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WWE SmackDown live results: Daniel Bryan vs. Samoa Joe

Date: May 29, 2018
Location: PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC

The Big Takeaway --

The singles match between Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe did not happen. Instead, it was a triple threat involving Big Cass. Bryan almost had the match won after a running knee on Cass, but Joe caught Bryan in the Coquina Clutch and he passed out. Joe qualified for the ladder match and Bryan presumably has a date with Cass at MITB.

Not much else happened outside of an entertaining six-man tag, won by the New Day. Next week, Becky Lynch will face Charlotte Flair, and Jimmy Uso & Naomi will face Aiden English & Lana.

Show Recap -- 

There was no intro again this week, which makes me wonder if they’ve just ditched it altogether. They ran down tonight’s matches and announced a dance-off between Lana and Naomi.

Samoa Joe is out to start the show. Joe grabbed a ladder from under the ring, stood it up in the ring, climbed it and grabbed one of the two briefcases (the green one, which presumably belongs to the men).

Joe told a biblical story, but said in his version, there is no salvation or angels, and he would be the one smiling after Money in the Bank. He said he would then unleash rampage on the champion and shake this place to its core. Joe added that he would teach Daniel Bryan that there are things worse than forced retirement.

Joe encouraged Bryan to call his wife and tell her to tell their daughter that he won’t return home the same man. He would turn as a man drenched in regret, failure and missed opportunity--and the man who left him that way was a very bad man named Samoa Joe.

Bryan came out (without his music). Bryan said there are lines you do not cross. He warned Joe not to mention his wife or daughter again or he would break his leg. Bryan challenged him to fight right now. The crowd chanted Yes as Joe got rid of the ladder and Bryan entered the ring.

They squared off but were interrupted by Big Cass, who is using a crutch. Cass mocked them, called them juvenile, then called them the “shrimp” and the “blimp.” Cass said this opportunity belonged to him, not Bryan. Cass said he spoke with Paige and the match between Bryan and Joe was not happening.

Cass said it would be him against Joe for the final spot, once he was cleared. Cass said he was cleared right now, then swung the crutch. Bryan ducked and it hit Joe. Bryan went after him, but Cass whipped him into the ladder. Cass then levelled both guys with the briefcase. He posed as the crowd booed. 

Shinsuke Nakamura was backstage holding cards with numbers one through ten on them. He counted them off then ripped the number ten. This was silly.

Paige was walking with a purpose backstage when she was stopped by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. They claimed she couldn’t handle the pressure and was making mistakes, like giving people opportunities who didn’t deserve it, including Asuka. Paige put Rose in a match against Asuka tonight.

As Paige continued walking, Renee Young caught up with her for an interview. Paige made sure to keep walking and brought Renee with her. (Walking gives the illusion of the story moving forward.) Renee asked if Cass was telling the truth.

Paige wasn’t expecting Joe to go to the ring and take over the show, but she did like the fire she saw from everyone out there. She made the main event a triple threat, with the winner earning the final MITB spot. Well, that’s disappointing. 

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Tye Dillinger (8:51)

Through much of the match, Nakamura was trying to win by count out and was doing the counting himself. Dillinger got up at one point, to Nakamura’s surprise, and held up the ten sign. This pissed off Nakamura, who fended off Dillinger’s brief comeback and hit a Kinshasa for the win. The crowd was very much into Nakamura here.

Afterwards, Nakamura gave Dillinger another Kinshasa, this time to the back of the head. Nakamura grabbed the mic and loudly counted to ten. 

Dasha Fuentes interviewed AJ Styles. Styles thought Nakamura has snapped, and now he’s picked a dangerous stipulation. But Nakamura was making a mistake many of his opponents make and that was underestimate him.

Styles always fought harder and smarter than everyone. He was the last man to leave the gym, the last man to leave the arena, and the last man to back down from a challenge. The last man standing at MITB would be him.  

Lana/Naomi dance-off

Aiden English and Rusev did the intro for Lana. Naomi initially came out alone, then brought out Jimmy and Jey Uso. Lana danced first and didn’t do much outside of a Spinarooni at the end. Naomi went next and was better. That was the idea, anyway. I have no idea who was better.

Lana and Naomi shook hands afterwards, then Lana led them in a dance together. As they stood back-to-back, Lana gave her a neckbreaker. Lana then slapped Jimmy Uso. This led to the Usos taking out Rusev and English, then Naomi took out Lana.

This was dumb but it was short and will be easily forgotten. 

