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WWE Raw season premiere live results: Hell in a Cell go-home show

Date: October 19, 2020
Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Raw was bad but with a few different wrestlers this time.

Show Recap -- 

Raw kicked off with a new theme song: “The Search” by NF. 

The announcers ran down tonight’s show which includes “The Viper’s Message from Hell.” 

Alexa Bliss appeared in the ring covered in red lighting. She announced, “He here. Let him in.” 

The Fiend entered. They held hands when the lights came back on and different music played. It was the song for Retribution. All five members, including Mustafa Ali, surrounded Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss. 

Ali raised his hand and the lights went out. That appeared to be a signal for an attack but when the lights turned on, Wyatt and Bliss were gone. 

That cued the music for Hurt Business who entered next. (Mia Yim left the ring.) Hurt Business cleared the ring and Cedric Alexander wiped out Retribution with a dive and they abruptly went to break (9 minutes into the show). 

There was a Matt Riddle video package. 

8-man tag match: The Hurt Business defeated Retribution (10:57) 

Hurt Business were in control of Slapjack until Alexander was distracted by T-Bar and Mace outside the ring. Slapjack yanked him off the top and tagged in Ali who took over. 

There was a face-off between the two teams on the outside when the Fiend suddenly appeared on the screen with his creepy music playing. He stuck out his tongue. Nobody looked at the screen. They went to break. 

Tom Phillips said the two teams have been fighting throughout the break, which is normally what happens during a wrestling match, and Byron Saxton said it’s a sign of the disdain between the two teams. 

Shelton Benjamin gave Mace a German suplex and step-up knee strike. Lashley followed with a spinebuster before spearing T-Bar but Ali broke up the cover. 

Lashley put T-Bar in the Hurt Lock and he tapped out. Retribution lost. 

The lights turned red and the Fiend appeared on the apron. He took out each member of Retribution. T-Bar saved Ali from a Sister Abigail. Wyatt gave T-Bar a Sister Abigail instead. 

Bliss appeared on the screen and said, “let me in” in Wyatt’s voice. I laughed. 

AJ Styles (w/Jordan Omogbehin) defeated Matt Riddle (11:23) 

AJ Styles entered with Jordan Omogbehin. Jordan looks especially gigantic next to Syles. Styles commended Raw for finally drafting a real leader. He bragged about beating Seth Rollins and Jeff Hardy. He said this was never Monday Night Rollins and called this a new era that belongs to him. 

Matt Riddle entered. Fireworks went off when he kicked off his sandals and they showed a slow-motion replay. 

They rang the bell to start the match but Omogbehin wouldn’t leave the ring. The referee told him to leave before a five-count or else Styles would be disqualified. Omogbehin stopped him from counting. The ref pleaded with him to leave the ring. Styles thought this was amusing. Omogbehin left the ring. 

Riddle sent Styles to the outside and was about to attempt something but Omogbehin stepped in his way which caused him to frantically scamper back into the ring. 

Styles was in control after a break. Riddle came back with strikes and a t-bone suplex but Styles got his feet up on a senton attempt. They exchanged strikes until Riddle hit a German suplex. Styles followed with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker for a nearfall. Riddle came back with a fisherman buster for two. 

They fought while standing on the top rope until Styles fell into the ring and riddle fell out of it. Omogbehin walked up to Riddle and clenched his fist. Riddle slipped back in the ring where Styles gave him an enziguri and a Styles Clash for the pinfall win. 

(The match itself felt short with a mid-match commercial break and 90 seconds of stalling at the beginning.) 

There was a Drew McIntyre/Randy Orton video package. 

[Second hour] 

Charly Caruso attempted to interview McIntyre in the back but he asked her for the mic so he could speak directly to Orton. He said throughout his career, especially over the past few months, Orton has been the most evil, sadistic, entitled and selfish person in WWE. 

McIntyre knew he should have left Orton his the past when he beat him at Clash of Champions. Orton was intelligent knew how he’d react when he attacked the legends on Raw. McIntyre knew that Orton thrived inside Hell in a Cell, a match he’s never been in himself. 

McIntyre said he’s been in more hell in life than you can imagine and would put Orton through hell on Sunday. McIntyre warned Orton not to be surprised if he shows up for Orton’s scheduled speech tonight. 

Asuka defeated Lana to retain the Raw Women’s Championship (2:20) 

Lana got some brief offense and a two count but Asuka won easily with the Asuka Lock. (If you’re curious, they played fake booing for Lana when she was introduced.) 

