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Josh Alexander announced as first name for Josh Barnett's Bloodsport

The man known as "The Walking Weapon" will be making his first appearance on the red mat of Josh Barnett's Bloodsport.

Former Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion Josh Alexander was announced by Barnett and GCW Monday night as the first participant for the Sunday, October 11th show that is part of GCW's The Collective weekend in Indianapolis, IN.

The 33-year-old Canadian is in the second year of a three year deal with Impact Wrestling where he and longtime partner Ethan Page set the company record for the longest tag team title reign.

This will be the third Bloodsport show under the Barnett name as he took it over from Matt Riddle starting in 2019. The shows have featured between 7-10 matches in a wrestling ring with no ropes or turnbuckles. The matches can only end in either knockout or submission.

This year's show was originally set for WrestleMania weekend in Tampa, Florida.