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WWE SmackDown live results: Kofi Kingston responds to Samoa Joe

SmackDown takes place from the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon tonight.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston will react to Samoa Joe’s attack from last night. Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler in a steel cage at Stomping Grounds on Sunday. He followed that up by defeating Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in separate matches on Raw. After those matches, Joe jumped Kingston from behind and locked on the Coquina Clutch.

Kingston is set to defend his title against Joe at Extreme Rules on July 14.

Roman Reigns & The Undertaker will take on Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules. Undertaker made a surprise appearance last night and saved Reigns from a two-on-one situation. Tonight, McMahon and McIntyre respond to The Undertaker’s return. 

SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss at Stomping Grounds to keep her title. WWE.com is teasing that Bayley’s next challenger will be determined tonight.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan are scheduled to appear as well.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


In the back, Shane McMahon addressed Roman Reigns and The Undertaker in his office. Unlike Reigns and Undertaker, McMahon can’t come and go as he pleases because he has a job to do. He warned the rest of the roster that he’s in a bad mood.

The New Day made their way down to the ring. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston noted he'd had good moments and bad/brutal moments. He talked about taking a literal leap of faith at Stomping Grounds to escape the cage. However, he didn’t have a chance to celebrate.

They showed footage of Samoa Joe attacking Kingston last night. Kingston discussed his upcoming match with Joe. Dolph Ziggler interrupted and pointed out that he did all the heavy lifting. Now somebody else is getting a title shot. He said Kingston took the coward’s way out at Stomping Grounds by jumping out of the cage door.

Ziggler talked to WWE management. He takes on Kingston in a 2 out of 3 falls match later tonight. If Ziggler wins, he’s added to WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules to make it a triple threat.  

In the back, Miz approached Elias in front of Shane McMahon’s office. Elias warned Miz that McMahon’s mad about Roman Reigns and Undertaker. Miz wants Elias to send a message to McMahon. He wants another match with McMahon.

Miz walked away, and McMahon walked out of his office. Elias noted Miz was talking trash. McMahon agreed to take on Miz if he could defeat Elias in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

The New Day defeated SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan in a non-title match

The heels gained control by isolating Xavier Woods. Rowan dropped Woods on the top rope, and Bryan rocked him with a knee for a two count. Woods made a brief comeback, but Rowan took him out with a cross body.

Back from the break, the heels were still firmly in control and isolated Woods. Big E got the hot tag and ran wild. He attempted a splash on Bryan, but Bryan got his knees up. He then transitioned into the Lebell Lock.

On the floor, Woods rocked Rowan with a dropkick into the barricade. The finish came when The New Day hit The Midnight Hour on Bryan for the win.

After the match, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn jumped New Day. Rowan joined in on the beat down. Heavy Machinery ran out for the save. The New Day and Heavy Machinery worked together to clear the ring.

The New Day and Heavy Machinery defeated Daniel Bryan, Rowan, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Back from the break, the match is now an eight-man tag match. The heels attacked the faces and knocked them off the apron. The heels isolated Tucker. Rowan hit a massive superplex on Tucker but New Day broke up the pin attempt.

Bryan attempted the running knee, but Tucker hit a huge clothesline. Otis got the hot tag and ran wild. He hit a splash in the corner and Caterpillar on Zayn. Owens was disgusted and walked off. The finish came when Heavy Machinery hit the compactor for the win.

They recapped the angle with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross from last night on Raw. After, Cross informed Bliss that she has a match with Bayley on SmackDown. If Cross wins, Bliss gets a rematch with Bayley at Extreme Rules. They pointed out that Bliss won't be at SmackDown because she's on tour in Singapore and Japan. 

Elias (w/Shane McMahon) defeated The Miz in a 2 out of 3 falls match

Miz jumped Elias to start the match. He nailed a sliding dropkick and sunset flip for a near fall. Miz went for a springboard, but McMahon caused a distraction. Miz attempted the springboard again, but Elias rocked him with a knee and hit the Drift Away to win the first fall. 

The second fall started after the break. Elias slowed the pace down with a chin lock, but Miz fought back and hit a DDT for a near fall. Miz stared at McMahon as he hit the it kicks. McMahon jumped on the apron and Miz knocked him down.

Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale, but McMahon jumped and attacked Miz. Miz wins the second fall by disqualification. McMahon and Elias were furious and continued to beat down Miz before the third fall. McMahon mocked Roman Reigns and speared Miz.

The third fall started, and Elias immediately hit a top rope elbow drop for the win. After the match, Elias held Miz and McMahon hit the coast-to-coast dropkick.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Intercontinental Champion Finn Bálor in the back. He discussed defeating Andrade at Super Showdown. Braxton asked about his next challenger when Shinsuke Nakamura walked in. They had a brief stare down.

Nikki Cross defeated SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley in a non-title match

If Cross wins, Bliss gets a rematch with Bayley at Extreme Rules.

Cross jumped Bayley to start the match and hit a cross body for a near fall. Bayley fought back and hung Cross in the tree of woe. She hit an elbow off the bottom rope for a two count.

Back from break, Bayley was still firmly in control. Cross fought back and hit a running bulldog. Bayley sent Cross to the floor but missed a suicide dive.

They traded pinfall attempts in the middle of the ring. The finish came when Cross rolled up Bayley for the win. Alexa Bliss gets a rematch with Bayley at Extreme Rules.

In the back, Carmella looked for 24/7 Champion R-Truth. She ran into Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. They argued but walked off. Truth came out of hiding, but Drake Maverick approached. He doesn’t have a referee. He has nothing and told Truth he ruined his life.

Truth hugged Maverick and called him Hornswoggle. Truth felt terrible so he agreed to let Maverick beat him. He was joking and ran off. A whole bunch of guys chased Truth and knocked down Maverick.

Sonya Deville (w/Mandy Rose) defeated Ember Moon

Deville had the early advantage, but Moon fought back. Moon was on the apron, and Rose caused a distraction. Deville then pushed Moon into the ring post and rolled her up for the win.

In the back, Aleister Black was furious that nobody had accepted his challenge. He’s starting to think that there isn’t a single person that’s man enough to pick a fight with him. Suddenly, somebody knocked on his door. Black looked in the camera and smiled.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler in a non-title 2 out of 3 falls match

They started with some back and forth mat wrestling. Ziggler hit a standing dropkick for a near fall. He slowed down the pace and locked on a chin lock. Ziggler attempted a monkey flip, but Kingston landed on his feet. Kingston followed up with a standing dropkick for a two count.

Kingston attempted a sunset flip, but Ziggler sat down and held onto the ropes. The referee caught him, and Kingston rolled him up to win the first fall.

After the fall, Ziggler jumped Kingston and hit the Zig Zag on the floor.

The second fall started with Ziggler missing a splash in the corner. Kingston rolled him up for a near fall. Ziggler jumped to his feet and hit a superkick to win the second fall.

Ziggler slowed the pace down by applying a chin lock. Kingston rocked Ziggler with head butts to break the hold. Ziggler regained control and hit a massive elbow for a two count.

Ziggler gave Kingston a slingshot, but Kingston landed on the second turnbuckle. He hit a crossbody off the top, but Ziggler rolled through for a near fall. Ziggler jumped up and hit a DDT for another near fall. Ziggler went for the famouser, but Kingston countered into a powerbomb for a close two count.

Kingston went for trouble in paradise, but Ziggler used an inside cradle for a near fall. Ziggler sent Kingston into the ring post and hit the Zig Zag for another very close near fall. Ziggler missed superkick but avoided the trouble in paradise. Ziggler attempted the superkick again, but Kingston hit the trouble in paradise for the win.