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WWE SmackDown live results: Final build to Clash of Champions

SmackDown's final build to Clash of Champions takes place tonight.

In an in-ring interview tonight, Universal Champion Roman Reigns will give his side of the story about his relationship with his cousin Jey Uso. The interview comes in advance of Reigns defending his title against Uso at Sunday's pay-per-view. They teamed up to defeat Sheamus and Baron Corbin in a Samoan street fight last week. After the match, Reigns and Uso hugged, but Reigns glared at his cousin as he walked away.

Alexa Bliss goes one-on-one with Lacey Evans. Last week, Nikki Cross defeated Evans with Bliss on commentary. After the match, Evans yelled at Bliss and screamed The Fiend's name. Bliss went into a trance again and gave Evans Sister Abigail on the floor. 

Sami Zayn takes on Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy in a non-title match. Hardy defends against AJ Styles and Zayn in a triple threat ladder match this Sunday night. Zayn continues to claim to be the real champion because he never lost the title in the ring. Styles defeated Zayn in his first match back last week. After the bout, Hardy attacked both with a ladder and challenged them to the match at Clash of Champions.  

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The showed an In-Memory graphic for Road Warrior Animal. 

First-Ever WWE Intercontinental Championship Ascension 

Corey Graves interviewed A.J. Styles, Sami Zayn, and Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy in the ring.

They're going to hang both belts above the ring in a special cermoney. Graves noted it's the first-ever WWE Intercontinental Championship Ascension.

Graves announced that because both straps will be above the ring, there will be no champions advantage. Of course, there never is a champions advantage in a ladder match. 

Graves pointed out that all three claim to be the real champion. Styles noted he defeated Zayn last week. Zayn claimed Hardy should have done the right thing and refused the title. Styles pointed out that Zayn gave up the title to take the summer off so he could grow a neckbeard. 

Hardy agreed with Styles, but he wants to move on. They raised the belts above the ring and had a brief staredown. Zayn then pushed the ladder into Hardy and Styles. He ran off, but Adam Peace ordered him to the ring. 

Non-title Triple Threat match: Sami Zayn defeated Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy and A.J. Styles 

This was a good fast-paced match, and all three worked hard. 

Styles dumped Hardy out of the ring, but Zayn took control of the match. Hardy tried to get back in, but Zayn knocked him off the apron. Styles gained control and slowed the pace down with a chin lock. 

Styles threw Zayn into Hardy as he tried to get back in the ring. Styles went back to the chin lock and attempted to throw Zayn into Hardy again. Hardy avoided and ran wild. He took both down with a double dropkick. Hardy then jumped off of Zayn's back and nailed Styles in the corner. Hardy attempted the Swanton Bomb, but Zayn pushed him off to the floor. 

Zayn went after Hardy on the floor, but Styles took out Zayn with a plancha. 

Back from the break, Zayn and Styles fought on the top turnbuckle. Styles slipped out and dropped Zayn on the corner. Hardy took control of the match after hitting whisper in the wind on both heels. 

All three competitors traded shots in the middle of the ring. Zayn rocked both with kicks to the face, but Styles responded with a Pele Kick. The finish came when Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Hardy, but Zayn threw Styles to the floor. Zayn then pinned Hardy for the win. 

After the match, Styles attacked Zayn with a ladder from behind. Styles then set up a ladder and climbed to the top. He pulled down both belts and posed on top of the ladder. 

They recapped the lawsuit angle between The Miz, Morrison, and Otis. Otis has to forfeit the MITB briefcase, or they'll take him to court. 

Kayla Braxton interviewed Otis and Tucker. Otis noted his mother told him never to trust lawyers. He won't let them steal his briefcase. The Miz and John Morrison interrupted. The Miz promised that his lawyer would make sure that he drowns in legal bills. The Miz taunted Otis as Morrison filmed everything on his phone.

Otis noted he doesn't deal with situations like this in the courtroom. Tucker then pointed out that only Miz's name is on the lawsuit. Therefore, Otis can touch Morrison but not Miz. Otis attacked Morrison and beat him down until referees pulled him off. This segment didn't make much sense. 

They recapped the Bayley and Sasha Banks feud.

Bayley Promo

SmackDown Woman's Champion Bayley came out and sat on the ramp. Bayley had the same chair she used to beat down Banks. She doesn't care about Banks and doesn't have the time to deal with her. 

Bayley turned her attention to her Clash of Champions opponent Nikki Cross. She noted Cross thinks she has an advantage this time because Bayley doesn't have Banks. Bayley pointed out that Banks isn't in her corner because of what she did to her. Bayley promised to defeat Cross this Sunday night. This was a good promo by Bayley. 

Shinsuke Nakamura (w/Cesaro) defeated Gran Metalik (w/Kalitso & Lince Dorado).

Metalik and Nakamura had a fine match. They gave Metalik a lot of offense and tried to make him look strong. Metalik probably needed the win to build them up for Sunday. 

They started with some quick back and forth action. Nakamura avoided a double handspring elbow, but Metalik sent Nakamura to the floor. Metalik attempted a sliding dropkick, but Nakamura ducked and hit a spinning heel kick. 

Nakamura took control and slowed the pace down with a front face lock. He attempted the reverse exploder suplex, but Metalik fought out. He followed up with a hurricanrana, which sent Nakamura to the floor. Metalik then hit a huge dive to the floor onto Nakamura. 

Metalik climbed up the top, but Nakamura pulled him off. Nakamura hit a massive knee in the corner to gain control. He then hit the Kinsasha on Metalik for the win. 

