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WWE SmackDown live results: Survivor Series fallout and the build to TLC

Date: November 22, 2016
Location: Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario

The Big Takeaway --

James Ellsworth defeated AJ Styles yet again, this time in a ladder match to earn a SmackDown contract and a future WWE Championship match. Dean Ambrose was repeatedly kicked out of the building by Shane McMahon, but returned one final time to help Ellsworth.

Several matches were made official for TLC. Alexa Bliss will get her Women’s title rematch against Becky Lynch. Dolph Ziggler and The Miz will go at it one final time for the IC Title in a ladder match. Finally, Nikki Bella will get another shot at Carmella in a no disqualification match.

American Alpha appeared to have earned a tag team title shot, but will have one final obstacle--a match against Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton next week.

Show Recap -- 

The show started with a video package of the men’s Raw vs. SmackDown match at Survivor Series.

Shane McMahon came out and walked very slowly to the ring. He got a big reaction and “You still got it” chants. Shane said he felt like he got into a car accident, but wanted to give Raw some credit, especially Roman Reigns. He was happy SmackDown won of course, and gave props to Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt for getting the win. He mentioned that AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose couldn’t get along, which brought out Ambrose.

Ambrose, who was mostly cheered, said Shane should be happy. It’s a new day, there’s snow on the ground in Ottawa, and SmackDown got the win. Shane brought up Ambrose almost risking everything by reuniting with The Shield and powerbombing Styles through a table. Ambrose blew this off and brought out the team MVP, James Ellsworth. Ellsworth is in a neckbrace and can barely walk.

Ambrose said Shane had a surprise for Ellsworth. Shane wanted to do this in private, but Ambrose went ahead and spoiled it and announced Ellsworth has a SmackDown contract. This got a mild reaction, probably because the crowd thought he was signed already.

Shane then told Ambrose he has the night off. Ambrose was cool with that, and wanted to go for wings or poutine. Shane told Ambrose he didn’t understand--he doesn’t just have the night off, he has to leave the building. (Note: Ambrose just said he wanted to go for food.) Ambrose left and crossed paths with AJ Styles, who came out next.

Styles told Shane that Ambrose deserves to be kicked off SmackDown altogether.  He also couldn’t believe Ellsworth got a contract and wanted to make it clear that he didn’t earn it. Styles said he’s the one who earned his contract with years of blood, sweat and tears, “and all that stuff.” Styles challenged him to a ladder match as a warmup for TLC, with Ellsworth's contract on the line.

Shane told Ellsworth he didn’t have to, but Ellsworth accepted because he’s already beaten Styles twice. Ellsworth said he wanted a future title match if he wins. Shane made it official. (Note: Ellsworth is wearing a neckbrace.) Ambrose suddenly appeared behind Shane and Ellsworth to pat them on the back, which was funny.

Backstage, Miz and Maryse were in the middle of a photoshoot when they were interrupted by Daniel Bryan. Miz wanted to know when his big celebration was and couldn’t wait for Bryan to thank him. Bryan said they humiliated SmackDown by the way they won. Miz mocked Bryan, so Bryan put him in an IC Title match against Kalisto.

After a break, Shane escorted Ambrose from the building. Ambrose was mildly concerned about going outside in Ottawa without his jacket.

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (w/Maryse) defeated Kalisto

Kalisto hit a suicide dive and they went to commercial a minute into this title match. There was a nice spot where Miz tried a slingshot powerbomb but Kalisto countered into a hurricanrana for a nearfall. Kalisto went to the top, but Baron Corbin ran out to distract him. Kalisto kicked him off the apron, but Miz caught him with a Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Unfortunately, they telegraphed this by cutting away too early.

Corbin nailed Kalisto with End of Days afterwards. Also, as Miz posed with his title on the stage, Dolph Ziggler showed up to superkick him.

Backstage, Bryan told Shane he would go deal with Corbin, but Alexa Bliss interrupted. Bryan said he didn’t have time for this, “but Shane does!” and he left. Becky Lynch jumped in and told Bliss she’d get her rematch at TLC. Natalya joined and accused Lynch of costing them at Survivor Series. Shane said they were all the blame, but maybe they would’ve been better off if Nikki Bella was able to compete. Shane put Natalya in a match with Lynch tonight. Natalya quoted Celine Dion and left. Ambrose showed up with pizza and Shane told him to leave. Lynch said she would take “a pizza (piece of) Nattie’s arm.”

Elsewhere, Bryan confronted Corbin, calling his actions reckless and stupid. Bryan said Corbin didn’t see the bigger picture, but Corbin said he was the bigger picture. Bryan was pissed he cost them the Cruiserweight division and put him a match with a close, personal friend of his--Kane.

