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F4D: Smackdown, Choppin Block, Black Label tag team offer, more!

Filthy Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez and UFC star Filthy Tom Lawlor is back today with tons to talk about including Smackdown from Tuesday night with Backlash backlash, Money in the Bank notes, USADA sending out fucking t-shirts, THE CHOPPIN BLOCK, Bryan gets one more offer for a potential tag team to face himself and Filthy, and tons more! A fun show as always so check it out~!


6:53 - 33:59:SmackDown
33:59 - 37:52: Future topics discussion
37:52 - 42:26: Choppin BlockĀ 
42:46 - 47:42: Black Label Pro potential matches
47:42 - end: Plugs

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