the ring and just smiled at Reigns as he picked his belt back up. Lesnar picked up a chair, put the belt down and got back in the ring. Reigns didn't back up as they circled the ring again. Reigns hit Lesnar with a Superman Punch, and then another, then another and then another. Lesnar got up with the chair, but Reigns hit him again with a Superman Punch. Reigns picked up the Universal Championship and held it up to the crowd as he looked to the WrestleMania sign. Then Lesnar quickly got up and hit Reigns with an F-5 on the belt. Heyman told Lesnar that the F-5 put Reigns down.