Tag Team Turmoil Match #1: The Hype Bros defeated The Ascension

Hype Bros won in 2 minutes with the Hype Ryder.

Tag Team Turmoil Match #2: Breezango defeated The Hype Bros

Breezango won quickly to advance.

Tag Team Turmoil Match #3: American Alpha defeated Breezango

Chad Gable picked up the win quickly with a rollup.

Tag Team Turmoil Match #4: American Alpha defeated The Vaudevillains

Jason Jordan won immediately with a German suplex.

Tag Team Turmoil Match #5: American Alpha defeated The Usos

This was the final match in Tag Team Turmoil and the top of the hour segment. Usos took their time getting to the ring, so the match started during a break. There were dueling chants of “Let’s go Usos” and “Usos suck.” They got the heat on Jordan until he made the hot tag to Gable, who hit a dropkick, belly-to-belly, fists in the corner, and a German suplex for a two count.

The Usos cut him off but Jordan was able to tag in. Jordan and Gable hit an avalanche bulldog but the other Uso broke up the cover. The Usos tried to double team Jordan, but Gable jumped in with a suplex. American Alpha followed with Grand Amplitude for the win. Crowd was bored for most of this but picked up at the end.

American Alpha’s music didn’t play after they won, because the Wyatts appeared on the screen. Bray said the turmoil wasn’t over, because they haven’t defeated all the teams. Bray said they could rest up tonight, but they would be facing him and Orton next week. Orton said they were a family.

Backstage, Bryan (who isn’t allowed to wrestle) asked Ellsworth if he really wanted to do this match tonight. Ellsworth said any man with two feet could climb a ladder and achieve his dream. He left, when Ambrose entered dressed as The Mountie. Bryan was amused, but thought he should leave in case Shane showed up. Shane did show up, and was pissed. He wanted Ambrose to leave, or else. Ambrose asked Shane if he wanted to know why he was dressed as The Mountie. He said it was a funny story, but Shane didn’t care. Ambrose agreed to leave, but not before calling him a hoser. Shane left, and Ambrose told Bryan he had a message for AJ Styles--The Mountie always gets his man. Big pop for that.

Becky Lynch defeated Natalya 

Bliss was on commentary. David Otunga questioned Bliss getting another title match. She basically called him an idiot and questioned his Harvard degree. Lynch won in about 9 minutes with the Disarmer. Pretty good match. Bliss attacked Lynch afterwards with a DDT.

The Miz confronted Bryan and wanted Ziggler suspended. Miz correctly predicted that Bryan would give Ziggler a title match instead. Bryan made a ladder match for the title at TLC, and there will be no more rematches regardless of who wins.

Elsewhere, Nikki Bella confronted Carmella, accusing her of taking her out of Survivor Series. Carmella didn’t know what she was talking about. They bickered back and forth, when Nikki informed Carmella they would be having a no disqualification match at TLC. Nikki was terribly unlikable here.

Baron Corbin defeated Kane via DQ

Kalisto attacked Corbin about a minute into the match for a DQ. Kane chokeslammed Corbin afterwards. Kalisto wasn’t satisfied so he grabbed a steel chair, but Corbin suddenly sprung to life and bailed from the ring. Corbin decided to run back in, but Kalisto tossed the chair at him and kicked it in his face. I don’t know if it'll get him over, but I like that Kalisto is actually fighting back.

Non-Title Ladder Match: James Ellsworth defeated WWE World Champion AJ Styles

This match started much later than your usual SmackDown main event. Styles knocked down Ellsworth and could’ve won easily, but decided to give a beating. He ripped off Ellsworth’s shirt to reveal he was also wearing a back brace of some kind. Styles gave him a backbreaker and kicked him in the back too.

Styles decided to climb the ladder with Ellsworth pinned underneath, but Dean Ambrose ran out wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey, goalie mask and hockey gloves. He attacked Styles and sent him out of the ring, but Ellsworth couldn’t move. Styles then nailed Ambrose with a Phenomenal forearm.

Styles went up the ladder again, but Ellsworth pushed the ladder and Styles took  a crazy bump to the outside. Before Ellsworth could start climbing, Styles tried entering the ring, but ate No Chin Music. Styles’ foot got caught in the ropes and Ellsworth managed to climb the ladder and grab the contract for the win. The crowd didn’t seem that into Ellsworth earlier, but they popped pretty big for this.  Ellsworth cried as Ambrose held him up in celebration.