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Kenny Omega hopes AEW Rampage will feature more women's wrestling

Image: AEW

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega hopes that the new one-hour Rampage show debuting in August will become a home for more women's wrestling.

During a two-hour interview on Wrestling Observer Radio, Omega put over the growing amount of talent in the women's division that he helps book and said the new hour on TNT/TBS will hopefully feature more female talent -- content he said the company is most lacking.

"Rather than give them more Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, MJF...I'd rather give them the extremely talented individuals that maybe you can't see that week," he said. "We have incredibly gifted female wrestlers that have been working really hard fighting for a spot, maybe it's time we give them some more. That would count as a variation in content: more women's wrestling."

Acknowledging that perhaps fans would rather watch the TV product vs. the Dark product on YouTube, he thinks it would be an opportunity to show fans matches that right now aren't being seen by more people.