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Left My Wallet: The end of Toys'R'Us

"I Left My Wallet" is back with a different kind of show as Flex Rumblecrunch and I reminisce fondly over the closing of Toys 'R' Us and the iconic picture Flex took that has gone viral.

That very picture seen above was taken by Flex on the day after the toy store chain closed. Hear all about how this already timeless picture went viral, including The Miz and Drake Maverick using it in sentimental posts of their own. We also talk our favorite Toys 'R' Us memories, going there as children, some current toys he added to his collection, and more.

Finally, we're joined by Baby Rumblecrunch as he plays with a football and tries to destroy my MacBook!

It's a fun and sentimental episode of the show, but one for that anyone that has ever said, "I don't wanna grow up..." as a kid.

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