Nia Jax’s music hit as soon as the match ended. Jax and Shayna Baszler entered. They knocked down Asuka before Jax put Lana through the announce table for the fifth time. 

Baszler went after Asuka but Asuka fought her off with a kick and knocked her out of the ring with a running hip attack. Asuka escaped and posed with her belt as Jax and Baszler looked on. 

Jax and Baszler cut a promo after a break. Jax noted how well they worked as a team despite not being the type to braid each others’ hair and follow each other on Instagram. Baszler called them the dominant team on both brands. Jax dared anyone to challenge them. 

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke entered. Saxton wasn’t sure this was the right time to step up to the champions and Samoa Joe let him know this was exactly the right time to step up. 

Lacey Evans entered and was followed by Peyton Royce. They walked down together but Evans kept stepping in front of her so she could be on camera. 

Smackdown’s Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan entered next. The bell rang and I guess a match is starting. 

Non-title fatal four-way tag match: Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler defeated Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce and Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan (8:29) 

As Jax/Baszler and Rose/Brooke brawled on the outside, Royce knocked everyone down with a dive. Evans followed with a dive herself (which barely connected). Ruby and Morgan also hit dives on the pile which led to a break. 

Everyone traded moves a few minutes later. The Riott Squad almost had Evans beat after a Codebreaker/Riott Kick combo but Baszler broke up the cover. Baszler choked out Ruby as Jax gave Evans a Samoan drop for the pinfall win. 

Elias concert 

Elias had a full band with him. He plugged his album which comes out next week. He played a song called “Amen” and said he hoped Hardy was listening. 

Elias played the full song. They cut to fans on screens, many of whom held up their cell phone flashlights while swaying or nodding their heads. Elias played a short song called “Lead Me Home.” He thanked the audience before saying, “I love none of you.” He was about to leave but came back because he assumed the fans wanted an encore. 

A mystery guitar man under a hood began playing on his own. Elias demanded he stopped. It was Hardy. Hardy swung the guitar at Elias who ducked and rolled away. Hardy told him that he didn’t hit him with the car. Hardy’s music played. 

The Miz and John Morrison spoke in the back about Otis and Mandy Rose. Tucker interrupted them. He claimed Miz used his influence with the USA Network to get him and Rose drafted away from Otis. Tucker said he would find a partner and ruin them tonight. Miz and Morrison accepted. They laughed maniacally at the idea that Tucker could find a partner. 

Caruso caught up to an upset Elias backstage. He couldn’t believe people were still interrupting him. He challenged Hardy to a match at HIAC. 

New Day promo 

Kofi Kingston said New Day were the Raw tag champs for the first time in nearly four years. Xavier Woods said he got injured last year and 2020 has been a garbage year and he returned just for them to get drafted away from Big E. Kingston got him to calm down. 

Sheamus interrupted. He called their segment on Smackdown embarrassing and threatened to Brogue Kick Kingston. He also said they were only two-thirds of New Day. Kingston said New Day wasn’t done. Big E could hold things down on the blue side while they do their thing on the red side. They said they would spread their seeds all over WWE. 

Sheamus told them to shut up before they reminded him that he got beat up by Big E. Woods told him to come to the ring to get beat up by Kingston. 

Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) defeated Sheamus (13:13) 

Sheamus dropped Kingston over the edge of the ring and they went to break less than 2 minutes into the match. 

[Third hour] 

Sheamus was in control after the break. A shirtless Big E was shown watching on one of the screens and Woods let Kingston know E was there to help encourage him. Kingston came back with a foot stomp, chops, dropkick, clothesline, leg drop and flying crossbody for two. Sheamus caught him off the ropes and hit a swinging side slam for two. 

Kingston tried a dropkick but Sheamus caught him and applied a Texas Cloverleaf. Kingston countered into a small package for two. Sheamus ducked a Trouble in Paradise and hit an Alabama Slam for two. (Joe wondered how much Kingston had left. Woods yelled, “He’s got a lot left, Joe!” which was funny because Woods wasn’t standing that close to the announce table.) 

Sheamus went to the top but Kingston brought him down with a side Russian leg sweep for two. Woods yelled, “New moves! New moves!” They exchanged cradles for two counts before Kingston caught Sheamus with Trouble in Paradise for the pinfall win. 

They replayed Retribution losing and getting beat up by Bray Wyatt. 

