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WWE SmackDown live results: Bryan vs. Hardy, Ali vs. Orton

The build to Elimination Chamber continues on tonight's SmackDown from Everett, Washington.

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan takes on Jeff Hardy in a non-title match. Last week, Bryan debuted a new eco-friendly WWE Championship belt. Hardy, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Mustafa Ali, and Randy Orton then all came out to demand a title shot.

Triple H appeared on the big screen to announce that Bryan will defend his title against all five guys in the Elimination Chamber at this month's pay-per-view. In addition to Bryan vs. Hardy, Randy Orton goes one-on-one with Mustafa Ali tonight.

Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev take on Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. R-Truth defeated Nakamura for the United States Championship last week. Truth then defeated Rusev in an impromptu match to retain the title. Rusev and Nakamura put their differences aside and beat down Truth together. Anderson & Gallows didn’t like the attack and challenged Nakamura & Rusev to a match for tonight.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Charlotte Flair came down to the ring to start SmackDown. Flair discussed Becky Lynch’s confrontation with Stephanie McMahon and her suspension from last night. Flair said she hopes Lynch gets medical attention now. Flair pointed out that she’s healthy and wants to take Lynch’s spot at WrestleMania. Flair pointed at the WrestleMania sign when Lynch walked out through the crowd. Security and officials ran out to stop her. She jumped in the ring and started arguing with Flair.

Triple H’s music hit and he ran down. He told Lynch to get medical attention and the suspension will be lifted. He told Flair this doesn’t concern her and made her leave. Lynch noted she doesn’t trust Triple H and management. He told her to see the doctor and get cleared but until then she needs to go home. He went to leave but Lynch asked about Stephanie McMahon. She asked if McMahon got medically cleared after Lynch punched her out.

Triple H sees the truth now. He said Lynch's just looking for a way out of the match. She just wants to be a martyr. He noted she got the match with Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series but she showed up at Raw knowing she’d get hurt. Now she’s just trying to find a way out of this match.

Triple H said she’s afraid to go to the doctor because of what he’ll say. He questioned if her knee is really hurt. He believes she's scared to go to the doctor because he’ll clear her. He said Rousey’s going to expose Lynch for the fraud she is. He said she’s going to show the world on the biggest stage that Lynch fears Rousey. Lynch heard enough and slapped him across the face. They went face-to-face and the fans chanted “One More Time”. Lynch smirked and left through the crowd. 

Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev (w/Lana) defeated Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

On commentary, Tom Philips noted that R-Truth is at home recovering from the attack last week.

Gallows knocked Rusev out of the ring to start the match. Anderson was briefly in control until Nakamura nailed him with a knee to the gut. Rusev tagged himself in and argued with Nakamura. The faces fought back and Anderson hit a dive to the floor wiping out the heels.

The heels regained control and isolated Anderson on their side of the ring. Nakamura set up for the Kinshasa but Anderson caught him with the spinebuster. Rusev was screaming at Nakamura to tag him in.

Gallows got the hot tag and ran wild. Nakamura ended up on the floor and Lana yelled at him to get back in the ring. He jumped in the ring and broke up the Magic Killer. Nakamura hit the Kinshasa on Gallows but Anderson nailed Nakamura with a dropkick. The finish came when Rusev hit the Machka Kick on Anderson for the win.

In the back, Mustafa Ali discussed his upcoming match with Randy Orton. He talked about the chances of him winning the title at Elimination Chamber and defeating Randy Orton tonight.

Backstage, The Usos discussed their match against SmackDown Tag Team Champions Shane McMahon & The Miz. They promised to defeat them at Elimination Chamber. Next week The Usos appear on the first edition of Mc Miz TV hosted by Shane McMahon and The Miz.

Randy Orton defeated Mustafa Ali

Orton gained control when he gave Ali a back suplex on the announce table. He slowed the pace down and locked on a chin lock. Ali fought back but Orton hit a power slam for a near fall. Orton then hit a superplex for a very close two count.

Orton went back to the chin lock and slowed the pace back down. Orton attempted the back suplex on the announce table again but Ali slipped out the back. He sent Orton over the announce table and then dove over the table onto Orton. He then hit the rolling X-Factor for a near fall. Ali appeared to suffer an eye injury.  