After the match, Cesaro attacked Dorado, but Kalisto didn't help his teammates and just watched from ringside. Dorado was furious and pushed Kalisto to the mat. 

In the back, Jey Uso approached Roman Reigns' locker room door and knocked on it. 

Celebrating Road Warrior Animal 

This was just tweets from different wrestlers praising Animal and the Road Warriors. 

They showed a great video package on the feud between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. It featured Afa, Sika, Rikishi, and Uso.

Jey Uso Promo

Jey Uso made his way down to the ring. He discussed his upcoming title match against his cousin Roman Reigns. Reigns and Paul Heyman were in the back watching Uso in the ring. Uso knows that Corey Graves is interviewing Reigns later, but he's taking over. 

Uso showed clips from last week's Samoan Streetfight. After the match, they hugged, but Reigns glared at Uso as he walked away. Uso wants to know why Reigns smiled at his face but frowned behind his back. 

Uso asked Reigns to come to the ring and answer. In the locker room, Reigns and Heyman just sat in their room. Paul Heyman stepped out of the locker room and addressed Uso. He noted Reigns would answer Uso's questions but on his time. Heyman promised that Reigns would appear later when he's ready. 

They recapped Matt Riddle defeating King Corbin at Payback and Corbin's attack after the match. Earlier today, Corbin mocked Riddle and promised to beat him tonight. Riddle responded earlier today as well. He noted Corbin is trying to make his life miserable but vowed to win again. 

King Corbin defeated Matt Riddle

Riddle and Corbin had a good match, although it did drag at one point.

Riddle attacked Corbin before the bell rang. He continued the assault and knocked Corbin to the floor. Corbin took over as Riddle tried to enter the ring. Riddle attempted a takedown, but Corbin just pushed him off. Riddle then attempted an armbar, but Corbin reversed into a slam.

Corbin rocked Riddle with a back elbow for a near fall. Corbin attempted the around the ring post clothesline, but Riddle countered with a Pele kick. They briefly fought around ringside. Riddle then tossed Corbin over the announce table. 

Back from the break, Riddle locked on a triangle submission, but Corbin powered out and hit a powerbomb for a near fall. Corbin slowed the pace down and continued to beat down Riddle. 

Riddle made a sudden comeback after hitting the final flash. Riddle missed the running knee and moonsault but hit a senton. He followed up with the running knee for a close near fall. 

Riddle attempted the final flash again, but Corbin countered with Deep Six for a near fall.

Riddle leaped off the second rope, but Corbin caught him. He attempted the End of Days, but Riddle countered out. He tried the floating Bro, but Corbin got his knees up. Corbin then hit the End of Days for the win.

After the match, Kalya Braxton interviewed Riddle in the ring. He noted that losing sucks, but he's not going to let this stop him. Riddle isn't going to stop until SmackDown is the Bro show. 

They showed another video of the mysterious blond woman getting dressed. She wrote untouchable in lipstick on the mirror. 

Lacey Evans defeated Alexa Bliss 

Evans and Bliss worked a slow pace, and the match still dragged. It felt like it went a bit long and had a lame finish. 

They recapped Bliss attacking Evans last week and going into a trance after Evans yelled The Fiend's name. 

Evans backed Bliss into the corner. Bliss fought out and rolled up Evans for a near fall. Evans threw Bliss into the corner to take over. She slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Evans dominated the match and backed Bliss in the corner again. 

Bliss made a brief comeback and knocked Evans down. Suddenly, The Fiend Bray Wyatt's laughter echoed in the arena.  

Back from the break, Evans was firmly in control and hit a standing moonsault for a near fall. Michael Cole noted Evans gained control during the break because Bliss was distracted by The Fiend's laughter. 

Evans slowed the pace back down with another chin lock. Bliss fought back but missed a charge in the corner.

Evans then rocked Bliss with stiff knees.

Bliss made a comeback and ran wild. She hit a hard clothesline but suddenly paused. Bliss shook her head, and Evans took back over. 

Evans missed a moonsault, and the lights turned red.

The Fiend's music played. Bliss snapped and attacked Evans. Bliss wouldn't stop stomping Evans, so the referee called for the DQ. 

Bliss then took Evans around ringside and hit Sister Abigail on the floor. The Fiend appeared on the big screen and said, let me in. Bliss smiled at the camera and walked off. 

Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman walked out as Bliss made her way to the back. In a fantastic shot, Reigns posed with the belt while Bliss glared at him in the background. Michael Cole pointed out that Reigns defeated The Fiend to win the title. 

Universal Champion Roman Reigns Interview

There wasn't much time left when Reigns and Heyman started their promo. This was a fine segment. 

Paul Heyman began to speak when Jey Uso's music hit. Reigns noted that Uso is one-half of one of the greatest tag teams of this generation. Uso can't be the top guy because it'll always be Reigns. The family depends on him and needs him to provide for them.  

Reigns and Heyman left the ring. They started to walk away. Uso grabbed the mic and said Reigns might be wrong. Reigns stood in the aisle with his back to the ring. Uso noted he could be the top guy and provide for his wife and kids. He gave a passionate promo and said the family can depend on him.

Reigns and Heyman left. Uso celebrated and walked to the back. Suddenly, Reigns hit the Superman punch on Uso as he stood on the stage. Reigns yelled that he provides for the entire family. He's the top guy, and Uso is never going to take his place at the head of the table. Reigns stood above a fallen Uso as SmackDown ended.