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WWE SmackDown live results: Live from the Performance Center

.SmackDown takes place from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida tonight.

The event was moved from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan to the Performance Center due to the coronavirus outbreak. Only essential personnel will be in attendance.

WWE has announced that Jeff Hardy will make his long-anticipated return to SmackDown on the show. Hardy has been out of action for roughly a year due to an injury. 

Paige is also set to appear and confront SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley. Paige currently serves as a panelist on WWE Backstage and doesn't approve of Bayley's recent actions. After retiring from active competition, Paige served as SmackDown general manager and later managed The Kabuki Warriors. WWE.com is teasing the confrontation as a pivotal moment for the SmackDown women's division. 

Plus, John Cena responds to "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. Cena returned to SmackDown two weeks ago to set up his WrestleMania feud with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. The status of WrestleMania 36 remains in question.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


Triple H was standing in the WWE Performance Center to start SmackDown. He welcomed everyone to the Performance Center, and they showed clips of the facility. Triple H mentioned Sasha Banks, Roman Reigns, and more training at the Performance Center. They return tonight but not to train.

Triple H noted tonight's going to be a different show and welcomed everyone to Friday Night SmackDown. 

Michael Cole noted tonight the roster performs for an empty arena. The camera panned over the empty seats in the Performance Center.

Triple H joined Cole on commentary. Different superstars will join Cole throughout the night. 

SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks made their way to ringside. Bayley and Banks noted their matches and success built the WWE Performance Center. Bayley and Banks pointed out Paige is nowhere to be found. Cole informed them that Paige had travel issues. Triple H joined Bayley and Banks in mocking Cole.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross interrupted. Bliss pointed out that they challenged The Kabuki Warriors for the title but only got some strange Twitter message. Bliss and Cross then challenged Bayley and Banks to a match instead. Bayley heard enough and demanded a match right now. 

SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley & Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

The atmosphere and dynamics for the match were obviously different without the fans in attendance.

The faces had the early advantage and sent the heels to the floor. Cross leaped off the ring steps and hit the heels with a crossbody.

Back from the break, the heels were firmly in control. They isolated Bliss and cut her off from Cross

On commentary, Cole noted tonight's a strange night, and Triple H performed a Vince McMahon impression. 

Banks slapped Bliss in the corner, but Bliss recovered and rolled up Banks for a near fall. Cross tried getting the fans to cheer for Bliss. Triple H said that's one of the reasons he likes Cross. Banks missed a charge in the corner, and Cross got the hot tag. 

Cross ran wild and rolled up Banks for a near fall. She followed up with an inside cradle for another near fall. Cross hit a crossbody block on Banks, but Bayley broke up the pin attempt. 

Suddenly, Asuka showed up and attacked Bliss at ringside. Banks then locked on the Bank Statement on Cross for the win. Triple H said Asuka came out of nowhere because she blended in with the crowd.

Roman Reigns Promo

Michael Cole interviewed Roman Reigns in the ring. Cole asked Reigns how weird it felt making his entrance in the empty arena. Reigns pointed out that the business depends on reactions from the fans. They turned their attention to Reigns match against Goldberg at WrestleMania 36.

Cole noted the critics believe Reigns put himself in the main event. Reigns doesn't let the critics get to him.

Cole brought up the fact that its spear vs. spear at WrestleMania. Reigns mocked Goldberg because he went to Georiga, so he doesn't know how smart Goldberg is. 

Reigns pointed out he's not part-time and isn't just one move. He promised to beat Goldberg at WrestleMania. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton was about to conduct an interview when Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, and new Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn interrupted. Braxton noted they're not her guests because they got bumped. Zayn didn't care because they have a lot of celebrating to do. 

Braxton then brought in her real guest Jeff Hardy. King Corbin interrupted and wondered what Hardy has planned for tonight. Corbin mocked Hardy and noted Hardy could try to walk in a straight line or recite the alphabet backward. Hardy got in Corbin's face and revealed Hardy has a match against him tonight. Hardy left, and Corbin was upset. Elias showed up and mocked Corbin. 

Triple H left commentary but returned after one segment. 

