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Jericho puts up AEW title shot in Tanahashi Wrestle Kingdom match

In a video posted to his Instagram Saturday morning, AEW Champion Chris Jericho officially added a stipulation to his match against Hiroshi Tanahashi for night two of next week's Wrestle Kingdom 14 show.

Last week, Tanahashi floated the idea of a rematch for the AEW title if he is able to defeat Jericho in their first meeting on January 5th at the Tokyo Dome. It surprised many because the two organizations haven't established a working relationship and there's some bad blood due to how things ended when Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks and New Japan parted ways.

However, that didn't stop Jericho from accepting Tanahashi's challenge after he said he talked to Tony Khan:

Jericho has a clause in his AEW contract allowing him to work in New Japan, but it's unclear about whether this marks a change in the relationship between AEW and New Japan. The latter has had a working relationship with Ring of Honor for years, further adding questions to what is happening.