Ali avoided the RKO and hit a tornado DDT for another near fall. Ali went up for the 054 but Orton yanked him off the top and hit the RKO for the win.

After the match, Samoa Joe attacked Orton and locked on the Coquina Clutch. He choked out Orton and attacked Ali as well. As Joe was leaving, WWE Champion Daniel Bryan walked out. Joe started walking toward him when Rowan appeared and Joe backed off. 

Backstage, Joe noted Orton learned for every action there’s a reaction. He promised to win the title at Elimination Chamber.

In the ring, Daniel Bryan was introduced as the favorite son of Washington. The fans broke into a “Daniel Bryan” chant. He said he finally gets to talk to people that understand what he’s trying to do here. They chanted, “Yes”. He said the people of Washington are intelligent and smart people. They know they need change.

He said, unfortunately, he has to speak to a global audience. He noted the mass audience is destroying the planet. Bryan is fighting an uphill battle. That’s why he created the eco-friendly belt. He said the belt is a symbol of change.

Rowan talked about Galileo. He noted Rowan and Bryan’s ideas have good intentions. He said the people fear Bryan because he’s the champion. He noted as long as Bryan’s champion they’ll try to silence him. The fans gave Rowan the “What?” treatment. Bryan got mad at the audience for chanting “What?” at his friend. Bryan noted he’s the planet’s champion and not management’s champion. That’s why they want to get the title off of him by making him defend against five wrestlers in the chamber.

Bryan noted that the other five wrestlers want to win the title and take it backward. He said the WWE and the planet need Bryan as the WWE Champion. This was another great Bryan promo. He played the heel but was a total babyface to his hometown crowd. He never insulted the hometown fans once and actually praised them.

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Jeff Hardy. Hardy was disgusted that Bryan threw the old belt in the trash last week. Instead of debating Bryan, Hardy is going to deal with it in the ring.

AJ Styles approached Hardy and wondered if Hardy is the right person to represent the WWE’s legacy. Hardy noted Styles couldn’t defeat Bryan for the title. Hardy promised to defeat Bryan tonight and deal with Styles in the chamber.

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville defeated Naomi & Carmella and The IIconics

Naomi and Carmella are the final team in the Elimination Chamber match for the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

The IIconics isolated Carmella in their corner. Peyton Royce sent Carmella into Billie Kay’s knee for a near fall. Carmella kicked Kay into Rose and Deville’s corner. Rose tagged herself in and locked on the abdominal stretch on Carmella. Naomi got the tag and chased Rose but she tagged out.

Royce tagged in but Naomi threw her into Rose and Rose made the tag. Naomi then pulled Rose in by the hair. The finish came when Rose hit the Angel Wings on Naomi for the win.

In the back, Zelina Vega and Andrade discussed the folklore of Rey Mysterio. Vega said the legend of Andrade starts with Mysterio’s end. 

Jeff Hardy defeated WWE Champion Daniel Bryan In a Non-title match By Disqualification

Bryan took over after hitting the running dropkicks in the corner. Hardy fought back and sent Bryan to the floor with a dropkick. Hardy attempted to jump off the steps but Rowan stood in the way. That gave Bryan the chance to regain control. 

Bryan worked over Hardy’s arm but Hardy fought back. He sent Bryan to the floor and hit a clothesline off the apron. Hardy went up for the Swanton Bomb but Bryan rolled out of the way. Bryan regained control and scored a near fall. 

Bryan hit the Yes Kicks but Hardy hit the Twist of Fate. He hit the Swanton Bomb but Rowan pulled him out of the ring for the disqualification. 

After the match, Bryan applied the Lebell Lock on Hardy. Samoa Joe suddenly attacked Rowan and locked on the Coquina Clutch on Bryan. Randy Orton ran out and brawled with Joe. Mustafa Ali ran out and hit a dropkick on Joe and Orton. Ali then hit a dive on Rowan but Rowan caught him and slammed him on the announce table.

AJ Styles ran out and went after everyone. He hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Hardy. Bryan ran off to avoid a confrontation with Styles. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton tried to interview Bryan. He was enraged that she would interview him right now. He noted that Rowan’s not his bodyguard but is his friend. He said he’s going to be WWE Champion forever because that’s what the planet needs. 

Next Week: Shane McMahon and The Miz host Mc Miz TV with special guests The Usos.