New Day were shown backstage being delivered pancakes by Mr. Bootyworth. We then cut to Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro in the locker room. Sheamus and Cesaro chucked pancakes at Miz as he practised swatting them out of the air while blindfolded. He managed to grab one out of mid-air and took a huge bite. Okay, this was funny. 

The New Day defeated The Miz, Sheamus & Cesaro (12:05) 

The heels worked over Kofi Kingston and took out Big E before he could make a hot tag. Kingston managed to tag in Xavier Woods who ran wild on Sheamus. He did a spot where he used a kneeling Sheamus as a launching pad to hit a dive on Cesaro on the outside.

Woods and Big E hit a cool STO/backbreaker combo but Cesaro kicked out. Miz seemed to have it won after a distraction led to a DDT on Big E but Kingston broke it up. The Bar dropped Woods over the barricade, then Kingston took them out with a huge dive off the top. Big E then nailed Miz with a Big Ending for the win. Really fun match and the crowd was very into it.

Afterwards, the New Day looked up at the briefcase and pointed at each other as the crowd chanted, “who.” Still no reveal. They may not be selling pancake batter, but the crowd still very much likes the New Day.  

Backstage, Luke Gallows and Karl “Abs” Anderson said they were in the best shape of their careers and were focused. They buried the hatchet with the Usos after last week’s match and shared a few beers (which would’ve been an entertaining segment).

They talked strategy and were about to call the Bludgeon Brothers nerds when Harper and Rowan suddenly appeared on the TV screen behind them. They said: “The depraved will infect the decent. Minds obliterated. Souls corrupted. Bodies liquified. Prepare yourselves for the Bludgeon Brothers.”  

Asuka was shown getting ready backstage and Tom Phillips informed us that she would be facing the “stunning” Mandy Rose next. Must they? 

Asuka defeated Mandy Rose (5:35)  

Deville attacked Asuka during her entrance. Asuka wanted the match to start anyway, and this allowed Rose to take control until a commercial break. After the break, they went back and forth until Asuka got Rose in the Asuka Lock for the win.

Carmella, who was on commentary, jumped in the ring and faced off with Asuka. She posed with the title then moonwalked away.  

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were shown watching the match backstage. Charlotte said Asuka would win the title. She then looked beyond the TV like she could see into the future and saw herself winning MITB. Lynch was looking in the same direction and said all she could see was the wall. Lynch said she would win MITB and reminded us how close she came last year.

Lynch said they were friends, but in order to win, she needed to make like Han and fly solo. Paige jumped in and liked what she was seeing, and wanted to see one of them bring the briefcase to Smackdown. She also reminisced about their time as Team PCB. Paige was looking forward to some tea time, and after a break, they announced Charlotte vs. Lynch next week.

Also, next week will be a mixed tag match between Jimmy Uso & Naomi vs. Aiden English & Lana. 

Samoa Joe defeated Daniel Bryan and Big Cass to qualify for Money in the Bank

Bryan and Joe went after Cass, then Joe went after Bryan. Bryan countered with a backflip, but he actually slipped and kind of landed on Joe’s back, and Joe sold it by falling into the middle turnbuckle. Joe took out Cass with a suicide dive, then Bryan took out both men with a dive off the top.

After a break, Bryan attacked Cass’s leg until Cass knocked him down and later tossed him over the announce table. It seemed like this would take Bryan out of the match for a while, but he quickly ran back in and nailed a running dropkick to Joe, who was sitting on the top rope. Bryan took Cass out of the ring, then brought Joe down with a hurricanrana.

Bryan followed with running dropkicks on Joe until he was cut off with a clothesline by Cass, who took over from there.

After another break, Joe chopped Cass who responded with a spinebuster and elbow drop, but Bryan broke up the cover. Bryan kicked away at Cass who caught him and used a spinning side slam. Cass is visibly gassed at this point. He barely got Joe up on the spinebuster and the move on Bryan wasn’t exactly smooth. He left the ring for a moment to recoup then went back in.

Bryan gave dragon screws to both men then gave them both Yes kicks, leading to a two count on Cass. Bryan did another dragon screw to Cass but Joe caught him from behind. Bryan reversed into a pin attempt but Joe kicked out and rolled out of the ring.

Bryan got the Yes Lock on Cass but Joe grabbed his leg, then Bryan gave him a running knee to the outside. (Both times Bryan did a move to the outside, the referee checked on him. He was fine.) Bryan followed with a missile dropkick to Cass.

Bryan kipped up, led the crowd in Yes chants and hit a huge running knee on Cass. Joe broke up the cover, applied the Coquina Clutch and Bryan eventually passed out. Joe wins.

Afterwards, Bryan struggled back to his feet and was immediately booted by Cass, who posed to end the show.