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Joey Ryan files $15+ million lawsuit against three #SpeakingOut accusers

Following his exodus from the pro wrestling world following an litany of sexual harassment and assault allegations against him, Joey Ryan has filed a lawsuit against three of his accusers, asking for an excess of $15 million in damages. 

First reported by Heel By Nature, Ryan is claiming lost revenues of $8000-$10,000 in monthly wrestling bookings; $1000+ in monthly Twitch revenue; $500 in monthly Cameo revenue; $3000 in monthly Patreon revenue; $1000 in monthly merchandise revenue; and $3500 in monthly revenue from Bar Wrestling. Additionally, Ryan is claiming he has lost social media followers and has seen a substantial decrease in his various social media followings.

Ryan (Joe Meehan) filed the suit in the U.S. District and Central Court of California on Thursday, September 24th. He is claiming the three women named in the suit made false allegations which resulted in his reputation being damaged, leading to his financial loss.

His Instagram is still active but hasn't been updated since June while his Patreon has continued to remain active.

From the three women, he is asking for $200,000 each for "economic damages" multiplied by the amount of months since June 21st; $5 million from each in non-economic damages, and punitive damages of $10 million due to "malice, hatred, ill will, and despicable and intentional acts." He is also asking for a permanent injunction on the three from making any defamatory statements in the future; to retract past statements made against him; and for them to delete any defamatory statements from anywhere they posted them.

As part of the #SpeakingOut movement this summer, Ryan (Joe Meehan) was accused by a variety of women of various forms of sexual assault and harassment. After attempts to apologize and rationalize his behavior were rebuffed, he deactivated his Twitter account and shut down Bar Wrestling. He was subsquently fired from Impact Wrestling as well. He released a one hour video on YouTube further attempting to tell his side of the story, but he later deleted it.