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GFW Impact results: Alberto El Patron & Lashley vs. LAX

Previously: LAX announced that GFW Unified World Champion Alberto El Patron is their newest member.

Tonight: El Patron teams with Bobby Lashley against LAX after declining their invitation. Also, Grand Champion Moose defends against Naomichi Marufuji. Plus, Gail Kim makes a special announcement.

Show Recap -- 

- Earlier today, Joseph Park and Grado arrived at the Impact Zone. Park revealed that Grado is being deported and the only way for him to stay is to marry one of the Knockouts.

- LAX came out to the ring to officially announce their newest member. Konnan introduced Alberto El Patron and he made his way to the ring. El Patron noted that he and Konnan have been through a lot together, but he was upset that Konnan announced him as the newest member without asking him first.

Konnan said that they’ve been oppressed and need each other. El Patron mentioned that he hasn’t forgotten how he was treated in Stamford. Konnan asked again for him to join, but El Patron turned him down.

A furious Konnan ordered LAX to attack El Patron until Bobby Lashley came out for the save. After the commercial break, El Patron & Lashley vs. LAX was made official.

ACH defeated Andrew Everett in a first round Super X Cup match

Everett hit a sweet looking moonsault to the floor. He went for a springboard, but ACH caught him and executed a German suplex. The finish of the match came when ACH hit a brainbuster to advance in the Super X Cup.

- Last week, Sonjay Dutt was furious that Trevor Lee stole the X Division belt and promised to get it back.

- Gail Kim came out for her announcement. She said that she gave her body and soul to wrestling and doesn’t regret one moment. She announced that she is retiring from wrestling at the end of 2017. Tonight is not the end and she promised to retire on top.

- Chris Adonis made his way down to the ring. He challenged The Swole Mates to a pose-off in the ring. Eli Drake ran down and a bunch of referees broke it up. This got very little reaction.

- In the back, Karen Jarrett was sad to see Gail Kim retire but has some challengers in mind to face Kim in the last few months of her career.

Octagoncito defeated Demus

Octagoncito hit a corkscrew moonsault to the floor to gain the advantage. Demus hit a series of power moves to take over. Octagoncito made a comeback and hit a moonsault from the top rope to the floor and then rolled up Demus to pick up the win.

- In a montage, Grado asked out a series of Knockouts on dates but was rejected each time. A random guy was shown doing squats in the background.

Naomichi Marufuji defeated Grand Champion Moose by DQ

Ethan Carter III joined in on commentary, though he was silent during the match.

Moose was in control for most of round one. The judges scored in his favor giving him the round. In round two, Moose had the early advantage until Marufuji made a comeback and evened things up.

In the third round, Moose hit a hesitation dropkick for a close near fall. Marufuji hit two jumping knee strikes to gain control, then EC3 jumped in the ring and nailed Marufuji with the ring bell.

- At the LAX clubhouse, Konnan wanted both El Patron and Lashley taken out on stretchers.

Trevor Lee defeated William Weeks

Lee came out with the X Division title and refused to take the belt off. In the back, Sonjay Dutt tried to run to the ring but was detained by security. Lee totally dominated the match and won with the double knees.

Dutt attacked Lee after the match, but Lee was able to run off with the belt.

Laurel Van Ness defeated Ava Storie

Van Ness missed a curb stomp and Storie made a fiery comeback. Van Ness caught her entering the ring with a hangman’s DDT and hit the curb stomp for the win.

After the match, Grado and Joseph Park came down to the ring with wine and candy. Grado told Van Ness that she's beautiful and asked her out on a date, but Kongo Kong interrupted before she could answer. Grado and Park ran off.

Alberto El Patron & Bobby Lashley defeated LAX (w/ Homicide, Konnan, and Diamante)

The faces worked well together and were in control during the early part of the match. LAX then took over and isolated El Patron on their side of the ring. El Patron hit a reverse superplex on Santana and made the tag. Lashley hit a powerslam on Santana, but Ortiz broke up the pin.

Diamante distracted Lashley and Konnan interfered to give LAX the advantage. El Patron got the hot tag and ran wild. Lashley and El Patron used a neckbreaker/double foot stomp combination to win the match.

El Patron told Lashley they make a great team. LAX jumped El Patron and Lashley just walked away and didn’t help.

Next Week: The Super X Cup tournament continues.