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WWE SmackDown live results: Wild Card rule, new tag champs

SmackDown takes place from the KFC Yum Center in Louisville, Kentucky tonight.

Last night on Raw, Vince McMahon announced the Wild Card rule. This means any four wrestlers can appear on the other brand in a given week without consequences. SmackDown roster members Kofi Kingston, Roman Reigns, Lars Sullivan and the returning Daniel Bryan appeared on Raw last night. WWE.com is teasing that four Raw Superstars will appear tonight on SmackDown.

The Hardy Boys forfeited the SmackDown tag team titles last week due to Jeff Hardy’s injury. Tonight, Shane McMahon crowns new Tag Team Champions.  

Kingston is set to defend the WWE title against Kevin Owens at Money in the Bank. Last week, Kingston attacked Owens for turning on The New Day. Kingston and Owens are scheduled to appear tonight.

Plus, Bayley, Carmella & Ember Moon take on Charlotte Flair, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville in a six-woman tag match. Ali also goes one-on-one with Andrade.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Raw member AJ Styles made his way down to the ring to start SmackDown. He discussed Vince McMahon’s new Wild Card Rule. He said that means he can crash SmackDown and wanted to be the first.

This brought out Raw member Sami Zayn. He survived the dumpster and had no injuries. He talked about the Wild Card Rule. Styles pointed out he can smell Zayn. He told Zayn to take a shower. The fans broke into a “Hit the Showers” chant.  Zayn had no injuries but the smell of garbage stuck with him even after a shower.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods made their way out on the ramp. The fans broke into a “Kofi” chant. Kingston mocked Styles for claiming that SmackDown is the house he built. He pointed out Styles doesn’t live here anymore. Styles noted that Kingston appeared last night on Raw.

Kingston and Styles went face-to-face. Zayn was furious that Kingston was about to offer Styles a title shot tonight. He told Kingston that the fans are not happy for him. Zayn said he deserves the title shot. Kingston cut him off and asked Zayn about the smell. The fans broke into another “Hit The Showers” chant.

Kingston noted he’s a fighting champion and that’s why he defended the title last night. He’s willing to defend the title against either one of them tonight.

Earlier today, Kevin Owens noted that today is his birthday. Instead of sticking around he’s taking the day off and left.

Shane McMahon officially announced WWE Champion Kofi Kingston defending against AJ Styles and Sami Zayn in a triple threat later tonight. 

Earlier, Ali discussed the Money in the bank ladder match. He promised to win the briefcase.

Ali vs. Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) Ended When Randy Orton Interfered

Before the match, Zelina Vega also discussed the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match. Andrade guaranteed that he’s going to win the ladder match in two weeks.

Ali had the early advantage as they fought on the floor. He attempted a springboard off the barricade but Vega jumped in the way. Ali stopped. Andrade then yanked Ali’s leg and he crashed to the floor.

Back from break, Ali took back over and hit a Spanish fly off the top turnbuckle. The fans broke into an “Ali” chant. Suddenly, Randy Orton jumped Ali from behind. He tried to give Andrade the draping DDT but Vega grabbed on to Andrade’s leg.

Ali attacked Orton but he fought him off. Ali charged at Orton but Orton lifted him up in the air and hit the RKO. Andrade tried a springboard move but Orton caught him with the RKO as well.

A video aired covering Roman Reigns career from the beginning to winning the Universal championship to announcing his battle with cancer. It jumped forward to his return and Superman punching Vince McMahon a few weeks ago. The fans gave this video a big reaction.

Shane McMahon made his way to the ring. He came out to talk about the SmackDown tag team division. First, he talked about The Miz attacking him with a chair last night on Raw. He pointed out that Miz didn’t get the job done. McMahon promised to win in the Steel Cage match at Money In The Bank.

McMahon turned his attention to the SmackDown tag team titles. He noted The Hardy Boys had to vacate the title because of Lars Sullivan injuring Jeff Hardy. McMahon wondered who could be the tag team champions. He said it was obvious and staring him in the face. McMahon then introduced that tag team of Daniel Bryan & Rowan.

Before they could talk they were interrupted by Raw members The Usos. McMahon wondered why they were there. They pointed out it’s because of the Wild Card Rule his father made. The Usos were furious that McMahon was just going to give the titles to Bryan & Rowan. They demanded McMahon let them take on Bryan & Rowan to earn the titles. McMahon agreed to the match and it happens next.

Finn Bálor sent in a video from Ireland. He promised to win the Money in the Bank ladder match. He guaranteed to be both the Intercontinental and WWE Champion. He called himself Finn Two Belts.

