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WWE Raw live results: WrestleMania 36 go-home show

Date: March 30, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL

Show Recap -- 

The show opened with a long AJ Styles-Undertaker video package. Undertaker was shown in a dark room, wearing his street clothes. He called out “Allen Jones,” since they were being real now. Taker said Syles must either have big balls or is really just that stupid. He’s heard a lot worse from better people but admitted some of Styles’ words were true. 

Styles was right not to want to face him 10-15 years ago. Styles was happy being a big fish in a small pond because he couldn’t hang with the likes of Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Eddie Guerrero, Booker T and Edge. Styles waited until they were all gone to show up. 

Taker understood why Styles said what he said, but he crossed the line when he mentioned his wife Michelle McCool. He claimed Styles was upset that she did the Styles Clash better than he did — and she got it over. Taker looked forward to their boneyard match and promised to make him famous. He also hoped that Styles brought his two ass clown friends.  

Taker said Styles will hurt, he will suffer, and he will rest in peace. The camera expanded to show an AJ Styles tombstone. 

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are tonight’s announcers. There’s a six-man tag match tonight with Kevin Owens and the Street Profits against Seth Rollins, Andrade and Angel Garza. Becky Lynch was shown arriving in her tractor-trailer. 

Lynch cut a promo on the stage. Lynch recalled fighting two champions in last year’s WrestleMania main event. She attacked both fools every chance she got and has been walking the razor blade lifestyle ever since. She invited us to take a look. I assumed we’d be getting a video package, but instead, they aired the full match from WrestleMania 35 with entrances: Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch. 

According to Wikipedia, this match was 21:30. With entrances and commercials added, I think it took up about 45 minutes of TV time. The entire first hour was the Undertaker promo, Lynch’s quick speech, and this match. 

[Second hour]

Following the match airing, Lynch was still on the stage and said that was the first time she has watched the match. A lot of people have tried to take the title from her since that night and Shanya Baszler was next in line. Baszler claimed that taking the title would destroy her, and she was right, it would. Lynch admitted she didn’t know who she was without the title. 

Lynch warned Baszler that she knew about her demons. Baszler walked around looking cool but Lynch was getting to her. Baszler thought she could do the one thing that her pal Ronda couldn’t do and that was beat her and that was her demon. Baszler could finally step out of Rousey’s shadow, but when Baszler loses, she’ll step back into Rousey’s shadow. 

Lynch agreed with Baszler that the match would destroy one of them, but then pondered which one of them it would be. At that moment, Baszler snuck up from behind and put Lynch in the Kirifuda Clutch. Baszler slammed Lynch into the side of the announce table and posed with the belt before leaving. 

They aired clips of Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair from WrestleMania 24. 

Aleister Black defeated Jason Cade (0:48) 

Cade managed to catch Black with an enziguri, then Black kicked him and nailed a great-looking Black Mass for the pinfall win. (The announcers reminded us/me that Black faces Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania.) 

Six-man tag match: Kevin Owens & Tag Team Champions The Street Profits defeated Seth Rollins, Angel Garza & Austin Theory (w/Zelina Vega) (13:25) 

Montez Ford bumped elbows with Byron Saxton during his entrance. 

Zelina Vega entered with Angel Garza and announced that Andrade suffered a serious rib injury and was deemed unable to compete. Owens and the Street Profits feigned concern, which was funny. Vega had the hottest free agent to join Garza — Austin Theory. 

Owens wanted to fight Rollins but Rollins tagged in Theory. Owens immediately decked Theory and hammered away at him. Ford and Angelo Dawkins then took turns on Theory before slamming Garza on him. Ford then wiped them both out with a flip dive and they went to break. 

The heels worked over Ford until he tagged in Dawkins who ran over Garza and Theory before Rollins nailed him with a superkick. Owens called Rollins a bitch. With Dawkins down, Owens warned him that a kick was coming from Rollins. “I can tell by his stance.” Dawkins avoided the kick and tagged in Owens, but Rollins managed to tag out. 

Owens gave Garza a cannonball and senton but Theory broke up the cover. Ford tossed Theory from the ring then went for a flip dive. However, Theory didn’t catch him and Ford went splat against the black mats and the edge of the ramp. They even showed replays to show that he completely missed and Theory fell down anyway. 

Owens gave Garza a stunner to win via pinfall. Immediately after, Rollins gave Owens a curb stomp. 

They aired a commercial for The Big Show Show on Netflix. 

After a break, Owens sat down in the ring and cut a promo. He said Rollins kicked some sense into him. Owens thought a lot about what Rollins said last week, and after what just happened, he had a lot to say. 

