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WWE SmackDown live results: Asuka vs. James Ellsworth

Tonight, Team Hell No kicks off SmackDown after reuniting last week. Kane made his return to save Daniel Bryan from a beatdown at the hands of SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers. GM Paige immediately announced that Harper & Rowan would put their titles on the line against Team Hell No at Extreme Rules.

Before defending against Rusev at the pay-per-view, WWE Champion AJ Styles takes on Aiden English in a non-title match tonight. Rusev won the gauntlet match a few weeks back to earn the title shot. After the match, Styles decked English when he rudely pulled back on a handshake.

Asuka also goes one-on-one with James Ellsworth after he returned at Money in the Bank and helped SmackDown Women’s Championship Carmella retain her title. The next night, Asuka knocked out Ellsworth with a kick. Ellsworth issued a challenge last week and claimed he’s ready for Asuka this time.

United States Champion Jeff Hardy will issue a special Independence Day Open Challenge. Plus, Becky Lynch takes on Peyton Royce after defeating Billie Kay two weeks ago. Additionally, The New Day will host the "First Annual Third of July Pancake Eating Contest."

Our live coverage beings at 8 p.m. Eastern.


Renee Young was in the ring to start SmackDown. She introduced Team Hell No and mentioned that it’s the first time in 5 years they’re back as a team. She pointed out that despite the complicated relationship they’re a success. Bryan said that sometimes they fight and sometimes they hug but when they’re in the ring they get the job done.

Kane brought up their successes as a team including facing The Shield at TLC and graduating from anger management. Kane said he returned because Bryan as a temper and there is always a demon watching over him. Bryan pointed out that Kane isn’t always looking out for him. Kane said they’re friends but Bryan reminded him that he tried to end his career. Bryan mentioned that Kane also tried to abduct his wife. Kane said he always has Bryan’s back and they argued “Yes” and “No” back and forth.

This brought out the Usos. The Usos said Team Hell don’t deserve a shot at the titles. Bryan challenged The Usos to face them in the ring but Kane said they’d think about it. Bryan and Kane started to argue again until GM Paige interrupted. She announced Team Hell No against The Usos in tonight’s main event. If The Usos are successful they’ll be added to the tag team title match at Extreme Rules.

In the back, Jeff Hardy prepared for his upcoming Independence Day Open Challenge.

Backstage, Asuka promised to defeat James Ellsworth because he’s not ready for Asuka.

United States Champion Jeff Hardy defeated The Miz

They went back and forth early trading moves. Miz gained the advantage and slowed down the action. Hardy fired back and the paced picked up. Hardy jumped off the steps but Miz moved and Hardy crashed into the barricade. Hardy attempted the Twist of Fate, which Miz countered into the Skull Crashing Finale but Hardy rolled him up for a near fall.

Miz rolled up Hardy with his feet on the ropes but the referee caught him. Miz and the ref argued, which gave Hardy the chance to hit the Twist of Fate. Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb to retain the United States Championship.

In the back, James Ellsworth promised to defeat Asuka later because men are better. He said some women aren’t ready for Asuka but he’s no woman and promised to win the Battle of the Sexes later.

Byron Saxton introduced The New Day for the First Annual Third of July Pancake eating contest. The contest started but suddenly the lights went out and Sanity’s music hit. Sanity jumped The New Day from behind. Alexander Wolfe tossed Kofi Kingston over the top rope, Eric Young sent Xavier Woods into a table leg and Killian Dain tossed Big E over the announce table. Sanity then put Woods through a table.

Battle of the Sexes Asuka vs. James Ellsworth (w/Carmella) ended in a double count out

Asuka pushed Ellsworth out of the ring but Carmella yelled at him to get back in. Asuka nailed him with a series of strikes and gave him an airplane spin. Asuka rocked him with a stiff slap.

Asuka chased after Ellsworth and he ran out through the crowd. They ran to the back and were counted out. Asuka chased him back to ringside and Carmella shoved Asuka into the barricade.

Kane and Daniel Bryan met in the back. Bryan demanded Kane apologize. Kane asked why and Bryan read off a list of reasons. Kane said Bryan’s like his brother and Bryan pointed out that Kane set his brother on fire. Kane apologized and promised they are going to win the tag team titles.

WWE Champion AJ Styles defeated Aiden English (w/ Rusev) in a non-title match

Before the match, Styles got on the mic and promised to defeat Rusev at Extreme Rules. He said this is the house AJ Styles built. Rusev interrupted and guaranteed to win the title and move in to the house Styles built on Rusev Day.

Rusev distracted Styles and English jumped him to gain the early advantage. English was firmly in control. Styles made his comeback and attempted the Styles Clash but English tired to counter. Styles held on and locked on the Calf Crusher for the win.

After the match, Rusev jumped Styles and hit him with the Machka Kick. He then locked on The Accolade. 

In the back, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay mocked Becky Lynch. Royce promised to hurt and defeat her.

Backstage, Paige ran into Carmella and James Ellsworth. Paige announced that next week Ellsworth faces Asuka in a rematch but this time it’s going to be a lumberjack match.

Becky Lynch defeated Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay)

Lynch was firmly in control until Kay distracted her and Royce took over. Lynch made a fiery comeback but Royce briefly regained control. Royce lifted up Lynch but she countered into the Dis-arm-her for the win.

GM Paige announced Jeff Hardy defending the United States title against Shinsuke Nakamura at Extreme Rules. Nakamura responded to the announcement and promised to win the title.

Team Hell No defeated The Usos

Team Hell No gained the early advantage by isolating Jimmy on their side of the ring. Usos fought back and nailed suicide dives onto Kane to take over. Bryan fired up and hit the running drop kick and hurricanrana on Jimmy. The Usos fought back and isolated Bryan.

Kane got the hot tag and hit a sidewalk slam for a two count. The Usos attempted suicide dives on Kane but he caught them. The Usos hit a double superkick on Kane for a near fall. The Usos attempted a double splash on Kane but he caught them again. Bryan hit the running knee and Kane nailed the choke slam for the win.

After the match, The Bludgeon Brothers came out and had a stare down with Team Hell No.

Next Week: Asuka takes on James Ellsworth in a Lumberjack match.