Mustafa Ali promo 

Ali cut a backstage promo with Retribution standing behind him. Ali said Hurt Business and Wyatt made a mistake thinking his only strength was strength in numbers. His real strength was causing chaos. All he needed was a laptop or a cell phone or a secret. With one click he can make anyone’s world come crumbling down. 

Ali sat at home over the summer because this corrupt company couldn’t figure out how to make money with a guy named Mustafa Ali. But he didn’t just sit at home watching. He watched all of the spineless wrestlers backstab each other just to get ahead while he learned their secrets. 

Ali admitted to being the hacker on Smackdown. He figured out that this sick place is infecting everyone with greed and corruption. Good individuals were being forgotten and their dreams were being left behind. But he found them and united them. He promised them that their truth would be heard. He didn’t care who tried to stop them. “We will shut you down.” 

Ali was very good here. 

Hurt Business stood shoulder-to-shoulder-to-shoulder backstage, happy with their work earlier. Titus O’Neil congratulated them and said he would love to join and said he could bring something to the group. MVP faked discussing it with the group. O’Neil thought they wanted him to join. He was wrong. They beat him up. 

Miz and Morrison entered and wanted to see who Tucker’s partner was. Tucker entered and said he found a great luchador. Out came El Gran Gordo. It was Otis under a mask. Miz immediately noted that it was Otis under a mask and that he was even holding the lunchbox. 

Tucker said he was the next Rey Mysterio. Miz cut them off and cut a long promo until he called Otis a pig in a mask. Tucker and Otis attacked and cleared the ring. 

Tucker & El Gran Gordo defeated The Miz & John Morrison (4:40) 

El Gran Gordo made a hot tag and gave Miz an arm drag before doing a cartwheel. R-Truth showed up and ran through the ring as a few losers ran after him. This distracted Miz. Gordo used to the distraction to hit a Caterpillar and a Vader Bomb for the pinfall win. 

New Day, Tucker and El Gran Gordo danced backstage. Mandy Rose handed Gordo a big thing of ham. They all celebrated together. 

Firefly Fun House 

Wyatt tossed out props from his past including a miniature mallet and black sheep mask. He was sad to leave his friends on Smackdown but was happy to make new friends on Raw. 

The rabbit mentioned having a wife and Wyatt was confused. The rabbit was sad that he didn’t know. Wyatt promised to be a better friend. There was a black-and-white montage of the rabbit getting eaten and destroyed throughout the show’s history. 

Wyatt said the past was in their heads but the future was in their hands. The rabbit was happy to get a fresh start but was eaten again by the buzzard. 

Someone knocked on the door. It was Alexa Bliss (wearing black and red). She said their fun was just getting started. Everyone was happy and they waved goodbye. 

Braun Strowman defeated Keith Lee (2:43) 

Strowman was in control and ran over Lee on the outside. He tried a powerslam in the ring but collapsed because of the injured ribs at the hands of Roman Reigns on Smackdown. Lee hit a splash for a nearfall. 

Strowman took a page out of Reigns’ book by using an “incidental” low-blow. (Lee was trying to pick him up off the mat but Strowman headbutted him low.) Strowman followed with a running big boot for the pinfall win. 

As Strowman celebrated, Lee turned him around and kicked him in the nuts. Lee yelled at him for taking a shortcut against the wrong man. 

(Ric Flair and JBL were shown watching this match on the screens. Booker T was shown earlier tonight, too.) 

Randy Orton promo / main event segment 

Orton came out with about 6 minutes left in the show. 

The Hell in a Cell cage was lowered and Orton locked himself inside. 

Orton noted all of the promos that suggested that those who enter HIAC always leave a piece of themselves behind. Orton has had seven of these matches but only comes out of them with a better understanding of himself. 

He recalled his HIAC matches in the past: facing Mark Henry, surviving Sheamus, beating Jeff Hardy and Daniel Bryan, facing John Cena twice, and winning the world title twice. The most important thing he remembered was looking the Dead Man in the eye and earning his respect inside HIAC. He said all of those men were current or future Hall of Famers. 

He said the word “legend” gets thrown out a lot these days and called McIntyre’s win over Brock Lesnar legendary. As he spoke, McIntyre interrupted. 

McIntyre couldn’t get in the cage because it was locked, so Orton taunted him. McIntyre pulled bolt cutters out from behind a barricade which caused Orton to panic. Orton grabbed a chair as McIntyre cut the chain and entered the cell. As soon as he did, they went off the air. 

What the hell? 

Raw was bad but I did enjoy the New Day and Ali’s promo.