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AEW media call: Cody on Full Gear, rankings, new titles, more shows

Prior to AEW Full Gear Saturday in Baltimore, MD, Cody Rhodes spoke to the media on a conference call Friday afternoon. To listen to the call, just click the red button that says 'Right Click Save' below.

A few of the topics the AEW World title challenger and executive vice president spoke about:

- He revealed the plans for the company's weekly power rankings

- AEW's schedule and the benefits of working less in the ring leading up to big shows like this

- He discussed his well-received promo from Wednesday and how it was sensory overload for him

- He talked about what he's learned as an executive vice president thus far

- He talked about Keith Mitchell's approach to producing AEW while giving a nod toward WWE's Kevin Dunn

- He said there might be another singles title or "prize" introduced over the next month and that he dislikes the term "mid-card"

- He put over Turner as a partner and their role in Dynamite's production, adding that there is an opportunity for more live events as B/R Live gets more integrated into the Bleacher Report app.

Hear the 45-minute call below:

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