Daniel Bryan & Rowan defeated The Usos to win the vacant SmackDown Tag Team Titles

The Usos were firmly in control early on. Rowan rocked Jimmy with a big boot to take over. He followed up with a big slam and splash for a near fall. The heels isolated Jimmy in their corner. Bryan hit running a dropkick and Rowan hit a splash in the corner for another near fall.

Bryan rocked Jey with kicks. Jimmy made the blind tag and hit a superkick on Bryan for a near fall. Jimmy attempted a splash but Bryan got the knees up and locked on the LeBelle Lock. Jimmy fought out and tagged Jey. Jey attempted a cross body but Rowan caught him. Rowan went for the Iron Claw but The Usos hit a series of superkicks. Jimmy hit the Uso splash on Rowan for a very close two count.

The Usos went for a suicide dive but Rowan caught both of them. Bryan took out Jimmy with the running knee. Jey rocked Bryan with a superkick but Rowan caught Jey and hit the Iron Claw to win the SmackDown tag team championship.

Bray Wyatt hosted another edition of the Firefly Fun House. He talked to Mercy The Buzzard and Abbey The Witch. Mercy destroyed Ramblin’ Rabbit. Wyatt said it was okay and he should be forgiven like he was.

Shane McMahon was back in the ring for an announcement regarding the Money in the Bank ladder match. He pointed out the winner is almost guaranteed to win the championship.

Suddenly, The Miz jumped McMahon from behind. The Miz chased McMahon up the ramp and continued to beat him. Suddenly, The B Team jumped Miz but he fought them off. McMahon then attacked Miz with a chair from behind.

Backstage, new SmackDown tag team champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan ran into Heavy Machinery. They had a brief stare down.

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville defeated Ember Moon & Carmella 

This was changed from the six-woman tag to a regular tag match. Carmella was briefly in control but Rose distracted her. Deville took control of the match. Moon got the tag and regained control. She hit a crossbody off the second rope for a near fall.

Moon attempted to hit a dive on Rose but Deville moved her out of the way and took the impact. Rose took over and hit The Bed of Roses for the win.

Paige, Asuka and Kairi Sane interrupted Rose and Deville’s celebration. Paige noted she managed them but moved up. Next week, Asuka & Sane take on Rose & Deville.

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Matt Hardy. He discussed Jeff’s injury at the hands of Lars Sullivan. R-Truth approached. Truth noted Sullivan is like nobody he’s ever faced. Braxton suddenly ran off. Hardy and Truth were confused.

Sullivan was standing behind Truth and Hardy. He beat them both down and gave Truth a powerbomb through a table.  

Aleister Black said he’s both the wrath and salvation. He apologizes to his opponents for his need to prevail at their expense.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston defeated AJ Styles and Sami Zayn to retain the title

Styles teased working with Kingston against Zayn. Instead, Styles rocked Kingston with a kick. Kingston hit the splash off the ropes for a two count. Styles was kneeling over when Kingston hit a huge splash for a near fall. Styles injured the knee and sold it for the rest of the match.

Zayn was briefly in control but Kingston rocked him with a clothesline. Styles hit one as well and Zayn rolled to the floor again. Kingston hit the Boom Drop on Styles and set up for the Trouble in Paradise. Zayn grabbed Kingston by the leg. Styles tried a plancha but landed on the apron. Zayn yanked him off the apron.

Back from break, Zayn hit a sit out powerbomb for a close near fall. Zayn hit a tornado DDT on Styles but Kingston broke up the pinfall. Kingston climbed to the top but Zayn cut him off. Zayn hit a huge superplex for another two count.

Zayn attempted a superplex on Styles but he slipped out and dropped Zayn on the turnbuckle. Styles hit a hurricanrana off the top on Zayn. In a cool spot, Styles attempted the inverted DDT on Zayn and DDT on Kingston at the same time. Kingston countered and hit the SOS on Styles who hit the inverted DDT on Zayn.

Styles and Kingston traded shots in the middle of the ring. Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but Kingston cut him off and hit the Trouble in Paradise. Styles was on the apron and fell to the floor.

Suddenly, Kevin Owens ran out and jumped Woods from behind. Kingston was distracted and Zayn hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for a very close near fall. Zayn hit a second Blue Thunder Bomb but Kingston kicked out again. Zayn hit the move a third time but Kingston kicked out again. Zayn attempted the Helluva Kick but Kingston hit the Trouble in Paradise to win the match.

After the match, Kayla Braxton interviewed Kingston and asked him if Owens is in his head. Kingston said Owen’s isn’t in his head and there will be hell to pay at Money In The Bank.