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WWE SmackDown live results: Kofi Kingston's SummerSlam challenge

The build to SummerSlam continues as SmackDown takes place from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston will issue a SummerSlam challenge tonight. Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, and Elias all demanded title shots last week. Later, Orton pinned Kingston in a six-man tag.

Kingston will also face Joe on tonight's episode.

Shane McMahon will address Kevin Owens. Owens openly complained about McMahon taking up TV time and gave him three stunners the last few weeks.

Ember Moon goes one-on-one with Charlotte Flair. SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley offered Moon a title shot at SummerSlam after they teamed together last week, and Moon accepted.

Daniel Bryan promised a career-changing announcement last week but failed to live up to that promise. WWE.com is teasing that Bryan might make the announcement tonight instead.

Plus, Shawn Michaels serves as a special guest commentator.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Tom Philips and David Otunga opened up the show with Xavier Woods and Big E dancing on the announce table. Philips pointed out that Shawn Michaels was supposed to be a guest commentator but is on Miz TV later. New Day is joining in on commentary instead. There is no Corey Graves or Byron Saxton.

Shane McMahon made his way to the ring. Greg Hamilton did Shane’s Best In The World ring intro, which was followed by a brief “CM Punk” chant. McMahon noted he was happy Kevin Owens wasn’t part of the Raw Reunion last night.

McMahon noted that Owens issued a challenge to McMahon at SummerSlam. McMahon accepted the challenge and pointed out that Owens also claimed he’d quit if he doesn’t beat McMahon. The fans broke into a loud “You Can’t Wrestle” chant.

McMahon showed footage of Owens quitting after losing to Seth Rollins last year. He demanded Owens put it in writing that he’d quit if he loses at SummerSlam. Kevin Owens interrupted and made his way down to the ring. Owens is happy McMahon showed that footage because he’s not that person anymore.

Owens said he knew McMahon would accept the challenge if he offered to quit. He promised he wouldn’t quit because he’s going to beat McMahon. Owens doesn’t want to wait until SummerSlam and teased going after McMahon.

McMahon refused to face Owens tonight and threatened to cancel their match. Instead, he announced Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns for later.

In the back, Shane McMahon ran into Drew McIntyre and Elias. Elias called McMahon a genius for making Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns. To make the match better, McMahon announced McIntyre as guest referee, Elias as guest timekeeper and himself as the guest ring announcer.

Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Apollo Crews

Crews had the early advantage and gave Nakamura a stalling suplex for a near fall. He sent Nakamura to the floor and followed up with a moonsault off the apron.

Back from the break, Crews was firmly in control and scored a two count. Nakamura fought back and hit a sliding German suplex. He went for the Kinshasa, but Crews countered with an enziguri. He followed up with the Olympic Slam for a close near fall.

Crews climbed to the top, but Nakamura cut him off. Crews fought back but missed a standing shooting star press. Nakamura then hit the Kinshasa for the win.

After the match, Nakamura continued to attack Crews and hit another Kinshasa on the floor. On commentary, Big E wondered why nobody was coming out to save Crews. He then pointed they won’t be the ones to help him.

In the back, Mandy Rose approached Sonya Deville. Rose announced they face the Woman’s tag team champions next week.

Backstage, Ali talked about everything it took to get a WWE title shot, which he ended up losing. He promised to one day be WWE Champion.

Miz TV with guest Shawn Michaels

Miz promoted the premiere of Miz & Mrs. tonight. They recapped Raw Reunion from last night. Miz then introduced his special guest Shawn Michaels. On commentary, New Day sang along with Michaels' entrance music.

The fans broke into a loud “HBK” chant. Miz pointed out that some wrestlers enjoyed interacting with the legends while others didn’t. Michaels said he understood because he was once a young guy that didn’t like the legends. Now, he enjoys returning with the other legends. He mentioned Seth Rollins being an honoree member of DX and taking on Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Dolph Ziggler interrupted and made his way to the ring. He’s sick of all the legends. Ziggler noted he used to idolize Michaels. Now Michaels is one of those legends he hates. He called Michaels embarrassing and said Goldberg wrestling in a ring is embarrassing too.

