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WWE SmackDown live results: Big E returns

SmackDown takes place from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island tonight.

Big E returns from injury after being on the shelf for a month. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have a celebration planned for his return, which will kick off the episode.

Kingston will also face Sami Zayn in a non-title match tonight.

New SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley will give an exclusive interview and team with Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch against Charlotte Flair & Lacey Evans. Bayley won the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and then cashed in on Charlotte later that night to win the SmackDown Women's title. That was moments after Charlotte had defeated Lynch to win the title.

Last night on Raw, Mick Foley introduced the new 24/7 Championship. R-Truth won the title after pinning Robert Roode backstage. Truth is scheduled to appear tonight.

Plus, Roman Reigns vs. Elias and Mandy Rose vs. Carmella are set.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


In the back, Elias approached Shane McMahon in his office. Elias made excuses for losing to Roman Reigns at Money In The Bank. He feels he let McMahon and his family down.

Elias is looking forward to Super ShowDown and promised to be in McMahon’s corner. McMahon turned down the offer but said he’d be in Elias’ corner because he needs him.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods walked out onto the ramp. They teased Big E's return. Woods brought out a guy under a black sheet and took it off but it wasn’t Big E. They made fun of him and told him to leave.

Big E then made his actual return to a big pop. There was a huge Welcome Back, Big E banner on the apron. Big E said he missed The New Day and the fans. Woods mentioned Big E’s recent tweeting. Big E said he had to send a tweet to Becky Lynch’s mom. They talked about how attractive Lynch’s mother is. Kingston interrupted them and said he has to be serious now because he’s the champion. Kingston noted he beat Kevin Owens on Sunday to retain the title.

Owens and Sami Zayn’s interrupted. Zayn was furious that Big E was having a return celebration after being gone for six weeks. Zayn pointed out he was gone for months and got nothing like this. The New Day mocked him and gave him the same thing Owens got on Sunday, nothing. Owens walked away.

Zayn called the celebration disgusting. He said Owens lost because he was worried about Zayn. Kingston told Zayn not to let the pancake throwing and hip-swiveling confuse him. He promised to defeat Zayn. Kingston vs. Zayn is official for later tonight. 

In the back, Carmella looked for R. Truth. Drake Maverick and Apollo Crews are also looking for him. Maverick was putting up R-Truth Wanted signs. She found Truth wearing a blonde wig. Carmella didn’t know why Truth came to SmackDown. He needs Carmella’s help to hold on to the title.

Ali defeated Andrade (w/Zelina Vega)

Andrade took over after rocking Ali with a huge clothesline for a near fall. Ali fought back and hit a reverse hurricanrana for a two count. Ali went up to the second turnbuckle but Vega jumped on the apron. She distracted Ali long enough for Andrade to recover. Ali went for a cross body but Andrade caught him with a dropkick.

Back from break, Ali caught Andrade with a tornado DDT. He followed up with a suicide dive and immediately hit a second dive. Ali injured his back in the process. As he tried to re-enter the ring, Andrade shoved him off the apron and Ali crashed into the barricade.

Andrade worked over Ali’s back and slammed him into the ring post. He then tossed him over the barricade into the timekeeper’s area. Ali barely beat the count of ten. Andrade hit the running double knees to the back of Ali’s head for a close near fall. Andrade slowly picked up Ali. Suddenly, Ali rolled up Andrade for the win.

In the back, Carmella disguised R-Truth with a hat, blonde wing, and glasses. She gave him a bra but he said he needs help. He always had trouble unhooking them.

They recapped Lars Sullivan’s recent attacks.

Mandy Rose (w/Sonya Deville) vs. Carmella (w/R-Truth) Ended Without A Winner

R-Truth came out in his disguise but was still wearing the 24/7 title. Carmella attacked Rose but she rolled to the floor. Carmella pulled Deville into the ring. Rose rolled her up for a near fall.

Suddenly, the B Team and a bunch of wrestlers ran down to beat R-Truth. Truth ran off with Carmella on his back through the crowd. The wrestlers and referee chased them. Truth running off with Carmella on his back was pretty funny.

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed the new SmackDown Woman’s champion, Bayley. She said she’s past the hugging and wants every woman in the locker room to bring her A game.