They recapped Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak from the Elimination Chamber. Cole noted Gulak earned Bryan's respect. 

In the back, Bryan approached Gulak. Gulak walked away, but Bryan stopped him. Bryan noted Gulak said he has holes in his game and asked Gulak to teach him. 

Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura approached Bryan and Gulak. Zayn mocked Bryan and noted he gave Bryan the chance to join them. Bryan tried going after Zayn, but Cesaro stepped in the way. Bryan challenged Cesaro to a match for later tonight. 

Elimination Chamber: SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison defeated The New Day, Heavy Machinery, The Usos, Lucha House Party and Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler

They aired the entire Chamber match from Elimination Chamber last Sunday. The New Day and The Usos started the match. Both teams went back and forth with nobody getting the advantage. 

The Lucha House Party was the third team in the match. They ran wild and hit a series of big moves. Lince Dardo hit a springboard stunner, and Gran Metalik hit a splash off his shoulders. Metalik and Dardo then hit a series of moonsaults for a near fall. 

The New Day recovered and took back over. Big E launched Kofi Kingston over the top onto Lucha House Party. Big E missed a charge in the corner and went shoulder-first into the post.

Dardo leaped onto the cage, but he slipped and nearly broke his legs. Somehow, Dardo recovered and climbed to the top of the pod. Dardo and Metalik beat down Kingston and knocked him off the pod. 

Dardo hit a dive to the side of the ring, taking out The Usos, and Metalik hit a dive into the ring onto New Day. 

Back from the break, the next team in was the tag team champions The Miz and John Morrison. They trapped Metalik in the tree of woe, and Miz hit the It kicks. Jey Uso tried fighting back, but Miz and Morrison cut him off. They hit a springboard double foot stomp/ neck breaker combo for a two count. 

Metalik leaped off the pod and hit a hurricanrana on Morrison, who was standing on the top turnbuckle for a near fall. 

Kingston made a comeback and ran wild until Miz and Morrison cut him off. 

Back from the break, Michael Cole and Triple H welcome everyone back to the WWE Performance Center. They then went back to the Elimination Chamber.

Heavy Machinery is now in the match. In an awesome spot, Dardo climbed up the cage and hit a shooting star press onto everyone in the ring. Heavy Machinery then hit The Compactor on Dardo to eliminate Lucha House Party. 

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler were the next team in the match.

Heavy Machinery was waiting for Ziggler and Roode. Otis chased Ziggler up the pod. Tucker climbed up and threw Ziggler into Otis, who then hit a slam. 

Tucker then dove off the pod onto everyone else. Roode went for the Glorious DDT, but Otis countered with a backdrop.

Otis charged at Ziggler, but he moved. Otis crashed through the pod and the cage to the floor.

WWE referees and officials ran out to check on Otis. Tucker checked on Otis but then took on Ziggler and Roode on his own. The heels were too much for Tucker. Ziggler rocked Tucker with a superkick, and Roode hit the Glorious DDT to eliminate Heavy Machinery. The fans were upset to see Heavy Machinery leave. The fans broke into a loud "Otis" chant. 

Kingston hit the trouble in paradise, and Big E hit the Big Ending on Roode and Ziggler. The Usos then hit double splashes off the pods onto Roode and Ziggler to eliminate them from the match. 

Back from the break, The New Day and Usos worked together to beat down Miz and Morrison. The Usos turned on The New Day and rocked Big E with a superkick. Kingston and Jey fought on the top turnbuckle. Kingston pushed off Jey and climbed to the top of the pod. Kingston missed a crossbody, and The Miz and Morrison ran in and pinned Kingston to eliminate New Day. 

The Usos and Miz and Morrison were the final two teams. The Usos caught the heels with superkicks and went for the double splashes again. Miz got the knees up and rolled up Jimmy for a near fall

Miz applied a figure four leglock on Jimmy, and Morrison hit the Starship Pain for a near fall. Jey broke up the pin but rolling up Morrison. 

Jey rocked Miz with a superkick and hit a superkick on Morrison for a two count. The finish came when Morrison and Miz used the ropes to pin Jey to retain the titles. 

