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F4D: Bryan from Hawaii on news, NXT, WWF Superstars from 1992

Well, it's kind of a Bryan & Vinny Show but it's more a Figure Four Daily.

I am flying solo from Hawaii tonight with a quick look at all the big news of the day including AEW and Turner, Mixed Martial Archie quitting WWE, VICE and more, then full reviews of both NXT TV and WWF Superstars of Wrestling from June 20, 1992! A fun show as always so check it out~!

2:27 - 5:38: AEW TV situation
5:38 - 10:34: RD Evans quits WWE
10:34 - 14:32: Dark Side of the Ring
14:32 - 24:54: NXT
24:54 - end: SuperStars from 1992

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