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Talk'N ShopAMania II set for November 13

While the buys for the first Talk'N ShopAMania pay-per-view aren't public, it apparently did well enough that Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Rocky Romero are going to run it back this fall.

On the 700th edition of Chris Jericho's podcast Thursday, the trio announced that the sequel will air on Friday, November 13th, and will feature a "Ball for a Ball" match between Chad 2 Badd (Anderson) and Sex Ferguson (Gallows) as the main event.

Their initial attempt at a comedic wrestling show debuted on Saturday, August 1st and featured a main event of Badd vs. Ferguson in a Boneryard match. The show was filled with gimmick matches and cameos from Enzo, the Young Bucks, Heath Miller, Rocky Romero, Chavo Guerrero, Mike and Maria Bennett, D-Lo Brown, the Rock'n'Roll Express, Swoggle, Teddy Long, The Flock, and others.

In a past interview with WrestleZone, Gallows said they intentionally left several people off the first ShopAMania in case they did a sequel. The first one was filmed in Gallows' backyard over several long filming days in early-July and it's assumed the sequel will also be pre-taped.