In the Performance Center, Miz and Morrison were in the ring, admiring their win. They mocked the teams on the roster and bragged about their movie careers.

Miz ran down each of his Marine movies and called them critically acclaimed. Miz and Morrison were great during this promo.

On commentary, Triple H noted Miz and Morrison are excellent without crowd noise. He said it's because they never hear crowd noise.

Triple H isn't a great commentator in the classic sense, but he's had few good lines tonight. 

Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak made their way to the ring. Gulak tried to get Bryan to do the Yes chant. Bryan didn't see the point because there are no fans. Gulak implored him to do the chant, and Bryan finally agreed. 

Back from the break, Cole was sitting alone at the commentary table because Triple H is now operating the camera. They recapped the announcement on WWE Backstage about Rob Gronkowski

Cole and Triple H talked to Mojo Rawley about Rob Gronkowski. Rawley noted the rumors about Gronk are true, and he'll be on SmackDown next week. 

Daniel Bryan (w/Drew Gulak) defeated Cesaro (w/Sami Zayn & Shinsuke Nakamura) 

Zayn joined Cole and Triple H on commentary. Cesaro had the early advantage and rocked Bryan with a series of uppercuts. 

Back from the break, Cesaro hit a superplex from the apron for a near fall. Bryan fought back and hit a running clothesline. He followed up with the Yes kicks for a near fall. 

Bryan charged at Cesaro, but Cesaro lifted Bryan in the air and hit an uppercut. Cesaro locked on the cross face, but Bryan fought back. The finish came when Bryan used an inside cradle for the win. 

After the match, Nakamura and Cesaro jumped Bryan until Gulak jumped in for the save. Zayn jumped in the ring, and all three heels beat down Gulak. Bryan hit a suicide dive onto Nakamura and saved Gulak.

Triple H continued to tease Michael Cole. He cleaned the sweat off of Cole's forehead and tried coloring his grey hair black. 

Jeff Hardy defeated King Corbin 

Elias joined Michael Cole and Triple H on commentary. Corbin jumped Hardy before the bell rang and beat him down. 

Corbin had an early advantage, but Hardy made a comeback. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate, but Corbin pushed him off. Corbin recovered and scored a close near fall. 

Corbin started yelling at Elias, so Elias began playing his guitar. Hardy fought back and hit the Twist of Fate, which Cole called the Twist of Fury. He then hit the Swanton Bomb for the win. 

Triple H spoke to the camera again. He hoped everyone enjoyed the show even without the fans in attendance. He said WWE proved tonight why the words "Then, Now And Forever" apply to them. 

John Cena Promo

Michael Cole interviewed John Cena in the ring. Cole asked Cena about his match with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. He noted Cena beat Wyatt at WrestleMania 30, and Wyatt blames his downward spiral on Cena. 

Cena noted Wyatt became lazy after his loss at WrestleMania 30. Cena has suffered many losses in his career, including The Miz and CM Punk. 

Cole wondered why Cena accepted Wyatt's challenge. Cena said fans shouldn't invest in Wyatt but instead in Drew McIntyre, Tommasso Ciampa, Matt Riddle, and Velveteen Dream. He feels Wyatt's had so many chances already.

Cena accepted the challenge because he's going to get rid of Wyatt

Bray Wyatt interrupted and made his way to the ring. He didn't come out as The Fiend but just regular Bray Wyatt. He mocked Cena and said he wonders what it would be like to be Cena for one day. Wyatt's not sick, Cena is the one that's sick. He noted Cena doesn't care about the future. He only cares about himself and being in the spotlight.

Wyatt thinks about his loss to Cena six years ago all the time. He said the voices in his head wouldn't stop, so he started listening to them. The voices took his broken world and turned it into the funhouse. They went face to face, and Wyatt asked Cena to let him in. The Fiend then flashed across the screen. 

This was a very different type of SmackDown tonight and an interesting show. Having no fans in attendance hurt the show, but at other times, it helped, such as with The Miz and Morrison and the closing segment. 

Next Week: Rob Gronkowski appears on SmackDown and addresses the rumors about his future. Plus, Roman Reigns and Goldberg meet face-to-face for their WrestleMania 36 contract signing.