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Malakai Black/Aleister Black debuts on AEW Dynamite Road Rager

This story was updated at 10:50 PM Eastern.

The former Aleister Black in WWE is now part of AEW, debuting as Malachi Black on Wednesday's Road Rager edition of Dynamite.

Arn Anderson was in the ring with Tony Schiavone and was about to say something when the lights went out for a minute. After they came back on, Black was standing in the ring and threw a Black Mass kick, dropping Anderson. 

Cody Rhodes then got in the ring to confront Black. After some shared words, Black motioned like he had no issue and then Rhodes also ate a Black Mass kick before Black eventually left the ring.

The announce team revealed his new name during the segment with Excalibur referencing their past matches 15 years ago when he was Tommy End.

Black was released on June 2nd along with several other WWE talents, but Dave Meltzer reported that he only had a 30-day non-compete. PWInsider reported the reason it was only 30 days was due to a clerical error as when Black got called up to the main roster, WWE didn't adjust this contract to the standard 90-day clause.

Zelina Vega, Black's wife, made her WWE return last Friday on SmackDown after being released last November.

Last month, Dave Meltzer reported that the belief was that Black was AEW-bound, but there was a chance WWE would make an offer to have him return after believing they may have made a mistake in releasing him.