Ziggler was embarrassed when Michaels returned to the ring last November. Michaels agreed it was embarrassing but Ziggler accomplishing nothing and being a second rate Shawn Michaels is worse. Ziggler said Michaels is the only second rate Shawn Michaels. Ziggler continued to complain until Miz got in Ziggler’s face. He told Ziggler to do something about it.

Ziggler tried to hit Michaels, but he ducked and hit Miz instead. Michaels shoved Ziggler and checked on Miz. Michaels turned around, and Ziggler nailed him with a superkick.

Ember Moon defeated Charlotte Flair

SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley came out when the bell rang to start the match. Flair was distracted, and Moon rolled her up for the quick win.

Moon then threw Bayley in the ring and Flair rocked Bayley with a kick. Moon then hit the Eclipse on Flair and Bayley.

Michael Cole joined the commentators for the rest of the night replacing New Day. Philips noted Byron Saxton isn’t there tonight due to the passing of his father last week.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston made his way to the ring to issue his SummerSlam challenge. Kingston called out Randy Orton to the ring. Kingston talked about their history. He showed footage from November 16, 2009, from Madison Square Garden of Kingston giving Orton the Boom Drop through a table.

Kingston said that was the night he was supposed to make it to the main event. Instead, Orton used his influence to hold Kingston back. Kingston found the power of positivity and became the WWE Champion.

Orton admitted that he did use his power to hold Kingston back. He did it to help Kingston because he wasn’t ready then and isn’t ready now.

Orton didn't have to work hard because he’s Randy Orton. He didn’t need to use a fake Jamaican accent, throw pancakes, or shake his ass.

Orton pointed out that he’s the reason Kingston won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania because he injured Ali. Orton said he could win the title whenever he wants. Kingston challenged Orton to a match at SummerSlam for the title, and Orton accepted the challenge.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Samoa Joe

Orton sat at ringside during the match. Joe had the early advantage and worked over the arm. Kingston fought back and sent Joe to the floor with a dropkick. He followed up with a massive dive onto Joe. Joe dropped Kingston face first on the turnbuckle to take back over.

Back from the break, Joe was firmly in control, but Kingston made a comeback. He hit the boom drop and set up for Trouble in Paradise. Joe avoided, and Kingston came off the top.

Orton tried to sneak attack Kingston with the RKO, but Kingston avoided the move. Orton hit the RKO on Joe instead, and Kingston nailed Orton with the Trouble in Paradise.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Finn Bálor in the ring. They recapped Bray Wyatt attacking Bálor eight days ago. Bálor doesn’t know how Wyatt’s mind works. He can’t explain the puppets and the attack on Mick Foley last night.

Braxton pointed out Bálor seems shaken. Bálor has faced fear before. He then challenged Wyatt to a match at SummerSlam.

Suddenly, the Firefly Funhouse began playing on the big screen. Mercy and Ramblin’ Rabbit joined Wyatt.

Wyatt noted they’re big fans of Bálor, but the fiend isn’t. Wyatt accepted the challenge for SummerSlam. Wyatt began discussing the fiend. The screen became distorted, and the fiend appeared.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Charlotte Flair in the back. She was mad about Ember Moon getting the title shot at SummerSlam. Flair was also furious that she’s not on SummerSlam. She demands to be at SummerSlam and wants an opponent better than Moon.

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns w/ Guest Referee: Drew McIntyre, Guest Timekeeper Elias, Guest Ring Announcer: Shane McMahon

McMahon introduced Reigns as the guy that lost to him. He mocked Owens and said he’s the guy that is going to lose to him at SummerSlam.

Owens grabbed the mic and promised to run through Reigns and beat down McMahon. Reigns didn’t like that comment and promised to kick some ass tonight.

Reigns and Owens locked up and backed into the corner. McIntyre got in between them and physically broke it up. He did that a second time, but Reigns and Owens threw McIntyre out of the ring. Elias jumped in the ring, but the faces sent him to the floor. They chased McMahon into the ring.

The faces were briefly in control until Elias rocked Owens with a knee. The heels beat down Reigns. McMahon attempted a spear on Reigns, but Owens pulled him out of the ring.

Owens rocked McIntyre and Elias with superkicks. Reigns followed up with a spear. McMahon tried to leave, but Reigns dragged him back into the ring. Reigns hit the Superman punch on McMahon, and Owens hit two stunners.