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Stardom makes major schedule changes due to coronavirus outbreak

Stardom announced Tuesday they are canceling the rest of their February slate of shows and making a drastic change to their March 8th show Korakuen Hall show due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The following shows and events were canceled:

  • Wednesday, February 19th: Iwatani's Real Birthday Festival
  • Saturday, February 22nd: Osaka's 176 BOX Tournament
  • Sunday, February 23rd: Aichi's Nagoya International Convention Center Event Hall Tournament
  • Saturday, February 29th: Tokyo's Shinkiba 1stRING Tournament
  • Saturday, March 14th: World Pavilion day/night shows

Their March 7th FC Members Only Event Spring Bus tour set for Gunma has been postponed while their March 8th tournament show at Tokyo's Korakuen Hall will be an empty arena show with no fans allowed in the building. The event will be shown in full on their YouTube channel.

They are offering refunds to those fans who purchased tickets.

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, broke out in China in 2019 and countries around the world are continuing to try to come up with a cure while attempting to quarantine those who have visited China since the outbreak began.