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Left My Wallet: D'Lo Brown

"Left My Wallet" is back with former WWF Intercontinental, European, and the first Euro-Continental champion, D'Lo Brown!

Aside from his children and wrestling, D'Lo's two loves of his life are video games and sports. I pick up where CW Anderson and I left off a week ago as he and I talk about their obsession with playing Madden, what it's like to game against "The Big Red Machine" Kane, Stevie Richards' genius plans for gaming on the road, what games he loved growing up, Tecmo Bowl, Zelda, and more!

The talk then turns to sports as D'Lo explains how he became a Bears fan growing up in New Jersey, being a fan of the great 80s Bears teams, Walter Payton, Mitchell Trubisky and the current state of the Bears, where Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell might end up, why he thinks the NFC is the dominant conference, and more.

Finally, the talk turns to wrestling as D'Lo tells what he’s up to now, training aspiring pro wrestlers, learning the business through car rides with veterans, how he gives back to his students, and more.

I’ve met D'Lo briefly on a few shows, but this is the first time we’ve really had a chance to talk at an extended length. This was personally one of my favorite shows and I know you'll like it too.

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