Owens recalled Rollins saying that everyone should be thankful for everything he’s done and getting the Performance Center built on his hard work. But Owens heard the opposite from everyone. The Performance Center was built despite him. Owens said Rollins was a nightmare from the day he stepped into that warehouse in Tampa and nobody could stand him. 

Owens said Rollins has proven to everyone lately that he is an arrogant dipshit. The difference between them is that he was not delusional. Rollins claimed to be a god at WrestleMania and Owens was just a disappointment. Owens admitted that those words stung, but Rollins has a skewed view of reality. 

Owens mentioned his own championships, including being Universal Championship before Rollins. Owens admitted that he had people watching his back and helping him for each of his title wins - but so did Rollins. Rollins always had help or some underhanded way to achieve all of those Mania moments. 

The only thing Rollins said that made sense was that his past didn’t matter. Owens sat up and said that on Saturday he would prove that Rollins is not a messiah or a god and he would take his first WrestleMania from him. Owens would be the one to burn it down. 

They aired a video package for Edge vs. Randy Orton. 

[Third hour] 

Edge promo 

Edge cut a promo sitting backstage. He said Orton was probably right when he said Adam Copeland was a junkie for Edge, but it wasn’t an ego thing. He loved the feeling and reaction from the crowd when his music hit. He shared a connection with the fans. He loved it because he was one of those fans. 

He recalled being at WrestleMania 6 to watch Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior. He said they were all junkies for this, and if they weren’t, they were taking up space. He said they must have different definitions of the word grit. 

Grit didn’t mean getting handpicked by Evolution, or coasting and showing only spurts of magic, or being okay with being okay. And for Orton, being okay was still being better than most. But for Edge, grit meant reaching down into that hole and pulling someone out who didn’t deserve it, turning down a spot in Evolution because you didn’t want to be somebody else’s lackey, forging your own Hall of Fame career, and working for nine years to end things on your own terms. 

Edge was wrong when he said Orton was jealous of him. Orton was jealous of his passion. You either have passion or you don’t. Edge had it and Orton didn’t. Orton only felt passion when Edge was with him. Everyone was saying Orton was at his best right now and it was because of Edge, and the last time he was this good was nine years ago. 

Orton was a junkie for how Edge made him feel. The voices in his head forced Orton to make a horrible mistake. The Royal Rumble might have been enough closure for him but then Orton put his hands on his wife and mentioned the names of his little girls. 

Orton accepted a last man standing match against a man who dove headfirst into a flaming table with thumbtacks in every inch of his body just to grab the torch that Orton took for granted. Orton stepped into another hole and this time, Edge would not pull him out, but push him so far in that he can’t step out. This was excellent. 

Asuka defeated Kayden Carter (1:13) 

Asuka cut a promo before the match, seemingly questioning why she was even having this match, then asked Carter “who are you?” Asuka won fairly quickly with the Asuka Lock. 

They showed footage from earlier today of Charlotte attacking Rhea Ripley outside the building, booting her from behind. An agent and a referee, who happened to be nearby, checked on Ripley and backed off Charlotte. Charlotte said she would see Ripley at WrestleMania and walked off. Instead of running after her, Ripley got up and said, “Yeah, yeah you will.” 

They aired Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio from Survivor Series 2019. They inserted two separate commercial breaks into this 7-minute match. 

The announcers ran down the full WrestleMania card. They still plugged Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns. 

Brock Lesnar / Paul Heyman segment 

Lesnar and Heyman stood in the ring. Heyman didn’t want to pull the curtain back on the business because he loved the magic of WWE but he said they call this the go-home segment on the go-home Raw before WrestleMania. More often than not, the man standing in the ring for that very segment was Brock Lesnar. 

He was the beast to be slain and the conqueror to be conquered. This year, Drew McIntyre has truly stepped up. McIntyre was special. Compared to some guy on the street, McIntyre was special. Compared to the dumbass in the gym who claims he can do that WWE stuff, McIntyre was special. Even compared to the locker room, McIntyre was special. 

Heyman said The Rock was also special, and he got beat down by Lesnar. So was Hulk Hogan, whose blood was wiped across Lesnar’s chest. So was Randy Couture, Shane Carwin, John Cena and the Undertaker. They were all special and legends but when they got in the ring with Lesnar they ended up like everyone else — not so goddamn special, but Brock Lesnar’s bitch. 

The Claymore Kick wasn’t going to work, just like the Rock Bottom and leg drop and Attitude Adjustment and Tombstone didn’t work. 

Heyman guaranteed that next year, on the go-home segment, on the go-home Raw, Brock Lesnar would be standing there with the title over his shoulder and he would be talking about McIntyre getting beaten at WrestleMania 2020. This year, McIntyre walks in special and walks out just like everybody else — Brock’s bitch.