Backstage, R-Truth and Carmella ran into the women’s locker room. Moments later, Truth and Carmella ran out. Truth apologized for running into the women's locker room. As they left, the group of wrestlers chased after Truth. Zayn watched on as they run after Truth with a look of disgust.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Sami Zayn in a non-title match

In the back, Big E was on the ground in pain after being attacked by Kevin Owens. Woods and Big E told Kingston to take care of Zayn. During the match, Tom Phillips announced that Woods accompanied Big E to a local medical facility.

Kingston was furious as he made his way to the ring. Zayn had the early advantage and was firmly in control. Kingston fought back and hit a dropkick off the second turnbuckle.

Back from break, Zayn hit a huge superplex for a near fall. Kingston missed Trouble in Paradise. Zayn went for the Blue Thunder Bomb but Kingston escaped and hit the Trouble in Paradise for the win.

After the match, Paul Heyman walked out with the Money in the Bank briefcase. The commentators wondered if Brock Lesnar was there.

Suddenly, Dolph Ziggler made his return and jumped Kingston from behind. Ziggler beat down Kingston. He wrapped a chair around Kingston’s head and threw him into the announce table. Ziggler wrapped Kingston’s head in the chair again and jumped on it. Kingston didn’t move for several minutes.

The medical staff checked on Kingston and took him out on a stretcher. Kingston got off the stretcher and was determined to walk out. The fans gave him a huge reaction and “Kofi” chant. 

Roman Reigns arrived at the arena. Suddenly, he could hear Elias playing. He looked up and saw him playing on top of the truck. He promised to defeat him later. Reigns shook his head and walked off.

Raw Woman’s Champion Becky Lynch & SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley defeated Charlotte Flair & Lacey Evans

Before the match, Kayla Braxton interviewed Becky Lynch. Lynch isn’t happy that she lost the belt but is happy Bayley has it. Lynch promised to come after Bayley when they’re done with Flair and Evans.

Bayley missed a knee in the corner and Flair rocked her with a boot to the back of the head. The heels isolated Bayley on their side of the ring. Lynch got the hot tag and connected with a missile dropkick. She followed up with a forearm off the second turnbuckle.

Flair fought back and hit a big boot. She rolled up Lynch for a two count. Lynch countered into the Dis-arm-her but Evans broke it up. Bayley got the tag. Flair went for the Figure Four but Bayley used an inside cradle for the win.

In the back, R-Truth and Carmella tried running out but Jinder Mahal attacked him. He rolled Truth up for a near fall. Truth fought back and ran off. The B Team jumped Truth but they argued over pinning him. Truth fought back. Truth and Carmella ran off. The B Team chased after him.

Dolph Ziggler walked out to explain his reason for viciously attacking Kofi Kingston. He said this goes back to when Kingston took Ali’s place at Elimination Chamber. Ziggler said it should have been him. After eleven years, Kingston became an overnight success and it should’ve been Ziggler.

Ziggler sat at home when Kingston defeated Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania. The fans respect Kingston and it should be him. Ziggler promised to defeat Kingston for the WWE Championship at Super ShowDown.

Roman Reigns defeated Elias (w/Shane McMahon)

McMahon introduced Elias as the greatest acquisition in SmackDown Live history. Reigns was firmly in control and rocked Elias with right hands. McMahon distracted Reigns and Elias took over. He sent Reigns into the ring post. 

Back from break, Reigns connected with a flying clothesline. He followed up with a big boot. He set up for the Superman Punch but McMahon grabbed the leg. Elias then hit a flying knee in the corner. Reigns fought back with a big right hand. 

Elias regained control and hit a powerbomb for a close near fall. They traded shots in the middle of the ring. Reigns hit the Superman Punch but McMahon put Elias’ leg on the bottom rope. 

Reigns hit the Drive-by on McMahon. Elias took advantage and hit a big elbow for a very close near fall. Elias pulled off the top turnbuckle pad, which distracted the referee. McMahon put the guitar in the ring. Elias went to use it but Reigns hit the spear for the win. 

McMahon attacked Reigns after the match. He teased hitting Reigns with the guitar but Reigns hit the Superman Punch. Reigns picked up the guitar and backed McMahon into the corner. 

Suddenly, Drew McIntyre appeared and hit the Claymore Kick on Reigns to end SmackDown.