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AEW sells 12,000+ tickets for United Center Rampage show

This story was updated at 3:45 PM Eastern.

Any concerns about selling tickets for yet another AEW show in Chicago appear to have been dashed as more than 12,000 seats have been sold for the Friday, August 20th United Center show during Friday's pre-sale.

Announced last Wednesday on Dynamite, "The First Dance" is expected to feature the debut of CM Punk, a rumor that came to life nearly ten days ago. It would be his first appearance for the Chicago native on a pro wrestling show since he left WWE eight years ago.

The August 20th pre-sale started at 11 AM Eastern and as more sections were opened up, the tickets were purchased quickly. As of this writing, approximately 100 seats remain with the rest of the tickets set to go on sale Monday.

The event is the first of four in the Chicagoland area within a three week stretch. The other three are during All Out week at the NOW Arena in nearby Hoffman Estates where Dynamite, Rampage and All Out will be held from September 1-5.