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Matt Hardy video features Young Bucks, teases AEW deal

At the end of this week's Being The Elite, Matt Jackson got a call from a North Carolina area code, sending he and brother Nick to go see the caller instead of going home following Saturday's Revolution.

In the final scene of Matt Hardy's Free The Delete series, the answer as to who was the caller was revealed as the Young Bucks pulled up to Hardy's house. 

Shown from the other end of the call, Hardy said the two were the only ones able to pull "Zenith" from his body along with imagery of Hardy burying the past and recovering from his mid-February attack at the hands of Randy Orton. He wrote down "Bring Damascus to life" among other things as a way to "get his affairs in order". Hardy is shown looking sadly at a dug grave while holding a wooden cross that says 'Zenith' as the Bucks roll up. Hardy says, "Bucks of Youth, I knew you'd come" to close the video.

As of this time, there is no word if he has officially signed with AEW, but the video obviously nods in that direction. 

There has been heavy speculation the 45-year-old would be revealed as The Exalted One as part of AEW's Dark Order storyline, especially after Christopher Daniels appeared to shed the speculation it was him this past Saturday at Revolution. Hardy and brother Jeff worked with the Bucks in 2014 for Northeast Wrestling and for Ring of Honor in two 2017 matches.

Hardy returned to WWE with Jeff in at 2017's WrestleMania as a surprise entrant into a Raw Tag Team Championship ladder match, winning the titles. Injuries relegated Hardy to a part-time player over the past year before he returned to challenge Orton as part of the Edge injury storyline. 

Earlier this week, WWE issued a statement wishing Hardy the best in his future endeavors as his contract expired on March 1st. Jeff remains with WWE.