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PWG Mystery Vortex VII results: Bandido defends PWG title

PWG had its first show since the pandemic, Mystery Vortex VII, on Sunday night at a sold out Globe Theater in Los Angeles.

The entire show was a surprise, even in the end to the promotion It featured several debuts, a killer main event that was never scheduled, and lights out and on returns of Evil Uno, Super Dragon and Tommy "Malakai Black" End.

In what seems to be the pattern at a lot of shows, the crowd was into the stars more than the matches, although many of the matches were very good. The biggest reactions were for End, Bandido and Orange Cassidy.

Making their debuts were Jack Cartwheel, a college football player who has great athleticism, JD Drake, Lee Moriarty, Ares and Myron Reed.

Bandido beat Black Taurus to retain the PWG title in the main event. Taurus was not scheduled for the spot, but due to an issue in trying to fly out, he ended up arriving on a later fight and not getting into the building until the second match was over. By this time they had rearranged the show and booked him in the main event. If there was any frustration over it, it's probably gone now that he and Bandido had the match they did.

After Bandido won, he and Taurus hugged, and Bandido was doing a promo when Demonic Flamita attacked him. Taurus then joined Bandido. The lights went out and people figured it was a save when Super Dragon, who has been gone for years as a character (he actually runs the promotion) returned, but joined with Flamita and Taurus. Brody King ran in for the save but was beaten down three-on-two. The lights went out and End was in the ring and he took out Flamita and Taurus, while Dragon walked out. End then said he'd be back on 9/26 and asked King if he was busy. King said he wasn't and later Bandido noted returning on 9/26. It appeared that it would either be Bandido vs. Flamita and King & End vs. Taurus & Dragon, or a six-man tag.

Results are as follows:

- Tony Deppen defeated Jack Cartwheel

Cartwheel is green in some ways and his match revolves around doing cartwheels, but he and Deppen made it work. Deppen won with a kneedrop after getting his knees up on a shooting star press attempt by Carthweel. One of the better matches on the show.

- Brody King defeated JD Drake

This was an ROH vs. AEW match. Hard hitting and another really good match with King getting the pin after a lariat.

- Demonic Flamita defeated Arez

This went too long and they lost the crowd several times. Lots of fans knew Arez and chanted his name.

- Jonathan Gresham defeated Lee Moriarty 

This started a little slow because they went so long. Gresham put on his usual ground clinic. Excellent last several minutes. Moriarty sold like his arm was useless. Gresham came back to win with three sliding elbows.

- Orange Cassidy defeated Evil Uno

Cassidy defeated Uno after a beach break. This was what you would expect if these two had a match on AEW Dark. The crowd reacted to both heavily, but obviously Cassidy was the star here.

- Bandido defeated Black Taurus to retain the PWG World Championship

Just an amazing match. All action with spectacular stuff. Bandido won with the dragon rana off the top rope and a 21 Plex.