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AEW Rampage & Dark Elevation spoilers: Danielson vs. Kingston

The following matches were taped for this Friday's AEW Rampage and the following Monday's AEW Dark: Elevation in Boston, Massachusetts:

AEW Dark: Elevation for Monday, November 1st:

Tony Schiavone, Paul Wight and Mark Henry were on commentary.

  • Emi Sakura and Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero and Lulu Pencil) defeated Kris Statlander and Ryo Mizunami: Rose got the win after hitting a swanton bomb on Mizunami for the win.
  • Frankie Kazarian defeated Viktor Benjamin: Kazarian got a quick win with a submission.
  • Riho defeated Kayla Sparks: Sparks had a lot of fans and there were even dueling chants. Riho got the win after a double footstomp and bridging belly-to-belly suplex.
  • FTR (w/ Tully Blanchard) defeated Waves & Curls: This was another quick one that FTR won after tricking Traevon Jordan that both of them were laid out, hitting the Shatter Machine for the win. Waves & Curls were pretty popular as they wrestle the indies here frequently.
  • Tay Conti defeated LMK: LMK is Little Mean Kathleen. This was very quick after Conti hit the DDTay.
  • Best Friends (Orange Cassidy/Chuck Taylor/Wheeler Yuta) defeated The Acclaimed and Serpentico: Cassidy matched Max Caster's rap in his own unique way. Cassidy won for his team after landing the Orange Punch on Serpentico.

There was nothing standout here. The matches were assembly line style, starting at 7:15 Eastern and were a wrap by around 7:50 PM.

AEW Rampage for Friday, October 29th:

Excalibur, Tax, Chris Jericho and Ricky Starks were on commentary. Jericho was dressed up like Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach.

Bryan Danielson defeated Eddie Kingston to advance in the AEW World title eliminator tournament

This wasn't as much as a wrestling match as it was a fight...and a damn great one at that.

The early going was MMA/boxing/kickboxing style with both squaring up and landing kicks without fully committing to driving in their opponent's range. This was mainly a strike-based match with Kingston absolutely lighting up Danielson's chest with chops, making it beet red just a few minutes in and nearly purple by the end.

Danielson was his same aggressive style, but Kingston was game. It spilled to the outside with Kingston hitting a belly-to-back suplex and rolling back inside wanting to get the countout. Danielson barely got back in at the ten count. 

Kingston was mounted on the top rope with Danielson in the corner which Danielson reversed into an avalanche belly-to-back suplex. Yes kicks followed with Kingston slumping as Danielson went in for the kill. He tried to submit Kingston with an armbreaker but Kingston battled through it. Danielson hit a roaring elbow which Kingston matched with a backhand slap/punch. Finally, Danielson ensnared a triangle choke and prior to passing out, Kingston flipped Danielson off. Danielson got the win at around 17 minutes. 

This was fantastic. Afterward, Danielson offered a handshake but Kingston just left which led into our next segment.

CM Punk promo

Punk was with Schiavone backstage talking about his birthday and Halloween when Kingston barged in and said, "I own you" repeatedly. Punk wasn't having it and both men were separated. It appears this could be for Full Gear. 

Dante Martin (w/ Lio Rush) defeated Matt Sydal

This was supposed to be Rush and Martin against the Sydal Brothers, but Mike Sydal got hurt. Therefore, they went to this trilogy match instead.

This was very solid, featuring the high-flying and athletic spots you might imagine. Martin hit his signature moonsault to the outside and flipping stunner which the crowd loved. He won the ten+ minute match after a double jump top rope moonsault to a standing Sydal. Rush never got involved and Martin gave him the reluctant look as he has been doing.

AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker (w/ Reba and Jamie Hayter) defeated Abadon in a Trick or Treat no DQ non-title match

If Abadon won, she would earn a future title match. Henry was hilarious in the pre-match interview, asking Abadon about strategy to which she simply grunted and spewed blood. After he talked to Baker, Abadon disappeared as he deadpanned "Abadon's gone." Baker, Reba and Hayter were all done up for Halloween.

This wasn't good early on, but as it got weirder, it got better. The lights were down for the first time as some of the crowd left. The remaining fans chanted "spooky shit" throughout the match.

Baker hit Abadon with a spinning neckbreaker off the apron onto a table, but the table didn't break. She then tried to suplex Abadon onto the table but it didn't break again. Baker was bleeding from somewhere as the referee got the black gloves on.

Abadon brought out thumbtacks and eventually hit a uranage on Baker onto the tacks. Baker later tossed a chair at Abadon's head and put her head in the chair, landing a curb stomp. Abadon then zombied up to Baker's dismay. 

Baker put tacks in Abadon's mouth and hit a superkick. She went for Lockjaw but didn't want to put her fingers into Abadon's mouth. Abadon then bit her fingers to avoid the move.

Hayter and Reba got on the apron which led to Baker winning via a roll-up. This was quite the spectacle to say the least.

Tony Khan came out several times throughout the night to thank the fans and tell them what was coming up during Rampage. He thanked them again after the show, acknowledging they had to reschedule this show a lot due to the pandemic and hoped everyone had a great time.