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Cody Rhodes AEW media call: Bray Wyatt, Rampage, death matches

Ahead of his Wednesday clash with the debuting Malakai Black at AEW Homecoming, AEW executive vice president Cody Rhodes talked to the media for nearly an hour Tuesday afternoon, hitting on a variety of topics but none related to CM Punk or Daniel Bryan,

Rhodes opened the call warning the media that he couldn't speak to any rumors so to not ask him to address them.

He was asked about AEW's potential interest in Bray Wyatt and while he said he couldn't speak to their interest, he put Wyatt over as a creative talent and brought up how he was his NXT rookie during the time when NXT was a TV show. He referenced Matt Cardona's GCW run as an example of how talent can fit in anywhere.

Regarding free agents and whether AEW is at their max, Rhodes said that to him, you have to go after talents that can make an impact. He also said it's very fulfilling to know in just a few years, AEW has "set a table where more people can eat."

He had no issues with the Chris Jericho/Nick Gage deathmatch despite some blowback from Domino's. He said he wouldn't expect to see that type of match every week, but that variety is good on their shows.

He said more news on Rampage should come out over the next week, but did reveal that the Rampage logo will be in the center of the mat -- something he really likes.

For the full audio that includes his thoughts on returning to being a heel, stadium shows, and more, just click below.

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