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WWE Santiago, Chile, live results: Triple H vs. Rusev

Submitted by reader Miguel Traslvai

- The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) & Randy Orton defeated The Usos & Sami Zayn 

This was a fun match and was longer than the six-man tag from the first show in Santiago. They played to the crowd and the chants they were doing. The finish was Orton hitting an RKO on Zayn, who was coming off of the top rope.

After the match, New Day made Orton dance as they did typical fun house show stuff.

- Sin Cara defeated Aiden English

English came out to the same chants as he did the first night (the audience chanted a local singer's name) but said he now understands them and the crowd laughed really hard. English also spoke a little Spanish, which the audience appreciated.

The match was okay, with Sin Cara getting a good reaction for his moves. He hit a frog splash from the top to win.

- SmackDown Women's Champion Natalya defeated Naomi to retain her title

Natalya retained after submitting Naomi with the Sharpshooter.

- Triple H defeated Rusev

Rusev came out and started speaking in Bulgarian, then Triple H's music hit and the place went nuts. There were huge chants for Triple H, with him staring out into the crowd and pointing at the people. Rusev did his job as a heel as no one cheered him at all. Triple H got constant chants, including an "NXT" one that he nodded at.

Rusev got most of the offense during the match and Triple H did a lot of good selling. Triple H eventually hit his signature moves and did a crotch chop, then got the pin after hitting the Pedigree. This was good stuff.

When it was over, The New Day came out and made Triple H dance. He danced for a bit before hitting Kingston with a Pedigree.

- Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch defeated Carmella & Tamina

Lynch got the biggest pop and Carmella was pretty funny with her screams and shenanigans. Charlotte ended up submitting Carmella with the Figure Eight to win it for her team.

- United States Champion Baron Corbin defeated Tye Dillinger and Bobby Roode in a triple threat match to retain his title

Roode and Dillinger got big reactions. Corbin received a lot of boos at first but then got some chants during the match. There was one chant in Spanish about how his stomach looks like a sad face. The crowd also did "NXT," "10," and "Glorious" chants. Roode really liked the reaction he got.

The match was a standard triple threat but it was good and very fluid. Corbin pinned Roode with an opportunistic roll-up after he had hit the Glorious DDT on Dillinger.

- WWE Champion Jinder Mahal (w/ The Singh Brothers) defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to retain his title

Mahal came out and asked us if we understood what he was saying in English. When the crowd said yes, he started speaking in Punjabi. His shoulder was taped up with kinesio tape both nights in Chile.

The match was better than the one they had at Hell in a Cell due to more interference from the Singhs. After Mahal retained, Nakamura was beaten down until he made a comeback and ended up hitting the Kinshasa on Mahal to close the show.